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  1. Don't want to derail thread, but thanks, Dan. Still travelling 365 days, subject to pandemic constraints. It's volunteering and consulting. Settle down? Not within me to do that.
  2. I put in 36 years. New leader and the desired demographic of the organization changed, younger among other things. Watching the axe fall around me, I pulled the plug. Preƫmptive. No severance. Real point of the story is that I turned life to a mix of volunteering and "consulting" and have never been busier or happier. Instead of taking out a business license, liability insurance, a limited liability company, a taxpayer ID and all the other stuff that "real consultants" do, I opened up an account and a "looking for short term gigs" profile on LinkedIn - my only social network - and harvested weekly offers...selectively. I know there is (or was) a better site for IT people, but you'd probably know better. More tech-y friend of mine used Indeed. Just be sure to pay quarterly estimated income taxes. My biggest hurdle was accepting that the world has changed. People coming up these days don't think about 36 or 40 year careers.
  3. Richard Wyands, native of Oakland, back at Keysone Korner in San Francisco, an Oakland suburb. Photo features back of my head. (Thanks to person who posted on Twitter.)
  4. Sonny Simmons RIP

    Sonny often used to play outside the window of my San Fransisco office (1982-1986). I, a dude in a suit, chatted with him a few times. After a while, he recognized me, but I was pretty self conscious about being a guy in a suit. I'm so glad to have gotten to hear him there and later in concert.
  5. I wasn't sure when I'd be able in this thread again. Tonight at Andy's in Chicago, Eric Schneider. It's been a really nice show. Casual and friendly. The audience, perhaps ten people at the first set. I don't think I've been to Andy's since seeing Organissimo here. Will be back again Friday.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    I work in a health care facility, though I'm not a doctor. Current projections show I will be eligible to register in June. Considering my lockdown began in January 2020 (in China), it's starting to feel like a long wait. Then again, we weren't even supposed to have a vaccine available until about now.
  7. Bagpipes, absolutely. Clarinet, yes. (Worse, for me: oboe.) I'm really pitch-sensitive, so trombone is "vulnerable" and somehow bothers me more than, say, cello.
  8. I have lived for quite a while in places where musical skills were not well-developed, mostly due to economic conditions. Still, I enjoyed children "doing their thing". Now quarantined in the United States, things are different. Part of the difference is the instruments. Broad generalizations, high pitched instruments seem to bother me more, but not exclusively. Middle-pitched and instruments less. (Perhaps just the state of my hearing, but very low pitched I can't hear.) Instruments with variable pitch production more than a simple drum or drone instrument, maybe for obvious reasons.
  9. Some damn good Moody on Muse, though not enough for a set. Some nice Woody Shaw on Muse too.(I'm pondering the graphic possibilities of a pairing of those last names.) I haven't shopped in years; is Muse stuff readily available?
  10. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I'm not within reach of my 78s, but wasn't one of the Black and Whites issued under Leonard Feather's name? I don't see on the Wikipedia page, so probably just my failing memory, Spirits of Rhythm?
  11. While doing a search I stumbled onto this.

    I sent Joe Christmas a few post cards from wherever I was working (mostly in Africa) back in the day. I wish I still had contact info. Alas. FatsNavarroFanatic I must get back in touch with. I met three BNBB / Organissimo members in NY when I was at the U.N. The only one that I remember by name is....Deep. "skeith" seems like maybe (?) One guy I left a CD for in a newspaper rack on my way outta town. Good memories, except for the part about forgetting the names.
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    More good thoughts from here, Lon.
  13. For completists only....

    Completist Confessions. First, to define, I sought to have a copy of every track on which the artist performs, including alternates. I favor original recordings over others, and legit over the rest. I didn't want every issue. Keep in mind, I used to visit about three record stores a day (with a few geographic exclusions) every day, across 155 countries. 50+ years. There was tremendous joy in the search and the social interaction it brought about. (Hard to strike up a conversation with a guy three times or one-third your age in Tchad otherwise.) Wardell Gray Archie Shepp (until we wandered apart) Tchangodei Winston Mankunku Ngozi (Rahsaan) Roland Kirk James Moody (really just 20th Century)
  14. Miles/Dameron/Moody Band - Paris 1949

    The original LP release is among my Top (small number here) favorite albums. Moody at the peak of one of his several primes. "Much more" I would like to know about and hear too.
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    One of my very close friends slipped down the QAnon rabbit hole in retirement. It's very upsetting. A good guy. A smart guy.