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  1. Now reading...

    Kipling's'"Puck of Pook's Hill" George Ade's "Chicago Stories" Just by chance, Kipling and Ade were contemporaneous, the former 1865-1936, the latter 1866-1944. Not that well known anymore, Ade is quite something.
  2. Cold Duck Time

    On Scottish trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar's excellent 1957 album "Pub Crawling" (recorded in Great Britain and released over here on Contemporary), every track is named after a different British beer or ale -- "IPA Special," "Colne Springs," "E," "Treble Gold," "Bass House," and "Final Selection."
  3. Dodo Marmarosa

    Does anyone else know the obscure album "Jazz Up Your Life" that Dodo made in '62 in Chicago, backing talented singer Johnny Janis, with Ira Sullivan, bassist Jerry Friedman, and drummer Guy Viveros? Unreleased for years until Janis put it out on CD on his own Starwell label, it finds Dodo in fine form -- what an accompanist he was. I got my copy from Janis himself about ten years ago, but he died in 2017 at age 89, so I'm afraid that option is gone. If you have a taste for Sinatra-quality balladering, Janis' album with Don Costa, "Once in a Blue Moon," is still available on Amazon. Hugh Hefner was a Janis fan and bankrolled the album. Before that Janis made a nice album for RCA-Victor with onetime Max Roach pianist Biily Wallace. Janis was akin in style to the late Frank D'Rone, if that rings any bells, and like D'Rone he also was a talented jazz guitarist.
  4. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

  5. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This 2005 trio album (with bassist Joe Sanders and drummer Ari Hoenig) is my introduction to pianist Simona Premazzi. She's damn good.
  7. Late discovery for me. Die Jakobsleiter -- Kent Nagano. Boulez is good; this is better IMO, excellent tenor soloist. And what a work it is.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Can't say without listening again that Warne solos on any of these -- IIRC he got a taste mostly on, maybe only on, the two "Japanese Tour" albums (Hindsight) -- but Warne is also on the band on "Supersax Plays Bird" (Capitol) and "Supersax: Chasin' the Bird" (MPS).
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Not a big fan of Supersax as originally conceived and executed, albeit the expertise of the playing was undeniable, but once Warne Marsh came aboard and got solo room, their albums were essential. The setup on every track IIRC was a sax section reproduction of Parker's recorded solo on that piece, followed by a solo the Supersax's' brass player at the time (IIRC Conte Candoli or a trombonist (Carl Fontana?) -- later on, as mentioned above, Warne Marsh often got a taste and played lights out.
  10. Don't have the album, but in a similar vein with "Playboys":
  11. As you no doubt know, upon visiting any Half-Price Books store or similar outlet where used CDs are sold, you'll find lots of dumped Marsalis CDs.
  12. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Lake was married for a good stretch of years (1944-52) to the excellent director Andre De Toth, who directed her in at least one notable film, the noir western "Ramrod" (1947) with Joel McRea. It's definitely worth seeing.
  13. Now reading...

    Just finished Emily Wilson's recent translation of the Odyssey. Don't see how it could be bettered.
  14. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Ella Raines is out of sight in general and especially in and after the great scene where she induces Elisha Cook Jr. to flip out during a jam session.
  15. Johnny Hodges Mosaic.

    But who is this "Evans, known for his screaming" she refers to?