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  1. Listening to this, I thought how much I love the trio combo, (bass, drums and reed), Rollins at the Village Vanguard at first, but countless others. Even think about a thread on this kind of trio.
  2. I noted nobody mentioned Harnoncourt recording of 1965, I have it on the mammouth Bach Edition, any thoughts? I have the Starker vinyl reissue of Speaker Corner too. I love both though in a different way.
  3. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Ok then, just tell Big Leg to do it clean. Publicity is no good for business.
  4. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Just remind Big Leg I married the youngest daughter of Don Carmine, there is no need to say more.
  5. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Cookie and Big Leg, the names of the dealers at the bar.
  6. Cheap sonic upgrade

    How many point for a cop asking bribe?
  7. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Usually I do a lot of conversations to other immaginary people, sometime I break glasses.
  8. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Well, considering that according to physics music depends on the moving of air, the percentage of umidity and the presence of different particles in the atmosphere influences for sure the sound, in vacuum there's no music. IMO a smoke saturated ambient is much closer to the original fifties and sixties jazz clubs then a pair of headphone wired to spotify. This is the reason because I listen to jazz playing old records, smoking my pipes and drinking Martini.
  9. Agree, my introduction into jazz, with the very few italian pressing of Impulse! and a weekly, and cheap, serie of Jazz Giants (I Grandi del Jazz) sold in Newspapers kiosks.
  10. Cheap sonic upgrade

    That is correct, but why two different amp with exactly the same accepted measurements in terms of distortion, s/n ratio, etc, do sound different?
  11. Cheap sonic upgrade

    I tend to think that nowadays common people believe scientists according to how much they confirm their previous beliefs otherwise scientists are only part of some sort of conspiracy
  12. The solo Tristano sessions.