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  1. Donald Byrd lost live album on Blue note((???))

    Digging deep to bring this back to life. I was listening to the Live at Montreux material yesterday...the Bobby Hutcherson and got to wondering what else was on during this festival from Blue Note other than those issued and the Donald Byrd...which we have seen on You tube and guess what...there was a setlist And the other gigs on that day include one by Alphonse Mouzon and strangely enough Barney Kessel! Alphonse is not everyones cup of tea here but for those who don't mind a bit of Funky Snakefoot there were 4 tracks Earth Play Video Antonia Play Video Mouzon Folk-Song Play Video Macrobian Wonder why Blue Note did not seem to record them?
  2. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Wow. I for one would love to find out more. Please share details when/if you can I also would love to put the record straight and state I love late Duke Pearson on Blue Note. Let's begin at the The Phantom...
  3. Baby Face Willette

    You have seen this haven't you?
  4. George Braith

    With the Laughing Soul I got it...your comments on Muzart about needing a decade..I think you are rushing it 😊 I remember picking up the late 90s early 2000s Braith material (including the John Patton late dates 😄) and the voices stuff....and then the Blue Notes and Prestige numbers made sense... except Muzart...that is linked to his late stuff...don't get it but I understand people do
  5. Rusty Bryant

    Nice work. Not essential but always got the foot tapping 😊
  6. Transition label

    But I thought it was like this "There are 2 sessions that were never released on LP: TRLP-8 Pepper Adams/Curtis Fuller and TRLP-18 Jay MigliorMiglior" so they never got released or have I missed something?
  7. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    ooh I always said no more Mosaics (like I have enough - all the Blue Notes etc) but this is Hank
  8. Well it looks lovely enough. In the UK it is showing on Amazon as "This title will be released on March 1, 2020" Not sure about other places
  9. Shirley Scott

    Well I like all the LPs shared here and particularly the sides she did with Stanley T. The one I always come back to when people complain she was a little mellow was the Cadet LP Superstition Belting tracks all over especially the two Liberation Song and Hanky's Panky Think you can still buy a CD version from Amazon....last time I looked Or listen to it here
  10. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    Wow... Thanks to this thread I now have two lovely new Grant Green CDs Brilliant
  11. Hi all Long time no presence here but saw an advert for a Grant Green Movie....and and then in less than 24 hours a Lee Morgan Movie I called him Morgan Anyone seen these at all? Assuming these are just playing at Jazz Festivals or have people seen DVDs? Apologies if this has appeared elsewhere...tried to search but was very giddy to think these might be coming
  12. That was brilliant and exactly what I thought about this wonderful discovery. Thanks for sharing. I had a fantastic evening with house alone for a change and this gorgeous set to enjoy. Full volume. Time and the chance to emerse myself back into my life long love of Larry Young's music that began many years ago when I stumbled on the luscious Mosaic set.
  13. I only ever bought the Blue Note sets and largely stuck with them although have been tempted (not indulged) in new releases on CD of the Larry Young and Andrew Hills
  14. Always good to drop back in on the board and hearing about these new hipsters like Lou tearing it up To hear Lou talking about putting Mike Tyson on the door to get people to pay to get out...Brilliant ...and this is from the guy who made records as diverse and wonderful as these I am just glad I had the chance to see him play (albeit on video) and hear so many of his tunes.