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  1. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Agreed. I thought it was the best album he's done in quite awhile. I have a friend who's such a big fan, he travelled to Belfast a few years back for the 50th anniversary celebration honoring Morrison's career. He said it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he wouldn't trade for anything.
  2. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I'm a sucker for a good ballad and this one from the album, "Keep Me Singing" turned the trick for me. Some nice guitar wok from Dave Keary who's been with Van since 2010:
  3. RIP Roy Clark

    Unbelievably fast and accurate:
  4. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Anyone have any idea how many tracks on this new set will feature Woody's vocals? I'm not a fan. A few of those go a long way.
  5. Post a pic

    Liz in Puerto Vallarta:
  6. Post a pic

    Lenticular cloud formation:
  7. Neil Young, Archives Vol. 2 announced

    Speaking of Neil, one of the better (IMO) songs he ever did never appeared on any album and was only performed once. If you've never heard "After To Berlin" you're in for a treat. And, yes, that's Bruce Palmer on bass.
  8. Neil Young, Archives Vol. 2 announced

    One of the better Neil Young recordings I've heard in awhile is "Live At The Blue Note Cafe", performances originally recorded between November of 1987 and August of 1988, but not released until 2015. It's a 2 CD set with 23 different songs, some familiar and some not. Recommended.
  9. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    Let's just say that the in-car LP's had a life span of five plays and you had to clean out the vinyl shavings after every rotation.
  10. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    Kevin - Word ! Years ago, I returned six warped copies of an RCA recording of Brian Auger & The Trinity to Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon. It was one of RCA's new "skinny" LP's. The guy at MM finally said, "Why don't you just pick out some other album and we'll call it even."
  11. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Would someone please explain what Dave Roberts was thinking when he pulled Rich Hill? Just to clarify, that's the same Rich Hill who had just thrown 6+ innings of one hit ball with seven strikeouts when he got the hook.
  12. Now reading...

    Thanks for the recs. I'll check them out.
  13. Now reading...

    I'm a bit of a WWII history geek...mostly non-fiction, but some fiction as well. In the latter category, I found Kristen Hannah's book "The Nightingale" to be pretty special. It's focused on the French resistance during the Nazi occupation of France that began in 1940. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it better than two other recent WWII books that moved a lot of needles, "Beneath A Scarlet Sky" and "All The Light We Cannot See".
  14. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    I remember the first two CD's I ever bought. One was by Stan Getz and the other, Lyle Lovett. I still have the Getz. The Lovett is long gone.. I also recall, as does my bank account, when I first noticed that Tower Records was carrying Japanese CD's.
  15. Finally Getting to So Many Unplayed Jazz LPs

    It's T the K. He just looks small because the collection is so big.