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  1. I really liked it. It's probably sacrilegious to say this but I thought the Laurel and Hardy bits done by the two stars were as funny as the originals. Also I thought the relationships of the couples and between the two couples were lovely.
  2. Maybe because I wasn't that familiar with Queen or maybe because the LA Times was so incredulous that it won the Golden Globes, I really liked Bohemian Rhapsody. But I think "Ray" is even better than "Walk the Line", maybe because I like the music even better.
  3. Now reading...

    And I suggest the 10 Martin Beck books. They're best if read in order.
  4. Don Sleet

    I don't remember why but In 1965 this was the only jazz album my girlfriend owned. Only reason I know about it.
  5. Remembering Art Farmer

    Shit, I was living in LA then. Don't know why I didn't go. Heard Farmer with the local Charlie Biddles trio backing him in a small Montreal bar sometimes in the late '60s.
  6. Remembering Art Farmer

    Wow! When was that?
  7. What's next for Mosaic

    They have a huge amount of Benny Goodman (including some with Charlie Christian) and some very good Duke Ellington but they haven't been able to make a deal with either estate.
  8. Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

    And not electronically remastered for stereo. Could they get it all on one Lp including the dialogue?
  9. The King Oliver Thread

    I think it was originally issued on Hit of the Week which I presume just went under and was not bought by anyone. The master take is available on Vol 2 of the Naxos Ellington series. The cd is titled "It Don't Mean a Thing: Classical Recording vol 2 1930-1934."
  10. Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

    Didn't know that. The dialogue is left off this session in the old Miles box. There could be some interesting notes with a single cd.
  11. Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

    If they want to re-package things why don't they do a single cd release of the December 24, 1954 session with Miles, Monk and Bags and include the conversations. It would all fit on one disc.
  12. Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

    Didn't they already release box sets of all the Trane Prestige recordings? Twice in fact.
  13. I usually don't like wasting energy on negative posts but actually she reminds me more of latter day Sarah Vaughn and I admit I don't much care for that either. I do like some present days singers though: Catherine Russell, and despite the general attitude here, Norah Jones.
  14. That great map of the clubs reminds me that between when the Hurricane Cub and Bop City were there, the Zanzibar (where Duke also played a lot) was in the Brill Building. Anyone know any other clubs that t used the space?
  15. I went to NY often in the '70s and regret that I never went to either club. IIRC Roy Eldridge was in permanent residence at Ryan's.
  16. I remember Jimmy Ryan's was still around in the '70s.
  17. It may have been on the 2nd floor which had housed The Hurricane Club where Ellington often played.
  18. Mosaic Wish List

    Mosaic now issues so few new releases that I don't think we can generalize much about them. As to the Crosby/Clooney boxes: I'm guessing there were commercial considerations. IIRC the Crosby was an edition of 20,000! I haven't heard either but as to their validity, I remember that many years ago in some magazine's (I think Coda's) year end round-up Coleman Hawkins picked the Crosby/Clooney RCA release "Fancy Meeting You Here" as one of his favorite Lps of the year.
  19. Mine was probably Brubeck: Jazz Red Hot and Cool. I'd read about him and I liked the cover.
  20. Liked the movie but it begins with a title card saying something to the effect that Beale Street is in New Orleans and that Louis Armstrong and jazz were born there. None of this is true. Is that in the book? Is it meant to be metaphorical?
  21. I can't find any reference to a quartet version of Punjab and the full orchestra version has never been released. However Ryan Truesdell's Gil Evans Project did record Gil's arrangement on their cd "Centennial". Do you know which other unissued recordings exist?
  22. King of Jazz. Not much jazz (43 seconds of Venuti /Lang and you get to see Frankie Trumbauer clowning around) but some amazing production numbers -though I fast forwarded through a couple of them the music was so boring. Also interesting commentary by Gary Giddens amongst others.
  23. I just discovered (In the new photo book about the Great Day in Harlem photo) that the original photo was by Art Kane and the model was his wife.