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  1. Billy Root

    Eric, thank you for the links. Tantalizing stories. It's really too bad your father didn't write or dictate his memoirs.
  2. Name Three People...

    Aura Lee Lorelei Laura
  3. NY Times map of baseball fans

    I'm going to my first White Sox game of the year later this week.
  4. Now reading...

    ejp and I differ. I waded through Colter's swamp of words and appreciated the hero's dilemma in City Of Light. On the other hand, apart from Augie March I tried 3-4 times and couldn't take Bellow seriously. It's sorta hair-raising. I'm still reading the memoirs of the unwilling monk.
  5. The story of Jazz hosted by Billy Crystal

    looks like not much history at that concert
  6. drummerless groups

    Anthony Ortega "Afternoon in Paris" is a gem.
  7. drummerless groups

    In a similar vein, Clarence Williams' Blue Five, with Bechet and Armstrong, "Santa Claus Blues" -- that Bechet solo! And the Blue Five with the incredible "Texas Moaner" Oh, yes!
  8. Billy Root

    I may have posted this elsewhere: Billy Root played baritone sax at the very first jazz concert I attended (1958). It was the Kenton band and he and Lennie Niehaus and Jimmie Knepper were the featured soloists. Very strong music, memorable.
  9. Name Three People...

    Jackie Paris Paris Hilton Hilton Ruiz
  10. drummerless groups

    Armstrong's original Hot 5
  11. Your Two Favorite Decades for Music

    All the decades. I wish I had been born in 1900 and had longevity pills and no bad habits.
  12. 4-23 Jazz Datebook

    that Jason Moran show is sorta fun if you don't care about Fars Waller
  13. Name Three People...

    Kay Kyser Henry Kaiser Geoff Keezer
  14. Sexiest album covers

  15. The music of Fred Anderson: written or improvised?

    Thanks for the link to the Steinbeck article. Steinbeck is valuable. There were occasional exceptions to the general rule that Fred improvised entire performances, like 2 evenings when he played Ornette Coleman songs - once when he and Hamid played with Charlie Haden, once when he helped me peddle my Ornette book. Uli, how long did Fred and Ajaramu play together (beginning sometime in the '80s) and were they playing Fred's own songs some of the time?
  16. According to rumor, it was Marsalis who influenced Crouch.
  17. how "Nonaah" has changed over its many manifestations
  18. B.B. King: Is The Thrill Gone?

    maybe he needs the $
  19. Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit/Quartet

    Wish I was there.
  20. Name Three People...

    Jayne Cortez Juan Pizarro Denise Lasalle
  21. But if (repeat "if") Bix died as a result of drinking alcohol that deliberately had been laced with methanol, one can be fairly sure 1) that he would not have drunk that alcohol if he knew what was in it, and 2) that if he had merely continued along the path he had been following, he would have lived a fair bit longer and left more music behind. BOTH 1) and 2) are highly doubtful. Sandke apparently doesn't know any addicts or alcoholics.
  22. Name Three People...

    Napoleon Bonaparte Nappy Lamare Naptown
  23. Happy Easter!

  24. I'd be jolly too.
  25. Marquis Hill - The Poet

    Hill's quintet includes an interesting Hutcherson-influenced vibes player, Justin Thomas.