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  1. IF THIS IS TOO POLITICAL, TAKE IT DOWN. Time for the Dems to circle the wagons and sit on any forthcoming nominations. If the Republicans can play politics with Merrick Garland, the Dems can do the same. The last thing we need is another Trump justice on the Supreme Court. His legacy is sad enough as is.
  2. Now reading...

    The second volume of Volker Ullrich's Hitler duology:
  3. RIP Stanley Crouch

    I think you just did. Look, I understand that Crouch was a polarizing figure. Did he have strong opinions? For sure. Did lots of people disagree with him? For sure. But, the bottom line is this. He loved and championed the music.
  4. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    "Habent igitur ego audio." Even if it was 54 years ago, I knew my Jesuit education would come in handy at some point.
  5. Vinyl Outselling CD's

    According to today's CNN business report, 2020 marks the first year vinyl has outsold CD's since the 1980's. From a music industry perspective, I'm not sure if that's good or bad news or if, in this day and age, it's irrelevant. https://us.cnn.com/2020/09/13/tech/vinyl-records-cd-sales-riaa/index.html
  6. How's the weather?

    Hazardous air quality today. Smoke from multiple forest fires is trapped at ground level. We're supposed to get some rain this week. That would be invaluable on multiple fronts. It's pretty weird in these parts right now.
  7. Cindy Blackman Santana - We Came to Play

    When it comes to Santana, I'll take Michael Shrieve or Graham Lear behind the kit in a heartbeat. The last time I saw Santana, his wife was with the band and it wasn't the same.
  8. How's the weather?

    Continued hot and shitty. 97 today complicated by the smoke that's accumulating from several significant fires in and around the Willamette Valley. Thank God for air conditioning.
  9. for those who care - Fleetwood Mac 1969-1974

    It's really a shame that the Buckingham Nix group was still called Fleetwood Mac. The original Peter Green band was the real deal and you underestimate the Bob Welch / Dave Walker led group at your own peril. IMO, "Bermuda Triangle", "Church" and. "Hynotized" are among the best songs any FM iteration ever recorded.
  10. The Blues Project--"The Flute Thing"

    When I was in college in the late 60's, "Flute Thing" was always #1 with a bullet when we fired up our last fatty of the evening.
  11. Grandfathering success!

  12. Mosaic is between a rock and a hard place. Their's is a balancing act that will 1) ensure their continuing existence and 2) still satisfy their core constituency. Artists well known to the general public (Armstrong, Basie, Ellington) will appease the former while an artist like Warne Marsh will gladden the latter. That's a tough row to hoe. Most of us would love to hear the Marsh sides accorded the Mosaic treatment, but can you see enough copies to justify the cost? There was a time when Cuscuna could take a chance on guys like Tina Brooks or Freddie Redd, but those times are thirty years gone.
  13. Grandfathering success!

    Can we safely assume that the end game involves Alice Cooper?
  14. Mammoth graveyard found in Mexico

    Mammoth in more ways than one.
  15. The Franchise RIP

    Boy does this make me feel old. Seaver was one of those guys who seemed forever young. Lewy Body Dementia...the same thing that contributed to Robin Williams' passing.