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  1. Jimmy McGriff & Richard Groove Holmes 1975

    This interview with the guitarist Mark Elf talks about this album in some detail.
  2. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    If it's from '74 this info may be relevant? There is an interview in January '75 edition of Guitar Player magazine (so actual interview possibly occurred late 74 perhaps)?. Grant's band is identified in that article as Desmond Norman vibes, Emmanuel Riggins keys, Ronnie Ware bass, Richard Frierson drums, Rahsool congas. Some commonality from the band recorded at Oil Can Harry's in Sept 75. There is also a live version of Skin Tight dated as from Pittsburgh '74 on youtube, sounds a lot like the medley arrangements on Oil Can Harry's with the Milestones groove. Grant Green's son has also documented in interview a pro shot film short, possibly same era, but just guessing.
  3. Anyone familiar with this film about the Boston jazz club 1369. A link to this clip was posted on the Hoffman Forums. It seems the film is unavailable.
  4. Mick Jagger Illness

  5. Hamiet Bluiett R.I.P.

    Simply one of my favourite musicians of all time. RIP.
  6. Serena Williams vs The World

    This newspaper is from my town. The media today full of the usual apologists defending the cartoonist and the newspaper. Recently a champion sportsmen over here called out racist remarks directed at him from someone in the crowd. he was booed and jeered for the remainder of his career into retirement. Supposedly that wasn't racist either, just 'the crowd' reacting to him staging for free kicks. Yeah right.
  7. BFT 173 the answers

    I was right, it was Thornel Schwartz Interestingly, I remember reading an old interview with George Benson who said back in the day the most illustrious guitar player was always the one who held down the guitar chair in Jimmy Smith's band. Hence Thornel Schwartz had a lot of currency among up and coming guitar players back then.
  8. Thanks for the link to the article. Meyers is the first critique I've read that captures why the Antibes performances are my favourite from both these Resonance releases; "Listening to this Resonance release, the jazz-funk tracks sound so much freer and alive for Green, who clearly was tiring of the kind of straight-up that dominates the Paris studio recordings. Listening to him peck away on the Antibes material, particularly Hi-Heel Sneakers and the longer version of Upshot. They are a revelation".
  9. I guess it's all about marketing. Funk In France, Slick. Resonance did the same with the Wes titles pretty much, 'Smoking In Seattle' 'Echoes Of Indiana Ave'.
  10. Yeah I think he's getting Wes Montgomery and Grant Green mixed up. Cannonball Adderley bought Wes Montgomery to the attention of Orrin Keepnews I believe. It was Lou Donaldson who got Grant to Blue Note. I'm personally glad these releases are out there. CJ's right about the drumming marring the overall standard of the band performances on Paris and Antibes. And to be fair, we don't know whether the drummer Billy Wilson was coming in cold for these gigs. Add that to the fact Clarence Palmer didn't have a B3 at his disposal, and the musicians are compromised right there. However I wouldn't want to be without either of these performances, they are precious documents. Slick I feel does add a lot of context to Grant's recorded legacy. From the liner notes, it seems the Oil Can Harry gig was given to Michael Cuscuna back in the day to try and obtain Grant a new recording contract, or thats what seems to be implied? I'm not sure what better Grant Green material Cuscana might be sitting on? Maybe the unissued Verve sessions or the Green Acid session. Although everything I've read here and elsewhere says the tapes haven't survived? Bob Porter also says in his book that the CTI Allstar concerts Grant was featured in (shortly after the Slick recordings?), were most likely not recorded - although that seems a bit odd to me as CTI seemed to do so much live recording of their roster?
  11. Great review CJ really enjoyed reading that!!!!
  12. Obviously CJ the presense of Don Lamond as a drummer for Grant Green is a weak link. Especially considering there was probably no rehersal involved for any 'adaptation' to occur. I doubt Lamond thought he was gonna be hit with a James Brown song to kick off the gig? The first time I heard the set, the Lamond mismatch was the thing that was like a small stone stuck inside your comfy runners. Antibes? Well yeah Candy Finch, Hugh Walker, Joe Dukes or JC Moses or any Organ Trio legend would have been great. So I think everyone who had heard the music on Funk In France beforehand knew there were flaws inherent in the performances. The guitar playing itself on the Antibes tracks are some of my favourite Grant Green. It's the kind of playing and repertoire/instrumentation that reflects to me what a 1969 Grant Green Prestige session might have sounded like (with a proper B3 and a more seasoned drummer). I think you are right to say that these sets are not going to change too many peoples knowledge or perceptions of Grant Green for the better. But they certainly add wonderful content to what some of us already know and love. yes, I'd like to look for it on the back cover of the next Resonance Records Grant Green release.= 'Live At The Left Bank with John Patton, Harold Vick and Hugh Walker :
  13. Yer there is. Put on Slick and wet your whistle chewy.
  14. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green


