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  1. Revisiting Oliver Nelson - Help Appreciated

    Creedance Clearwater couldn't have hurt.
  2. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Actually it became Feed'n the Bean which Hawkins recorded with the Basie band later that year. Then even later it became The Bean Stalks Again in The Hawk in HiFi. (Where Bean and the Boys became 39"-25"-39" I had much the same experience seeing him shortly before he died. I wouldn't have recognized him by his playing. (Though he did of course play Take Five.)
  3. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    Am I the only one here who was into Jazz before I was into Rock? As I said earlier I was a jazz snob when I saw Pink Floyd and The yardbirds in the '60s. I had liked Elvis when he made hi first Lps and liked Little Richard and Fats Domino but I didn't get Chuck Berry at all. I thought the duck walk was embarassing. As I said I was a teenage jazz snob. I finally got into the Beatles in 1966 or so but never understood my students who liked groups like The Kinks.
  4. Wadada Leo Smith

    Just got an e-mail from the Ojai Music Festival (where I'm spending the day Sunday): Update from Tom Morris: Wadada Leo Smith I am so happy to tell you that Wadada Leo Smith is fine! As you may know he fainted on stage at last night's concert at the end of the incredible evening. He was suffering from dehydration after a busy day, plus long travel Wednesday from the east coast. EMS determined the cause of the problem backstage and Wadada quickly revived. They took him to the hospital as a precaution where he was checked out thoroughly and released around 1:30 pm. I was with him at the hospital, and took him back to his hotel, where he will rest today before returning home tomorrow. Wadada, who defines generosity, said late last night with his customary twinkle, that he was sorry he could not play his encore for everyone! I know you join me in the good news that he is doing fine.
  5. Now reading...

    I was wrong: I have a "collected" short stories but not a complete short stories. I just discovered that you can buy a kindle edition of The Complete Writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald for $1.49! (I think most of his work is now PD despite the new opyright laws.)
  6. Amazon searches gone haywire?

    Here's a very recent story about Amazon backing off of some of these practices because of political heat from E. Warren:
  7. Now reading...

    I read a version that supposedly was the "revised" edition that Fitzgerald prepared after the commercial failure of the original edition. May have been a mistake on my part. The first two: Call for the Dead and A Murder of Quality are good, easy reads and important for understanding Smiley. I have a "complete" short stories volume and somehow didn't notice that some of them involved continuing characters. (Except the Pat Hobby stories.) How many Basil &Josephine stories are there?
  8. Jazz on jukeboxes

    I have a cd entitled Jukebox Jazz which is a compilation of records originally released on small Chicago labels for radio and jukebox play. It includes cuts done by Coleman Hawkins and Jimmy Rushing. I can scan the notes and send them to you if you like. Just tracked it down at Amazon:
  9. Your Guide to the Treasures of Vintage Jazz

    What's the discographical info on "Ill Get Away"?
  10. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Wow. I've seen Trucks with the Tedeschi-Trucks band. Didn't know he could play like this.
  11. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Haven't listened to all of it yet but really like what I have heard. (I was listening while working out at the Y this morning. Great exercise music.) Only one I've id'd is number 7 (which was pretty easy). Metronome al stars and they really were all stars-- Basie, Bean, Christian, Carter, Goodman etc. I think Bean's solo was one he later turned into a song. One Step Down maybe?
  12. I wish they had sent out all that information with the cd. Or did they, and I just lost or misplaced it? Anyway I've printed it out now and tucked it into the cd sleeve.
  13. Charlie Parker: Communion?

    I was listening to "Cecil Payne Performing Charlie Parker" from the Charlie Parker Records box set which consists of fairly familiar Parker tunes except one called "Communion" which is credited to C.Parker. It sounded like post bop or hard bop to me so I thought maybe it was from Bird's last couple of years. But checking the very reliable P. Losin Bird discography I could find no such composition amongst Bird's extant live or studio recordings. Anyone here know anything about this song? BTW The record is really good. I thinking I've been taking Clark Terry too much for granted: he was just always there for most of my jazz listening life. And 2nd BTW: in the Losin discography I noticed that there's only one live recording of Bird playing The Hymn.
  14. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    Not really a fan but I did see them at a free concert in Hyde Park in 1968. They were the headliners but others on the bill included T-Rex (who were still acoustic) and Jethro Tull who impressed me because they had a flute player who sounded a bit like Roland Kirk. (I was a jazz snob.)
  15. Charlie Parker: Communion?

    Wow. I never knew about this website. Thanks. What does GEMA stand for?
  16. Hannibal Lokumbe (Marvin Peterson)

    I saw him with Gil at Sweet Basil a couple of times in 1985.
  17. Hannibal Lokumbe (Marvin Peterson)

    I once contributed to a Hannibal Marvin Peterson discography being compiled by someone in Europe. (My info was about some Gil Evans live recordings with Peterson. To be honest his work with Evans is about all I'm familiar with.)
  18. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    What an American thing to say.
  19. Is Verve at Sony? I thought it was at Universal. I can't keep up with who owns what anymore.
  20. Your Favorite Album Covers

    Where's Joni Mitchell?
  21. I just read the following in an on-line essay about The Sound of Jazz: " In 1956, he recorded a blues with Giuffre at Music Inn, ." (The "he" being Pee Wee Russell.) Is this correct? I can find no reference to a recording of Giuffre at Music Inn except the record with the MJQ.
  22. Jimmy Giuffre and Pee Wee Russell at Music Inn?

    Yes, They're on both the supposed rehearsal record (I always thought it was a CBS tie-in recording session) and the tv show. So is he on the legitimate MJQ with Giuffre cd? It appears not on the Discogs credits.
  23. I still hear people use Miles's (really Kenny Dorham's?) Theme. The first one, recorded for Prestige.
  24. I Like it too. The only piece that's repeated really a lot is "Eat That Chicken" which is very short and which he uses as a theme to signal the end of a set. How can you you have too many "Eat That Chicken"s?