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  1. Barney Kessel

    I'm kinda surprised that nobody seems to have mentioned "On Fire"...
  2. Jimmy Heath RIP

    It's very rare to possess a "triple threat" in Jazz -- talents of composition, arrangement, and instrumental prowess. Jimmy Heath had all. Compositions: possibly "Gemini" is the most distinctive. but personally I love "For Minors Only". Chet Baker was the best interpreter of that tune. Arrangement: The Heath Brothers, Little Man Big Band, etc., etc. Sax: Maybe "Picture Of Heath" (Xanadu) is the best for enjoying Jimmy's saxes. Barry Harris also shines. Red Garland's "The Quota" (MPS) is also a hidden gem. R.I.P.
  3. Well, it is not a balanced introduction, but once I gave my friend (a painter, don't know so much about Jazz) "Monk Alone: The Complete Solo Studio Recordings of Thelonious Monk 1962-1968", she loved it. Seems solo piano is the best starting point of a trail up the Monk mountain.
  4. New Album featuring JD Allen

    It's interesting to listen to JD in a bass-less piano trio setting.
  5. Randy Weston favorites

    I think Live at the Five Spot is an underappreciated gem. It is quite obvious that the band didn't rehearse, so there are some rough spots. But Hawk and KD tackled Randy's music quite well. Lisa Lovely is surely lovely!
  6. San Jose Jazz Summer Fest tuned out to be quite a fun! Saw lots of sets -- especially Makaya McCraven, Delvon LaMarr, and Erik Jekabson stood out. Rahsaanathon@Cafe Stritch was also very good -- James Carter! Also, I visited Bird & Beckett Books today. Unfortunately, I didn't have time for attending tonight's Jazz gig, but they had lots of nice books, including Jazz books. Anywise, thanks a lot for suggestions!
  7. Delvon Lamarr

    Last weekend, I went to San Jose Jazz Summer Fest and saw this Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. I didn't know them at all, but It was something else. They played Big John Patton's tune or such, but somehow they reminded me of the late great Charles Kynard... Their website (incl. schedule). Twitter. Heartily recommend.
  8. Sir Charles Thompson lived in Japan until his death in 2016. He played piano sporadically. Some of his Japanese recordings are worth looking for. Vocalist Dolly Baker is another fine example of musicians long lived in Japan.
  9. Thank you all for your informative comments! Sadly Willie Nelson/Alison Krauss is already sold out. SJ Summar Fest and especially Rahsaanathon@Cafe Stritch are very interesting. SF venues are also interesting, too.
  10. Hi, I stay in San Jose from now till Aug. 28. I'd like to visit some live shows/interesting venues if possible. Do you have any recommendation? Basically I love Jazz (bop, free, experimental, etc), but am interested in any other styles. Thanks in advance.
  11. Left Bank releases upcoming

