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  1. Overlooked pianists

    Al Haig was a prime bebop pianist in 40s, but I think his greatness is more lucid in his 70s "comeback" recordings.
  2. Overlooked pianists

    You stole my next one! ;-) Yes, JImmy Jones is REALLY great. It's a pity that he didn't record much as a leader. This little-known omnibus CD features lots of Jones' fine playing, including solo piano. Highly recommended.
  3. Overlooked pianists

    Ellis Larkins is rarely told nowadays, but he is without a doubt one of the piano greats in the history of jazz. He is known as a superb accompanist, but also a great solo pianist. His left hand is legendary.
  4. Overlooked pianists

    Bob James is primarily known as a sweet fusion musician, but in his youth he was a hardcore free jazz pianist. He even made an album with Barre Phillips on ESP.
  5. Overlooked pianists

    Herbie Brock is a little-known blind genius of piano. He style is truly eclectic, some Bud, some Shearing and a pinch of Tristano.
  6. Overlooked pianists

    Roosevelt Wardell is yet another hidden treasure of jazz piano. His only leader album "The Revelation" was produced by Cannonball Adderley, and Horace Tapscott listed Wardell as an early influence.
  7. Overlooked pianists

    Evans Bradshaw was a man of phenomenal piano technique, but he also died too young. Not much is known about him.
  8. Overlooked pianists

    Gildo Mahones is known as a sideman for e.g. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (and Bevan), but his leader albums are also quite attractive.
  9. Overlooked pianists

    Agreed. Elmo Hope should be heard more. I think his best is when he plays with Philly Joe Jones.
  10. Overlooked pianists

    Shirley Scott is primarily known as an organist, but she was also a pretty good pianist. Two piano trio albums she made in her later years ("Blues Everywhere" and "Skylark" for Candid label) are little-known gems.
  11. Overlooked pianists

    There are many good Japanese Jazz pianists who are not well known outside Japan. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto is one of them. Not so adventurous perhaps, but always swinging hard.
  12. Overlooked pianists

    John Coates, Jr. is also an unsung hero in Jazz. He was an early influence on Keith Jarrett, but never really achieved the same fame and fortune Jarrett could enjoy. Still, he is one of the most unique voices in Jazz piano.
  13. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    My favorite of McCoy Tyner on Milestone years is Song for My Lady. I think this one is often overlooked, but IMHO it's even musically better than Sahara or Fly With The Wind (I like both, btw). A no-nonsense Jazz. Especially his treatment of The Night Has a Thousand Eyes is powerful.
  14. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    Recently, I was watching (a YouTube clip of) the Late Show with Stephen Cobert. The guest was Gilbert Gottfried, and the theme the band played was somehow...I was quite flabbergasted.
  15. Overlooked pianists

    Charles Bell is also an obscure but interesting figure. He sounds like an amalgam of John Lewis and Ahmad Jamal for me. Introverted and still funky. He made a few recordings in the early 60's, then left an active playing career to become a music educator. Drummer Poogie Bell is his son.