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    If I didn't have 'Capricorn Rising" on vinyl........
  2. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    Thanks for posting, Chuck. Playing 'Song For' little later tonight. Michael
  3. I don't think Scott will mind me posting that the Brotzmann "Die Like a Dog" box and the Moondoc "Muntu" box has been sold also.
  4. The Schillinger System

    I am currently reading " A Power Greater than Itself' and the Schillinger System is mentioned quite a bit.
  5. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Man, for three hundred it better pour my coffee and take out the dog too!
  6. Savoy set coming from Mosaic

    These sets are great and even better when taken in small doses IMO. It helps keep the music within the perspective of the times it was developing.
  7. Finally Getting to So Many Unplayed Jazz LPs

    Last spring I moved the music room/library into a larger bedroom and forced myself to prune the book collection. Got about $25 at Half price mostly for a hard back copy of 'Against the Day". I don't want my wife to haul this stuff off after I'm gone so planning to take at least 25 more books out before the year's out. I know I'll never read some and never ever re-read those I've read already. Besides I need the room!!!!!
  8. My Aussie, Nellie, agrees....... She says that it feels like she's on the longest walk ever.
  9. I bought a copy of the Benedetti box recently and am glad I didn't wait a few months.
  10. And probably sounds really , really, really good on the new system..