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  1. Covid vaccination: poll

    Down for double as of Monday. Arm was rather sore the next day, but now all's well, aside from the third hand growing out my neck.
  2. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    Yes, even his wig is a real wig.
  3. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    Are you doing an imitation of Hans Groiner?
  4. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    Larry Goldings as Hans Groiner reshapes the music of Thelonious Monk:
  5. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    Go to Ms. Sabol's You Tube site and you'll see that she's quite real. And can't you see that Goldings is mugging, comically responding to the supposed difficulties of trying to keep up with her a-musical waywardness? BTW, the other guy I mentioned above is Henry Hey. I'll try to post some of his stuff. Hey on Palin and Bush:
  6. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    A la the National Anthem thing, and Goldings’ part in it, does anyone recall the name of the jazz pianist, a NYC-area guy I believe, who took political speeches from people he wanted to make fun of and crafted music that closely mirrored the rhythms and pitches of the speakers and then combined what he had done with the original speeches. The resulting music was of necessity fairly complex, a la Conlon Nancarrow, and the music-speech combos were amusing. Don’t recall the guy’s name right now. I have or used to have a record on which he’s a sideman. A good player. First name Henry perhaps. If I could think of his name, I could post some his stuff. It was on You Tube.
  7. National anthem at the CPAC convention

    Yes I'm sure. Apparently Goldings is known for doing the sort of thing he does here. Ms. Sabol's performance at CPAC was a cappella, Goldings' "accompaniment" was his after-the-fact addition -- again, something he does to amuse himself and others. There's another NYC-area jazz pianist, last name Heck IIRC, who does something somewhat similar; he takes political speeches and the like given by people he wants to make fun of, and he sets them to music of his own invention that closely mirrors the rhythms and the pitches of the speaker.The results are of necessity often fairly complex, a la Conlon Nancarrow, and also fairly funny.
  8. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    In the late '70s or early '80s I heard Mal accompany Sonny Stitt at the Jazz Medium in Chicago. His typical "thematic/motivic" comping inspired some intense, similarly thematic/motivic playing from Stitt. Between sets I talked to Mal, complementing him on what he had played. He couldn't have been nicer.
  9. Just to be clear, this is a real a cappella performance that Orlando native Sailor Sabol gave at the CPAC convention. Larry Goldings' added "accompaniment" is his comically mock-desparate attempt to stay in the key or keys she is in. Ms. Sabol has a YouTube channel if you care to investigate.
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Strange, fabulous music, beautifully performed.
  11. Dallas was a good one IMO, a very determined sober walker, if you know what I mean. Stabulus is another story, a mixed bag. Perhaps the most Blakey-like of non-Blakey drummers -- that side of him pays great dividends of on the excellent Al Cohn/Bob Brookmeyer album on Coral (see below); an album BTW that makes it clear that Nick needed to be recorded just so, rather crisply I would say -- he also was not unlike Art Taylor, of whom the same could be said. OTOH, there was a kind of loose "crash/bang" aspect to Nick at times that could be annoying. Phil Woods and Al and Zoot favored him IIRC.
  12. Excellent album. And Ted Brown is still with us at age 94 and playing well too in terms of ideas, though at times one might wish he could get more air through the horn. His most recent album is definitely worth checking out: Ted is the first soloist on these: BTW, his daughter Anita is a terrific composer. This album, her only one so far, is quite something. There are other links to her work on You Tube.
  13. The Chet Baker Prestige albums

    Try this: Or this: Markowitz was a perfect accompanist for Chet.
  14. The Chet Baker Prestige albums

    Sadly, I don't have that one, but De Valk gives it XXXX out of XXXXX, says it's (the 1983 recording) "vastly superior to, and not to be confused with, the well-publizmed Ronnie Scott's gig from 1986. This is serious improvised music." You should check out some of the latter-day recordings I mentioned in my post above.