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  1. For those of us who do our reading on a Kindle, Jarrett's book is available for $9.99.
  2. Smokey gone at 82. Heart attack. Love him or hate him, he left quite an impression. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/burt-reynolds-died-dead-smokey-and-the-bandit-1202930270/
  3. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Welcome to the new Mosaic business model. Given the collapse of the CD market, this decision is not the least bit surprising. I like the concept. Mosaic is more fortunate than most in that they have a very loyal, established and excitable audience. I also believe this change will give folks like us a much bigger say in what gets done, or doesn't, in the future. Who knows? Maybe even sets from the likes of an Earl Bostic or a Bill Barron or a Clifford Jordan will not be as far out of the question as they have been in the past. On the downside, if your musical taste lies on the fringes, I doubt you'll see much that will make you happy. What Mosaic is saying very clearly is that they can no longer afford to take risks or carry inventory.
  4. Verve new releases

    I swear his fingers have to be six inches long.
  5. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Today at Commercia Park in Detroit, they asked for a moment of silence before the Tiger's game in honor of Aretha Franklin. Then this happened: DlKL4wXXoAExLmb.jpg:large
  6. I fear that most of us will have to be content to wallow in the drivel that has sustained us, depending on your age, for the last 20-40 years. I'm girding my loins for the challenge.
  7. Aretha Franklin, RIP

  8. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Speaking of Jackie Mac, if you haven't seen the 1979 mini-bio called "Jackie McLean On Mars", it's worth a look. Pretty interesting.
  9. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    I suppose you could argue that Evans is reasonably well represented since so much of cool '50's jazz can be traced back to his influence.
  10. Artist's Lack of Fashion Sense Interfering with the Music

  11. ebay auction help 2018

    Aric, Two bidding techniques may be at work here. The first I call "waiting in the weeds". You decide how much you're willing to pay and than with about five seconds left in the auction, you hit the bid button. The second is based on your ability to enter an actual bid but at the same time indicate the maximum amount you're willing to pay. Either way, as another bidder, just when you think you may be home free, you can still get burned.
  12. In other optimistic news.

    Whatever you do, do not patronize Jimmy John's. The owner is major big game trophy hunter.
  13. Trane Talk

    "Fun" was a poor choice of words. "Fun" (cribbing from an old SNL skit) is wondering what would happen if Julius Caesar had owned a Piper Cub or if Eleanor Roosevelt could fly? "Interesting" would have been a better way of putting it. I like Uli's earlier suggestion to A/B the tune "Villa" from "Both Directions".
  14. Trane Talk

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda is a cottage industry. I don't see it as being indicative of an empty future. Even if it's a meaningless exercise, it's still fun to speculate.