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  1. Discographers Monetizing Their Work

    Used many paper based discographies They take enormous effort I could pick faults but they have been in my opinion excellent. To monetise online ..maybe the best offer is a trial membership many logins for a fee
  2. Jazz in Manchester

    There used to be an army of regulars that used to go to the Manchester Jazz Society - to listen to jazz records who waxed lyrical about seeing many of these Manchester gigs - not sure how many more of them are still with us Time gone by I used to turn up with my latest Mosaic Box set or new Blue Note CD and try to get them into the "new stuff" from the 50's and 60's - they used to call me the Blue Note Kid Still here:
  3. Big John Patton Sighting?

    Yup. And many others. PM me or email andybleaden AT There are loads in all reality
  4. Big John Patton Sighting?

    Dan - just sent you an update message with track in question to hear for yourself - let me know if the track does not work. Looking around I found a WHOLE heap of Big John recordings I forgot I had so - thanks! That's my evening planned!
  5. Big John Patton Sighting?

    Just nipping in to say hi, thanks and wow If you are still stuck. Go back to the live recordings we have of BJP at Smokes and with Ed Cherry etc later as there is lots of him in between sets and doing announcements...always sounded a little clipped or nasally as if he had a cold. My ears or a crap mic maybe but there were loads of him. announcing a little Rhthmaning was was that comes to mind. Last clue - with the photo - compare that to his face on the old release of Soul Connection...similar but not same time on Nilva To be very very specific as I have it on here now... On the live at the Jazz Bakery (grim sound quality ) there is him talking away before each track Counting them all in Better than that There is a whole 53 seconds of John talking in between Scrapple Live at Smoke July 27th 2001 Disc 3
  6. Is there a complete discography on of the Prestige catalog?

    Those Japanese Critique books were lovely just lovely to have in my hands....still have them.
  7. For completists only....

    well. the stamp collector in me is not very strong. I had lots of Big John Patton bootlegs ..listen to a few live shows...mostly prefer the official recordings Like hearing rare Grant Green, Blakey, Mobley, Byrd, Morgan etc but still in love with Sidewinder, Night In Tunisia....Roll Call....Ethiopian Knights etc but lack the time to enjoy even them let alone the rare unreleased Blakey Blue Notes or Patton late sides with George Braith or the Byrd big band radio set or Dutch Mobley sets....
  8. Herbie Nichols Radio Interview

    Without wishing to be sounding over the top this is just 100% of what I needed to hear. Beautiful From an old Herbie Nichols fan with an old Mosaic box set to go and find again and put on
  9. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    wow what a find indeed dare i ask if it sounded good?
  10. TTK's First Organ Groove Record

    I bought this late 80's on cd- still have it. My fav Lonnie Smith Blue Note....then i bought Turning Point I spent the last few years between one or the other....then i found Finger Licken Good....First track Hola Muneca on repeat every single time I play it
  11. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    It went down hill at Blue Note when they started recording.
  12. Larry Young Unity alternates

    Get your views on this @bertrand Never enough Larry Young
  13. Donald Byrd lost live album on Blue note((???))

    Digging deep to bring this back to life. I was listening to the Live at Montreux material yesterday...the Bobby Hutcherson and got to wondering what else was on during this festival from Blue Note other than those issued and the Donald Byrd...which we have seen on You tube and guess what...there was a setlist And the other gigs on that day include one by Alphonse Mouzon and strangely enough Barney Kessel! Alphonse is not everyones cup of tea here but for those who don't mind a bit of Funky Snakefoot there were 4 tracks Earth Play Video Antonia Play Video Mouzon Folk-Song Play Video Macrobian Wonder why Blue Note did not seem to record them?
  14. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Wow. I for one would love to find out more. Please share details when/if you can I also would love to put the record straight and state I love late Duke Pearson on Blue Note. Let's begin at the The Phantom...