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  1. Donald Byrd

    I don't want to put RIP in the title yet but this does appear to be the case. I'll let you all know when I know with 100% certainty . One of the greats of course.... I got to hang with him a bit and talk to him on several other occasions. Quite the thinker on a number of wide ranging topics. I think the last time I saw him was at a Kennedy Center event in 2007......
  2. CDs for sale

    Housecleaning again..... Postage $2.50 for the first CD in a nice mailer, 50 cents per CD after that....... Overseas- actual postage $7 Luis Perdomo "The 'Infancia' Project" Criss Cross Sold Amir El Saffar "Two Rivers" Pi Donny McCaslin "Casting For Gravity" Greenleaf Sold Michael Formanek "The Rub and Spare Change" ECM Sold Jason Palmer "Here Today" Steeplechase Gretchen Parlato self produced Jenny Scheinman "Mischief & Mayhem" Denis Charles IVtet "Captain of the Deep" Eremite Sold Louie Bellson and Clark Terry Louie & Clark Expedition 2" Percussion Power Sold Miles Davis "1969 Miles Festiva de Juan Pins" Sony Japan $5 Rez Abbasi "Bazaar" Zoho Sold Randy Sanke "The Subway Ballet" Evening Star Sold Akua Dixon " Moving On" Bill Moring "Spaces in Time" Owl Studios Gonzalo Rubalcaba "Faith" 5 Passion Chip White "Personal Dedications & Percussive Tributes" Alex McCabe "Quiz" CAP Bart Wirtz "Dreamer" Challenge (with Nicholas Payton) Bill Easley "Business Man's Bounce" 18th & Vine John Hart "Standards Green and Blue" Hep Jazz Kellylee Evans "Nina" Plus Loin Afro Cubano Chant Hip Bop (with Gato Barbieri and Bob James) Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet "Stellar Pulsations" Delmark (Promo Magic Marker in Bar Code) Sold Rob Mazurek Octet "Skull Sessions" Cuneiform (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Sold Noah Preminger "Before the Rain" Palmetto (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Michael Formanek "Small Places" ECM (Promo Scratch through Bar Code) Sold Bill Frisell "Beautiful Dreamers" Savoy (Promo Magic Marker in Bar Code) Sold Nicholas Payton "Sonic Trance" Warner Brothers (Promo Magic Marker in Bar Code) Joey DeFrancesco "Wonderful! Wonderful!" (with Larry Coryell and Jimmy Cobb) High Note (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Pat Metheny "Unity Band" Nonesuch (Promo Magic Marker in Bar Code) We Three "Three for All" (Dave Liebman, Steve Swallow, Adam Nussbaum) Challenge (Promo Notch in Spine) John Hicks "Crazy for You" Red Baron (Promo Tiny Hole Punch in Bar Code) The Blue Note All Stars "Blue Spirit" Blue Note (Promo Notch in Spine) Carlo DeRosa's Cross Fade "Brain Dance" Cuneiform (Promo Hole Punch in Spine, Promo Sticker on front case) Darren Johnston's Gone to Chicago " The Big Lift" PFR (Promo Sticker on back cover) Bob Mover "It Amazes Me" Zoho (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Black Note Nothing But the Swing" Impulse (Promo Magic Marker in Bar Code, Promo Sticker on Cover) Russell Gunn "Ethnomusicology Volume 3" Justin Time (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Antonio Hart "Don't You Know I Care" BMG Novus (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Hip Bop Essence All-Stars "Afrocubano Chant Two" Hip Bop (Promo Hole Punch in Bar Code) Miles Davis Quintet "Masqualero" Jazz Birdie's of Paradise (1967 Antwerp) Miles Davis "In Newport" Legendary Collection Series (Newport 1966 and 67) Miles Davis "Starlight in Black" Legendary Collection Series (Tokyo July 12,1964) Miles Davis "No (More) Blues" Jazz Door (Portland 1966 St. Louis 1963 Miles Davis "Miles in Berlin" Super Sonic (Berlin 1969) $10 (Sealed) The Cookers "Warriors" JLP (Extended Artist's Cut) David Weiss and Point of Departure "Venture Inward" Posi-tone $7 (Sealed) David Weiss and Point of Departure "Snuck In" Sunnyside David Weiss and Point of Departure "Snuck Out" Sunnyside $5 The New Jazz Composers Octet "The Turning Gate" Motema
  3. Brad Mehldau on Bill Evans

