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  1. Lou Reed touring with 2 basses

    Coleman has played with Reed before. And, of course, Don Cherry was a former sideman.
  2. advice on potential Hathut purchase

    Dang, ain't that the truth! Anybody have recommendations for the best place to buy these online, in the US? Not much chance of finding these in any brick-n-mortars around here. Jazz Loft is a good source: www.jazzloft.com
  3. Funny Rat

    I have half of the Free Americas. The ones I listen to the most are the Thornton and, suprisingly, the Shepp (though I wish they had put a little more distance between Chicago Beau and the mic). Braxton's Donna Lee is a must have; the 2-CD solo is one of his best if you like sax solos. Phase One is fantastic; Certain Blacks is not my cup of tea. The Waldron/Lacy disc didn't appeal to me at first, but I've come to really like it; The Gap is a good one as well.

    Anyone mention Crouch yet?
  5. I thought it was Aretha, too. But what we are thinking of is Aretha's "Freeway of Love" which had the line: "Goin' ridin' on the freeway of love In my pink cadillac." Clarence Clemons' presence on the song only adds to the potential for confusion. Apparently, Aretha never did "Pink Cadillac."
  6. Funny Rat

    Peter Bennink has been known to pick up the bagpipes as well.
  7. The Wicker Man (1973)

    It's definitely a curiousity--especially when a mystery movie suddenly turns into a musical. Edward Woodward gives a great performance. There are actually two cuts of this movie. The shorter one is the more common version. The longer one makes much more sense. The Wicker Man for Americans with Cage was released earlier this fall.
  8. Genesis reunion

  9. AOTW October 22-28

    The liner notes indicate that Woody rehearsed the band a lot in Berlin, yet also say it was all-new material and Frank Foster was a late addition. Slide Hampton also met the band in Berlin. The rest were part of Woody's quintet.
  10. Genesis reunion

    I see this huge news has prompted another reunion: Chewy/Aric and ALLCAPS.
  11. Top Ten Free Jazz Underground Records

    It's never struck me as memorable. Leroi/Amira's poem is laughably bad, rascist comments aside.
  12. Top Ten Free Jazz Underground Records

    Heavy on obscurity--at least at the time it was published. Kind of has a "my record collection is cooler than yours" vibe. Never liked Sunny's Time Now. Funny anecdote about the session here: www.ayler.org/albert/html/revsonny.html
  13. Funny Rat

    I've seen it, but never heard it. Here's the details: Marion Brown: Live In Japan DIW-356 CD November 8, 1979 Shiminkaikan Hall, Hirosaki, Japan November Cotton Flower [16:10] (Marion Brown) Sunshine Road [13:10] (Marion Brown) Angel Eyes-Hurry Sundown [10:20] (Matt Dennis ~ Clarence Williams) La Placita [17:50] (Marion Brown) Africa [13:00] (Marion Brown) Marion Brown (as) Dave Burrell (p) Gon Mizuhashi (b) Warren Smith (d)
  14. AOTW October 22-28

    Were any other songs played (and recorded) at the concert? IIRC, one of the songs begins with a fade.
  15. AOTW October 22-28

    I’m glad you picked this. Live At The Berliner Jazztage doesn’t get talked about much, but it’s an incredible album. I like much more than Stepping Stones. Slide Hampton and Frank Foster were great recruits for this band. What distinguishes this album are the arrangements and a well-rehearsed band. It’s incredibly intense. “Hello to the Wind” was written by Joe Chambers (Eugene McDaniels wrote the lyrics, though you will have to visit Bobby Hutcherson’s Now to hear). A variant on this song, featuring Woody, appears on Chamber’s The Almoravid. I believe Chambers did the arrangement for the Berlin concert. It’s an incredibly beautiful arrangement and the soloists are great. Larry Young’s “Obsequious” boils with intensity as well, especially when the hornmen trade fours.
  16. Pharoah Sanders

    Versions of "Venus" and "Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt" appear in the Ayler box. Not as good as the studio versions, but historically interesting and Ayler blows the roof off during his solo.
  17. Copyright and Archiving

    Those filthy rich aging rockers just can't keep away from the trough. And while I've got problems with naming people Sir this and Lord that, what country in its right mind would name Cliff Richard a Sir?
  18. Pharoah Sanders

    I think you mean that it's Prince of Peace redone (from Izipho Zam) dontcha? Nah, between Thomas and the bassline, it sounds like another "The Creator Has A Master Plan" to me--in the same way some of the mid-1960s Blue Note opening tracks sound too much like "The Sidewinder." But it's more "son of" than cloning.
  19. Pangaea and Agartha

    Anyone visit darkfunk lately?
  20. Pharoah Sanders

    Black Unity is excellent. I really enjoy Karma, but feel embarrassed admitting it for some reason. Tauhid has some great moments (and Sonny Sharrock), but it’s short measure and some of what is there feels like empty calories. Speaking of which, there’s Jewels of Thought. The first track is Karma redone and not particularly well. The other track is kind of grating at times. Never delved into the rest.
  21. Miles Davis on Columbia/Legacy

    Teitelbaum mixed electronics with improv with MEV long before his collaborations with Braxton and Lewis. When they did get together, it was music far removed from the funky subtext this thread has developed.
  22. Top Ten from the 70s

    With Seasons , I usually jump straight to Side 4. My Country was an unusual release. I think it was more Silva's release than Leo's and it won't be back on Leo. Silva used to have an explanation on his web site, but it's now gone. Its number, LR 302, has been assigned to another recording.
  23. Hendrix Live At The Fillmore East DVD

    Who's on guitar? Frank Marino channeling Hendrix?
  24. Ken Lay ........

    He's still dead, though.
  25. Top Ten from the 70s

    Luna Surface is from '69, though! The Rouen concert issued on Leo is a motherfucker... Just as well as I was well over my Top 10 limit. The Rouen concert, My Country, has some great Braxton and Lacy. It disappeared from the Leo catalogue for some reason. I still prefer Seasons, particularly for the Side 6 freak out.