    I think this is the list of all LBJS dates already issued in some ways. Are there any missing entries? ----- 6-13-65 FREDDIE HUBBARD, trumpet; JIMMY HEATH, tenor sax; GUS SIMMS, piano; WILBUR LITTLE, bass; BERTELL KNOX, drums 1-9-66 WALTER NAMUTH, guitar; MICKEY FIELDS, tenor sax; PHIL HARRIS, bass; CLAUDE HUBBARD, piano; PURNELL RICE, drums 3-20-66 BLUE MITCHELL, trumpet; SONNY RED, alto sax; JOHN HICKS, piano; GENE TAYLOR, bass; JOE CHAMBERS, drums 9-25-66 COLEMAN HAWKINS, tenor sax; BARRY HARRIS, piano; GENE TAYLOR, bass; ROY BROOKS, drums 12-18-66 JACKIE MCLEAN, alto sax; LAMONT JOHNSON, piano; SCOTTY HOLT, bass; BILLY HIGGINS, drums 4-23-67 FREDDIE HUBBARD, trumpet; BENNY MAUPIN, tenor sax; KENNY BARRON, piano; HERBIE LEWIS, bass; FREDDIE WAITS, drums 11-12-67 WYNTON KELLY, piano; HANK MOBLEY, tenor sax; CECIL McBEE, bass; JIMMY COBB, drums 4-21-68 JOE HENDERSON, tenor sax; WYNTON KELLY, piano; PAUL CHAMBERS, bass; JIMMY COBB, drums 9-22-68 WYNTON KELLY, piano; GEORGE COLEMAN, tenor sax; RON MCCLURE, bass; JIMMY COBB, drums 10-27-68 AL COHN, tenor sax; ZOOT SIMS, tenor sax; DAVE FRISHBERG, piano; VICTOR SPROLES, bass; DONALD MCDONALD, drums 3-30-69 GARY BARTZ, alto sax; WOODY SHAW, trumpet; ALBERT DAILY, piano; BOB CUNNINGHAM, bass; RASHIED ALI, drums 4-27-69 DUKE PEARSON, piano; BURT COLLINS, JOE SHEPLEY, DONALD BYRD, JIM BOSSY, trumpet; JULIAN PRIESTER, JOE FORST, EDDIE BERT, trombone; KENNY RUPP, bass trombone, JERRY DODGION, AL GIBBONS, alto sax & flute; FRANK FOSTER, LEW TABACKIN, tenor sax; PEPPER ADAMS, baritone sax; BOB CRANSHAW, bass; MICKEY ROKER, drums 5-4-69 DEXTER GORDON, tenor sax; BOBBY TIMMONS, piano; VICTOR GASKIN, bass; PERCY BRICE, drums 4-26-70 ROY BROOKS, drums; WOODY SHAW, trumpet; GEORGE COLEMAN, tenor sax; HUGH LAWSON, piano; CECIL MCBEE, bass 3-21-71 SONNY STITT, electric varitone & tenor sax; DON PATTERSON, organ; BILLY JAMES, drums 9-6-71 CEDAR WALTON, piano; HERBIE LEWIS, bass; BILLY HIGGINS, drums 2-27-72 CEDAR WALTON, piano; SAM JONES, bass; BILLY HIGGINS, drums; ETTA JONES, singer 6-24-73 GENE AMMONS, tenor sax; SONNY STITT, tenor sax & alto sax; CEDAR WALTON, piano; SAM JONES, bass; BILLY HIGGINS, drums; ETTA JONES, singer 2-3-74 CEDAR WALTON, piano; SAM JONES, bass; BILLY HIGGINS, drums; CLIFFORD JORDAN, tenor sax; BILL HARDMAN, trumpet 5-20-75 STAN GETZ, tenor sax; RICHIE BEIRACH, piano; DAVE HOLLAND, bass; JACK DEJOHNETTE, drums
  12. Left Bank releases upcoming

    Is there any discography/sessionography of already issued LBJS recordings? I think I've got most of them, but not sure. BTW, my favorites are: Wynton Kelly with Tenors (Joe Henderson, George Coleman, Hank Mobley) '67 '68 -- it's Wynton's twilight, but he still swings crazy. Especially on the George Coleman session. Lee Morgan/Clifford Jordan '68 -- The only recording of this band I guess. Ed Blackwell shines. Freddie Hubbard -- 32 Jazz had issued 2 albums. Both of them are magnificent. Cedar Walton on Sundays -- The band is tight, and the guest Etta James sang several tunes, very good (I guess the new one from Resonance might be the complete set from these live?). Dexter Gordon -- I think there are 2 albums. I think these are Bobby Timmons' near-last recordings, but he plays very well. Duke Pearson Big Band '69 -- IMHO it's far better than BN studio recordings. New Girl! Roy Brooks' Free Slave -- It has very good Woody Shaw. Coleman Hawkins -- this is a sad document of the declining Tenor great but has some very good Barry Harris playing.
  13. Overlooked pianists

    Al Haig was a prime bebop pianist in 40s, but I think his greatness is more lucid in his 70s "comeback" recordings.
  14. Overlooked pianists

    You stole my next one! ;-) Yes, JImmy Jones is REALLY great. It's a pity that he didn't record much as a leader. This little-known omnibus CD features lots of Jones' fine playing, including solo piano. Highly recommended.
  15. Overlooked pianists

    Ellis Larkins is rarely told nowadays, but he is without a doubt one of the piano greats in the history of jazz. He is known as a superb accompanist, but also a great solo pianist. His left hand is legendary.