    We all seem to get compared to someone at some point and sometimes it really sticks and while initially you might be flattered after a while you are pigeonholed and as years go by, you start to get really sick of it. Backlash ensues...... And yes sometimes you go overboard and don't really mean to be that harsh but enough is enough sometimes..... Musicians have done blindfold tests and have criticized other musicians in print. Musicians have occasionally done reviews and have criticized other musicians in print. Probably musicians have criticized ther musicians in interviews. It's human nature to have opinions and sometimes those opinions are made publicly. To me, they're just opinions and I take them as such - nothing more. I recently did a blindfold test and yes, there was perhaps some criticism..... It was under the guise of just talking honestly about the music at hand but some will certainly take it as criticism......
  4. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Yes, the 1964 Mingus..... I went through a lot of that stuff ages ago and can't recall a favorite..... I guess I'm going to have to get the Mosaic box and go through all that stuff again..... Having toured like that and with what I consider some really good bands, it's usually very good no matter what even if you are tired or what have you but then there are those special nights and then you hope the tapes are rolling and it's captured. I haven't always had the best luck with this.... It's interesting to see this phenomena with even the best bands there ever were.....
  5. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Don't have this....who is on Drums? Is there a date on it?
  6. Now I'm not 100% certain about this but the 50 year copyright rule (or the 75 year or whatever) applies to the release date, not when it was recorded so technically, these live recordings don't fall under the 50 year rule. For it to be a legitimate release, the label in question has to buy or license the recording from the radio station or TV station who has made the recording. The label then has to negotiate a fee with the leader and all the sidemen on the recording and of course pay them. I see some claims above of this actually happening but I'm a little skeptical to say the least. I was told about this aspect of the law by someone at Blue Note years ago as this was going to be their way of going after all these people but not for live recordings though. If suspicious label A released the complete Lester Young Aladdin Sessions because they were over 50 years old and therefore "legal" to release, they would get in trouble anyways if they included the alternate as those were released for the first time either on a 2-fer released in the '70s or on CD later and therefore not released 50 year ago. It might not be a question of it being released though, it could be when it was copyrighted. Not when the tune was copyrighted by the composer but when the recording was copyrighted by the label. This copyright probably wouldn't include material that wasn't released so it wouldn't have been copyrighted at the time but was certainly copyrighted when it was released in the '70's for the 2-fers or the '90s if it was alternate take that first saw the light on CD. I believe Blue Note was contemplating legal action based on this but it the end found it just wasn't worth their time or more precisely their lawyer's time, not cost effective......
  7. Just shipped two CDs to Europe.....$12.75 That is more then double what is was....
  8. Donald Byrd and Clare Fischer

    The LP says..... Recorded in New York 1957
  9. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Absolutely Jim, Sonny Rollins by all means..... I love when there is documentation of 4 or 5 dates (or more) from the same tour to compare and contrast and one of my favorites of that ilk is Sonny's 1959 European tour. I think you're right, Aix En Provence might be the highlight of that tour....something to do with Kenny Clarke perhaps? That's an interesting tour because LaRoca left early on and there were subs from town to town like Clarke and Joe Harris. The 1968 stuff is sick as well, that Four is unreal...... Regarding Miles, I'll have to go back to the Paris stuff. That's the concert where they are booing Coltrane if I recall correctly. I heard the Unique Jazz one first and sometimes that first impression/discovery is hard to overcome. I don't seem to have Creation but when I googled it, the cover looked very familiar. I'm sure I had it, I guess someone "borrowed it". Has it come out on CD? If not, I guess I'll have to track down the vinyl. I'd love to hear more Trane suggestions. The other stuff I've fully researched but I have some catching up to do with the live Coltrane stuff.....there is just so much of it......
  10. CDs for sale

    Guys, Give me a second to sort this out..... You all want the same 4 CDs (the Mazurek's and Formanek's). When you send a second e-mail, it takes you out of your place in line as it were so I have to go through all this and see who indeed e-mailed me first. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.....
  11. From George's Facebook page..... Happy birthday to Roy Haynes! This is a performance that we did together with Wilbur Ware on bass and Andy Bey on piano at Musart, in 1966. https://soundcloud.com/georgebraith/all-the-things-you-are?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook&utm_content=https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fgeorgebraith%2Fall-the-things-you-are
  12. Wayne Shorter's Without A Net on the Blue Note label

