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  1. Reminded me of a flash mob (remember those?) One of the major Paynesville academies let out for the end of the school week, and seemingly every student with access to a musical instrument (mostly drums of many types) was busting loose in a 20x20 meter cemented-in area. Sure, probably happens every week when I'm not around, but felt really special to be there. Photo too big to upload. Damn.
  2. How's the weather?

    This can be a pretty lousy time of year here, but I have had two near-perfect weeks in Sierra Leone and Liberia - 36C and humid, but few flooding rains. And it's looking good for my return to N'Djamena, 41C but 24C evenings . (Yeah, I'm happier warm than cold.)
  3. I've got the original circa 1960 version (back in the United States). Has this been re-issued? It would be nice if it was.
  4. Night Lights topics?

    Hmm. Never heard of it. Better do an AltaVista search on the word.
  5. My grade school, some time after my departure, under the direction of my old friend and a local hero, Randy Porter. Thornhill isn't what it once was (at least what I can tell from afar); it was progressive, even "experimental" in the early sixties.
  6. Happy Birthday, John Coltrane

    Thanks for the remind-oh.
  7. "Thanks" ain't enough. But it's what I got, in abundance. I hope you have/he has another great year.
  8. Mitch Miller???!!
  9. Oh no. Oboe. So tough to play well, that it can't be done.
  10. Enjoy. I caught Harry Allen at The 75 Club and at Smalls. Very nice evenings.
  11. Happy Birthday kh1958!

    Have a great one!
  12. Hurricane Lane

    I've been overseas for months, years. I just got back. Working in Honolulu/Aiea/Hawaii Kai. Timing is everything.
  13. Anyone else in the path?
  14. Happy Birthday Tom in RI

    Happy Birthday, Tom.
  15. Happy birthday Bebop...

    Hey, belated thanks to you all! I don't get around here much anymore - not by choice, but just because I seldom have internet connections. But I sure do miss this place. And miss music more generally, beyond what I've got on my 30GB MP3player. Hopefully, 2019 will bring a change or few. But thanks for remembering me.