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  1. For about eight years In the late 80's and early 90's I did a four hour show once a week on KMHD in Gresham, Oregon. At that time, It was an all-jazz station affiliated with Mount Hood Community College. Its uniqueness was derived from the diverse taste of the (pardon the expression) on-air personalities. In the course of a normal week, you would hear everything from Pete Fountain to Ornette Coleman and everything in between....what we called, "the full spectrum of jazz." Then for no reason that was ever adequately explained, the station brought in a consultant whose mantra was homogenized sound, i.e. when listeners tuned in, they wanted to hear the same kind of music regardless of the day or the time. From my perspective, management was too dumb to know how good they had it. From management's perspective, continuity would ensure greater local market penetration and, most importantly, more contributions during our thrice-annual fund raisers. The end for me came when the station manager gave me an ultimatum...play more Bob James and less Blue Note. I lasted one more week, called it a day and never looked back. While KMHD remains on the air to this day as an affiliate of Oregon Public Broadcasting, this was, IMO, the beginning of the end. Today, you wouldn't even recognize it. You'd need to suspend reality to call it a jazz station. The moral of the story and what drives public radio decision making? Where you stand depends on where you sit.
  2. Album Covers in BLUE

  3. Danny Kirwan, RIP

    The original Fleetwood Mac with Kirwan, Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer was a three man army. So much better than what passed for Mac when it was co-opted by Buckingham and Nix. As a straight blues band, right up there with Mayall and The Bluesbreakers. Check out the album "Fleetwood Mac in Chicago" showcasing those three holding their own with the likes of Willie Dixon, Otis Spann and Buddy Guy. It's the genuine article.
  4. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I just ordered the deluxe 2-CD edition from Amazon, so it is available again. I would assume since Ravi was involved in readying this for prime time that he may have had a hand in naming the album. Based on several of song titles, this strikes me as a transitional recording...a bridge between some relatively conventional work and what he was headed for not too far down the road.
  5. Suicide at 61. Go figure. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/08/business/media/anthony-bourdain-dead.html?
  6. Clint Walker, RIP

    Many of us of a certain age grew up watching Warner Brothers TV westerns like, Maverick, Sugarfoot, The Lawman and Bronco, but it was Cheyenne that first opened the door back in 1955. That show was the not only the best of the lot, it was the father and the rest were its sons. That was back when it wasn't nearly as hard to tell the good from the not so good or worse because the bad guys really did wear black hats. RIP, Mr. Walker.
  7. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Speaking of the Yankees and Oakland, if I was Brian Cashman, I'd trade Sonny Gray back to the A's for a bag of balls and a carton of Big League Chew.
  8. George Braith

    About a half-a-dozen copies on eBay at a reasonable price and the entire album is on YouTube.
  9. At least some of Ford's decision to withdraw from this market was driven by its increasing focus (no pun intended) on self-driving cars.
  10. LF Dinah Washington Mosaic

    Is true that Sonny Clark played on some of Washington's Mercury recordings? If so, does anyone know which ones?
  11. Nathan Davis Has Died

    If you're going to have one, this is the one to have (IMO):
  12. IPod Replacement

    Fuck Neil Young. He's nothing but a grifter.
  13. Keith Jarrett recommendations

    Never been much of a Jarrett fan, but I pull this one out every so often:
  14. Mosaic Open House

    For anyone within hailing distance of Stamford, Connecticut, this might be of some interest: Mosaic Records Open House For the first time in our 35-year history, we are having an open house on March 22 to 25 at our Stamford, Connecticut headquarters. We are in the process of sorting out and assembling a number of Mosaic collectibles (no lists are yet compiled or available). Items will include. OUT OF PRINT CD SETS PARTIAL SETS TEST PRESSINGS OUT OF PRINT MOSAIC BOOKLETS MOSAIC SLICKS SUITABLE FOR FRAMING FRAMED PHOTOS & JAZZ ART AND OTHER RARETIES & COLLECTIBLES ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. CASH, CHECKS, CREDIT CARDS AND PAYPAL ARE ACCEPTABLE. DATES & HOURS: Thursday March 22 & Friday March 23 from 11 am to 6 pm Saturday March 24 & Sunday March 25 from 11 am to 5 pm LOCATION: Mosaic Records 425 Fairfield Avenue Stamford CT 06902 (off I-95 exit 6) Directions available upon request