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  1. Happy Birthday, PhillyQ!

    Thank you everyone, much appreciate the wishes!
  2. Nice going, it's a great set
  3. Saw Falu with her 'Bollywood Orchestra' on Saturday, lots of excellent music, lots of fun. She's a very engaging performer and has massive chops to boot.
  4. You may enjoy this back page from the NY Daily news:
  5. Ornette Coleman - RIP

    RIP to a visionary
  6. I ate microwave for years until I saw kernels on sale at my local Aldi. Bought a bag, followed the directions(1/8 inch of oil, put in 1 kernel, once it pops put in enough to make a single layer of kernels, cover and shake, take off heat when popping slows down, salt, butter if desired) and I love it, great popcorn. I use canola oil, but I'm sure peanut oil works well, too.
  7. Viva Prog Rock

    You're too easy to please, Erik!! I think we'll get both. I know there's studio recordings in the can. I was at the Friday night NYC show. I got a surprise call the day before the show offering me a ticked & a VIP pass! An exciting evening that certainly cheered me up. I was at the Saturday NYC show, and they were on fire! They played with great emotion AND precision, pretty hard to do. The three drummers thing was a blast.
  8. Durium R.I.P.

    Seemed like a really cool guy with a passion for the music. RIP
  9. RIP Abdul Wadud

    I saw the group with Abdul Wadud and it was excellent! Alto, tuba, guitar, cello, drums, they were swinging and out at the same time.
  10. Cecil Taylor conned out of 1/2 millon prize

    I think Taylor would only get what could be recovered from the thief, which probably won't be much.
  11. There was another one he did with Don Pullen and a bunch of other good names. I bought it at a flea market for about 80 cents. Totally dull IMHO. Amazon listing:
  12. Hmmm. Wardrobe advice

    Dress like that and you're sure to be noticed!
  13. Happy Birthday, PHILLYQ!

    Thanks much for the well wishes:)
  14. NBA 2013-2014

    SA kept moving the ball around on offense and when they had a wide open shooter they made them at a ridiculous rate. Their bench was far superior to Miami's. LBJ needs some help, he's not Superman.
  15. John McLaughlin--you can go home again

    Here's a concert by Spectrum Road, McLaughlin appears around the 29:00 mark:
  16. Moving Sale: David Murray, mostly DIW

    Not looking to pry, but are you leaving Brooklyn?
  17. Nice guy musicians

    I met Hank Crawford once, he was very cool, same with Kenny Barron.
  18. Marc Ribot: Live at the Village Vanguard

    They are the 'Prosthetic' Cubans... They're having fun with Cuban music, but playing some good stuff in the process.
  19. Bessie Smith film

    Chris, I hope they make a great movie out of this. Very good star, she has genuine talent.
  20. Last night Sabathia pitched well, he was not getting the velocity he used to get but he was locating pitches well, which is what he needs to do now. Good sign, it was against a quality team.
  21. besides the injury possibility, it's not faster either.
  22. aloc

    Aloc is OK by me. It took me awhile to realize the clever name!
  23. Wish List for 2014

    Me too, I was at that concert!