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  1. Just read and enjoyed Jimmy Heath's autobio, "I Walked with Giants." No, the Konitz book isn't technically an an autobio, but there's lots of information about and insights into the man.
  2. Toots Thielemans 1922-2016

    Took me longer than it should have, but in the last decade or so I really began to dig him. "Affinity" with Bill Evans was the one that turned on the light in my brain. Bless his sweet soul.
  3. I don't think Cook needs any particular practical motive to kiss some butt. His lips are permanently pursed. OTOH, Miles' irritation, bitchiness, or what you will sounds pretty genuine to me. The details of what he says about Bird and Trane and Wayne are not the sort of things one just makes up late in the game or because Richard Cook is there with his ears wide open -- whether they're true to the "truth," they strike me as long-nurtured feelings.
  4. Some interesting stuff here, if you trust Richard Cook, though in this instance I think I do.
  5. Bobby Hutcherson RIP

    "Old Devil Moon" swings like mad.
  6. Trumpeter Tom Williams

    Here's an interview I did with Rodney in 1980 (click on the "view story jump" button at the end of each page if you want to read the whole thing):
  7. Trumpeter Tom Williams

    Thanks, Bertrand. Good news that Williams is out there playing, and that he is outstanding. My impression from the Larry Willis album I mentioned (from 2000) and from earlier recorded work of his I've run across was that he was well on his way to being outstanding, but 2000 is a good while ago. I suspect that there are more than few players of Williams' age or thereabouts who made a bit of name for themselves at one point but have since vanished from all but local radar screens while continuing to grow artistically. It would be nice if he got another chance to record.
  8. Bob Belden's "The Music of Sting"

    Can't say -- other than this album, my knowledge of Sting and the Police is only what drifted in over the transom.
  9. What are you listening to right now? If you like R. Clooney, this one is a gem. Pretty much forgotten, I believe, Corcoran was a talented Coleman Hawkins disciple, only age 20 at the time of these air checks.. Nice genuine jam session feel on these broadcasts with mostly Harry James guys -- tasty Emmett Berry and Willie Smith, interesting Arnold Ross, and it's a kick to hear Zutty Singleton back these guys. Good sound. On the last three tracks the group is from the Basie band, with Basie on piano. The sessions feel is a bit more artificial here, and the sound is less good, but there is a stunning Lucky Thompson version of "Body and Soul." P.S. Corcoran was the young Warne Marsh's model until Warne heard Lester Young.
  10. Bob Belden's "The Music of Sting"

    Yeah -- that track is a highlight.
  11. Trumpeter Tom Williams

    Apparently he's more or less vanished into academia (teaching at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, hasn't appeared on a record since 2001) but tonight I was listening to Williams on Larry Willis' "A Tribute To Someone" (AudioQuest) from 2000, with Curtis Fuller, John Stubblefield, David Williams, and Ben Riley, and Williams could really play -- a whole lot more than any of the so-called "young lions" who come to mind. A genuine story-teller. His bio says that he plays drums, too, now. BTW, that Willis record, a tribute to Herbie Hancock, is a good one.
  12. Picked this up at a library sale a few days ago, not even knowing it existed, and was bowled over by it. Among other things, it strikes me as one of most heartfelt and sensitive homages to Gil Evans imaginable, while still very much an expression of Belden. How Bob got that depth and variety of textures out of 12 horns, plus keyboards and rhythm, I don’t know, though I suspect that a good deal of it has to do with the wide range of non-brass winds he uses (flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo, wood flute, English horn, bass clarinet, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones). Lovely to hear Bob take a strong tenor solo, too; tears almost came to my eyes. Heck of job by all the players (Tim Hagans is in especially fine form) and the various engineers and mixers, too. I feel lucky to have stumbled across this.
  13. George Russell

    Great album. I like this track:
  14. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Greer, Mitchum and Douglas in "Out of the Past": Don't think the Golson piece was a reference to the movie. It's a common phrase, and the piece itself has a "parlor with lace curtains" feel.