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  1. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

    No big deal. I was one of those going by release date. Not a problem here, always happy to get recommendations, not going to quibble about a year either way. And sources differ: I saw some disagreements between allmusic and discogs, for instance. Probably need original LP jackets to be certain.
  2. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

    Very much agree on the Hanna, but I thought it was recorded 1979, released 1980. To be pedantic, the dates of various titles mentioned above can be questioned. For instance, I was going to mention Cyrille's Metamusicians' Stomp, but DQd it because of apparent (discogs) 1978 release date. If we widen the time window to 1978-80, the number of recommendations will grow out of control...
  3. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Have wanted to get this for a long time, only recently picked it up via Michael/Scott on this forum. It's good.
  5. These days? Oh yeah. Though more computationally than via equations. Without too much effort I found a couple of interesting articles. They seem fairly effective at recognizing the work of particular composers, though the second is much more extensive. Markov chains: https://eita-nakamura.github.io/articles/Nakamura-Takaki_PolyphonicMusicStyleAndPCIntervals_MCM2015.pdf Numerical state space analysis: https://www.brepolsonline.net/doi/pdf/10.1484/J.JAF.5.124209
  6. Nice description, but it seems to assume that the piece is being performed "one voice per part". I prefer that, but it's far from universal, and for instance the ultra-popular Tallis Scholars use multiple voices per part. I get the impression there's even a degree of controversy. I discovered Renaissance polyphony only recently, starting in 2013 iirc. I always loved counterpoint and Bach, for instance, so it's not a big surprise. My recordings collection is not as big as it might be, though: as a lapsed Catholic I only need to hear so many Kyrie eleisons, Ave Marias, ... This CD+DVD has a nice recording, and the DVD features excellent ancillary info. Probably oop, however:
  7. Occasional Singers

    Barry Harris sings on the title track of The Bird of Red and Gold. Only instance I know of, but there could be more...
  8. With the release coming from Blue Note (OMG!!!), it was inevitable that the hype meter would go to 11.
  9. Jazz in Silhouette Running Order(s)

    Bandcamp looks like the place for Ra. I generally like Corbett vs. Dempsey's reissues, but bought their 2-disc Continuation and was disappointed by crappy sound quality of Vol. 1. Sounds much better on bandcamp. Can't speculate on any track ordering issues. With Ra, minutia seemingly could reflect any combination of (a) profound messages; (b) a bit of dissimulation just to f**k with your mind; (c) haphazard business practices. I'm not smart or ambitious enough to venture down that rabbit hole.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I've discovered a lot of British jazz through Scott's (lately via Michael) sales on this forum. Motivated by discussion on another thread.
  11. Pet peeve

    Completely agreed. That solecism has become common in Internet journalism, seemingly just in the past few years. [The only physical journalism I read is The Economist, which can be relied on to avoid such horrors.] Standards have become so low that I just roll my eyes and ignore these things. Otherwise I'd soon have a stroke.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The 3 discs other than Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle. I've long owned that one; recently picked up this set to get the others. [Lanquidity] Great album, I only own the original, strongly considered the reissue but drew a line in the sand. Damn, you all are making me reconsider.
  13. I was in the same boat. I didn't and wouldn't base any decision on what's said here because come on, we all know it'll get nothing but raves. It's like Mosaics in that respect. But I did buy it...
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Spinning this again, the more I listen the more I like it.
  15. Thanks. Much prefer those dimensions. Got off the fence and ordered it.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    After a couple of spins, I like this and am happy with the purchase. General comments: sound quality excellent IMO, better than expected. Playing time is short, about 40 minutes divided almost equally into two tracks, Questions and Answers-Epilog. Specifics: Questions is rather "outside" (far more so than I've previously heard from Cowell), more percussive and atonal, more in Burrell's style. Answers-Epilog more accessible, less aggressively avant-garde (though there's some strumming of piano strings, for instance), more recognizably features Cowell's voice (or how I perceive same). Questions took 3 listens (1 on Youtube, 2 at home) to get my head around it, first hearing was rough but now I enjoy the piece. Overall: probably depends on your opinion of piano duos. I don't own many recordings in the genre, but consider this a very good one. Not essential, but worthwhile if you dig Stanley Cowell (I'm not sufficiently familiar with Dave Burrell's work to venture an analogous statement). If in doubt, a prior release of the album is on Youtube.
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    4th of 4 on the changer, not yet started, will update. I auditioned the whole disc on youtube through my low-fi computer speakers, and to be honest it could go either way. But I really like both principals (though more familiar with Cowell), and am hoping for the best in hi-fi.
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Used an unexpectedly large tax return (I usually file late w. extension) to splurge on some Japanese reissues from DG. Arrived today:
  19. Jazz in Silhouette Running Order(s)

    I vaguely remember (around 40 years ago), a friend with some recording experience saying that the last track on side 1 was the place to put the blockbuster tune (or big hit). I thought that was plausible. But my memory could be off, or the saying might be an old urban legend (or even outright BS).
  20. Don Everly RIP

    So much for my lame joke above...
  21. Don Everly RIP

    Never mind.
  22. I'm in the same situation. "Three CDs worth is enough" vs."The Art Pepper Vanguard box has 1 add'l CD, at least as much repetition, but is awesome and one of my favorite box sets". Haven't checked prices for a few days, but felser mentioned importcds (far) above, and that's the first site I'll visit on the next pricing run.
  23. Some circa 1970 sportsmen: Leron Lee Scipio Spinks Warren Jabali Joe Pepitone Carmen Fanzone - he was a jazz guy! Cliff Pondexter (a little later)
  24. Sexiest album covers

    Whole thread seemed kinda tone-deaf (at the very least) to me. But I've almost never read any of the album cover threads. Hey, it would be interesting to find out what the female Organissimo forum contributors think about the issue / thread!
  25. Thanks, good price. Agreed on the corporate umbrella (emphasis added). Popmarket is a crappy seller on discogs, prone to posting price errors, canceling orders at the low price due to "not in stock", but then failing to correct the errors. I noticed via Paypal that importcds and popmarket use the same e-mail address.