    Definitely Grant Green is only on one track. I remember getting the vinyl about ten years ago and putting it on the turntable anticipating the second GG track and as soon as it started, I realised it was probably another Attila Zoller track. So on the various Italian boots and the concert film we have 3 Attila Zoller tracks, 1 Grant Green, 1 Kenny Burrell, 2 George Benson - Ready and Able and Benson's Rider, and the Charlie Byrd - Michelle. According to the 66 Billboard review we know GG played' a series of impressive Blues performances', Kenny Burrell also did a version of Greensleeves among other 'well executed turns' and George Benson also did Flamingo. green newport 1966&f=false
  16. Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Live Newport 1966

    So here is the George Benson film from the Newport workshop. And the workshop concert film. Enjoy all you Charlie Byrd nuts.
  17. Inspired by finding out new information about the Iron City session, I thought I might contribute something about another recording that was always a mystery to me. In the 1980's. there were a series of Italian 'grey area' releases, that often contained performances that I could not find in the standard discographies. My favourites were three live cuts by Grant Green, Kenny Burrell and George Benson. They appeared as part of a five set guitar anthology box , and were ubiquitous in the shops when I first started exploring Jazz guitar. Thanks to the internet (and google books), I found out they were all part of the same performance from the 1966 Newport Jazz festival on July 4 1966. Part of an afternoon concert broken up into two parts, a Jazz guitar workshop, and a Trumpet workshop. Most featured soloists were backed by the Billy Taylor trio. Except George Benson, who had his great early quartet with Lonnie Smith and Ronnie Cuber. Info from Billboard Magazine July 16 1966 My link I have uploaded the Grant Green and Kenny Burrell audio to Youtube, as they were not represented there. Here are the links; Hope anyone that enjoys Jazz guitar (with deep blues) will enjoy these performances, especially if you have never heard them. Incidentally, here is some more info regarding the source of these tapes. It seems they were part of the Library of Congress collection, but the performances heard here have seemingly disappeared. My link Shelf no. RGA 0104--0105 (RWD 6104 B2, 6105 B2) Title Newport Jazz Festival, July 4, 1966, morning concert, set 1 : Guitar workshop Date Event : 07/04/1966 Publication Status Unpublished Type Music Medium Recording Performer(s) Charlie Byrd, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, Attila Zoller, George Benson, Connie Smith, guitars; Ross Tompkins, Billy Taylor, George Wein, pianos; Gene Taylor, bass; Billy Kay, Mike Deluca, drums; Lonnie Liston Smith, organ and various other instruments. Recording Note Recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, Rhode Island on Sunday evening, July 4, 1966. The first of two bibliographical records for this concert. Quality Distortion on original tape. Summary Shows different impressions of how instruments are used. Note There are quite a few tapes missing from this year's festival. Work(s) House of the rising sun. Performed by Charlie Byrd, guitarist. Greensleeves. Performed by Kenny Burrell, guitarist. Unidentified blues. Performed by Grant Green, guitarist. Incomplete version; Complete version on tape (RWD 6105 B) which is missing from this collection. Cantalope woman. Performed by Grant Green, guitarist. Complete version on RWD 6105 B which is missing from this collection. Genre(s) Blues (Music) Guitar music (Jazz) Jazz--1961-1970 Subject Guitar music (Jazz) Name(s) Byrd, Charlie, 1925-. (performer) Burrell, Kenny. (performer) Green, Grant. (performer) Group(s) Charlie Byrd Trio. (musical group) Newport Jazz Festival (1966) Collection Voice of America Music Library Collection (Library of Congress) Physical Item RGA 0104--0105 (RWD 6104 B2, 6105 B2). 2 digital sound cassettes, digital (polyester). Recording Laboratory 1995-7. Collection/Donor name: Voice of America Music Library Collection (Library of Congress)

    Yeah there's just one Grant Green selection on the Italian boots which is Canteloupe Woman although its listed as Blues In Green or something. 1966 Newport.
  19. That's exactly what people say about Wynton Marsalis as well.
  20. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    I read somewhere recently that Claude Bartee used a special kind of arduous tonguing technique that gave him that sound.
  21. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    I've heard it. I've got a feeling you won't be disappointed. To me it sounds like the kind of Album he would have made for Prestige circa 69.
  22. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    I suppose that the late Bob Beldon might have conducted a good search to locate the session and the other two unissued Verve sessions. He seemed to devote a lot of energy and passion into Green's re-issues. Perhaps if they haven't surfaced yet they might never be recovered sadly.
  23. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    I bet if someone offered the BN archive officer $64,000 they'd find it quick smart.
  24. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    Some exciting news on the Grant Green front... courtesy of members who moonlight on other forums . ...Paris and Antibes, plus 'Oil Can Harry's'???