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  1. Chet in Chicago (Enja)

    Peter Friedman mentioned Chet Baker's album "At Capolinea" on the Red label. That album includes the quintessential version of Bruno Martino's composition, "Estate" (Summer).
  2. I would welcome a carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized Mosaic box dedicated to the music of Jimmy Heath. Heath is 93 years old. What a great way to say thanks.
  3. Two other (one famous, one infamous) model train enthusiasts. Frank Sinatra and Hitler's second-in-command, Reichsminister Hermann Göring.
  4. the other Don Cherry

    In no way do I condone Cherry's recent comments. Nevertheless, I will miss his unique perspective and the manner in which he presented it. Not to mention the crazy clothes. His chemistry with Ron MacLean was unmatched and will also be greatly missed. Cherry's on screen persona and mannerisms also lent themselves to some pretty amusing and good natured derision. For example, the piano desk.
  5. Hank Mobley goes in Downbeat Hall of Fame

    Hank is my all-time favorite jazz artist, not just as a musician but a writer as well. Any sort of recognition is long past due and more than well-deserved. Better late than never. Up over and out.
  6. Good luck with that. What a gas bag. I'm at a complete loss as to why anyone pays attention to him, his wife or their extended family.
  7. Penske buys Indy

    Since the death of Dale Earnhardt, U.S. automobile racing has seen its popularity plummet. Gran Prix appears to be the healthiest of the major players, but Indy Car and NASCAR have fallen on hard times. If you're a fan, you have to cross your fingers and hope that Penske will be able to gin up some much-needed interest in American racing.
  8. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    IMHO, "Chinatown" is the best film of the last half century and a classic in the so-called Neo-noir genre. Not to mention, Jack Nicholson's finest work. Perfect scoring from Jerry Goldsmith featuring the haunting trumpet of Uan Rasey. What's not to like?
  9. Jazz musicians who play out of tune

    Thanks. There's a difference between deliberately playing out of tune and doing so unintentionally. IMO, "Home" is clearly case of the former.
  10. Jazz musicians who play out of tune

    Were there any liner notes? It would be interesting to hear what either Murray or whoever wrote them had to say about the album. For me, "Home" would not fall into the "rewards repeated listenings" category.
  11. Bruce Springsteen's latest, "Western Stars".
  12. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    This one on 180 gram vinyl:
  13. Now reading...

    Yes. Highly recommended.
  14. Let's Hear it for the Byrds

    It gets better. The Byrds opened that night for Jefferson Airplane.
  15. Beatles Singles on Vinyl

    Speaking of endless reissues, does anyone have any idea how the remaining Beatles or their estates are compensated for a release like this?