    But do you think they are taking big risks? The kind of risks that have huge payoffs a lot of the time but can also result in big mistakes/train wrecks? Yes? No? Maybe? Sometimes? If opportunity presents itself? Size of reward not always related to size of risk? Surviving is the biggest risk of all? Exactly Jim..... I think you described it well before I even tried to respond.... If any of the individual players are making choices that just fuck everything up, we are certainly not hearing it overtly in that way..... My initial impression of the group was they all waited with baited breath to react to what Wayne did as opposed to say what Herbie Hancock did which was to create a mood for Wayne to play over. This created a stasis of sorts as no one really seemed to take charge or really even direct things but there would be these short peaks that would create some genuine excitement and then would quickly go back to where they started. They have made this their language though and over 12 years have refined it into more of a group improvisation thing that certainly has it's moments and is certainly more then that to those who find this sort of thing deep and enjoyable (to each his own of course). It's been 12 years and they have certainly evolved and taken the music somewhere. Since I guess we have all been listening to the 1969 Miles stuff though and I assume most here have heard most of that stuff from the beginning of the band until the end, for comparison sake (though not fair I guess), see how far that band went in 7 months time, how they morphed into an almost completely different sound in that short period of time in the course of finding their true group sound.
  13. Wayne Shorter's Without A Net on the Blue Note label

    Any kind will do....but more of a live fleeting thing I guess.....the audience might stand up and cheer or just be too blown away in the moment to do anything..... It's all sort of nice and flowing but if anyone is taking big chances they are certainly doing it within the context of that nice and flowing thing which doesn't seem like the biggest risk in the world to me... No pain, no gain.....
  14. Wayne Shorter's Without A Net on the Blue Note label

    Good point Jim, I was talking about this with a fairly prominent musician who has played with Wayne and Herbie et al and he sort of was saying the same thing but emphasized he thought Wayne, with this band, was picking up where he left off with Odyssey of Iska and Super Nova a little more then early Weather Report but it's all pretty much the same. I have to go back to all and see for myself a little.....
  15. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    I think reverb was added in the mastering of the Japanese cd. And it muddies things up for me, and makes bass and drums sound thicker, slower, maybe "pretiier," but not "prettier" to me on my system. The new one is a definite upgrade for me. There is definitely reverb added to the Japanese CD. It's a bit too much and quite artificial but it does help warm some things up and makes most of the instruments sound fuller (this is what reverb is supposed to do actually) and while that is nice, the reverb is just too artificial to make this a more pleasant listening experience. They could have used a different sort of reverb or less of it and it might have had a better overall effect (as in it makes everything fuller and warmer but you don't actually hear more reverb). This new version could have used a little of that, it's bright and a little thin but a better overall listening experience I guess. I've had copies of this stuff for years and I actually still like the sound of my raw boots better then this. I'm just glad this stuff is out. I love it. Miles is so strong of these CDs (and most of the 1969 stuff). I've used the second show at Antibes to debunk the Miles is not a great trumpet myth many times. That second show has some of the most intense, powerful trumpet playing ever to me, especially on Masquelero.
  16. Kenny Dorham

    I'm told them personnel on this one is Chick Corea, Louis Hayes and Butch Warren
  17. julian priester has (not) passed away

    Since he is still with us, let's help him.... http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/please-help-julian-priester/38293
  18. Donald Byrd

    I don't know if Facebook links work but..... http://www.facebook.com/alex.bugnon.3/posts/10152541319960578 It's a strange situation......I'm sure they are trying to handle this as they see fit but.......
  19. Wayne Shorter's Without A Net on the Blue Note label

    But do you think they are taking big risks? The kind of risks that have huge payoffs a lot of the time but can also result in big mistakes/train wrecks?
  20. Butch Morris RIP

    I'll miss him..... One of the first guys I knew out here and always good to me. Quite a career as well of course.....
  21. Lance Armstrong

    It think Miles used performance enhancing drugs.....
  22. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, volume 2

    One day sale at Pop Market.....a little cheaper then what I've seen elsewhere...... http://www.popmarket.com/details/27965220?feature_id=27968012
  23. Kenny Dorham

    I'm actually unsure myself but those would be my guesses...... The last one..... Rein de Graff I think
  24. Kenny Dorham

    Some more..... Personnel anyone?
  25. Kenny Dorham

    KD on Avenue A near 7th Street