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  1. BFT 188 REVEAL

    Agreed! I think it's one of that lineup's best albums, if not their best. I definitely will! Have only had time for track 1 so far but based on that alone I can tell it's gonna be a fun one! The Mary Lou Williams CD is fantastic, but yeah, Steeplechase discs are not always as easy to find as one would hope. I also think it's criminal that the Amina album isn't available on CD...that is an AMAZING record. Thank you sir! I think you'd really enjoy that Frequency CD. Cheers!
  2. BFT 188 REVEAL

    Finally! My apologies for the delay. Rough start to the week here. I may keep my comments spare, we'll see... I had wanted to write a bit about each piece but I just haven't had any time. I had a few different semi-intentional themes here... women in jazz, Chicago, Coltrane...and I guess Odean Pope. 1. "Holy Waters" (Carlos Garnett) from NORMAN CONNORS - Love From the Sun (1974) Norman Connors - drums Dee Dee Bridgewater - vocals Onaje Allan Gumbs - piano Buster Williams - bass Carlos Garnett - soprano sax Gary Bartz - alto sax Hubert Laws - flute Eddie Henderson - trumpet Bill Summers/Kenneth Nash - percussion I actually learned about this album right here on this forum back in 2010. I was trying to ID this track from an online playlist and JSngry helped me out! -- 2. "I Remember Clifford" (Benny Golson) from MAX ROACH - Chattahoochee Red (1981) Max Roach (doesn't play on this tune!) Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet Odean Pope - tenor sax Calvin Hill - bass Incredibly, I have only recently discovered this album. How is it possible this has never been issued on CD? I can't describe in words how much I love this record. -- 3. "Saxophone Shop, Part 2" (Pope) from ODEAN POPE - Out For a Walk (1990) Odean Pope - tenor sax Gerald Veasley - 6-string elec bass Cornell Rochester - drums Odean part two. Love this record. But yes, the first thing that made me go "wow" was that bass solo. -- 4. "Ecstasy" (Hope) from ELMO HOPE ENSEMBLE - Sounds From Rikers Island (1963) Elmo Hope - piano Lawrence Jackson - trumpet John Gilmore - tenor sax Freddie Douglas - alto sax Ronnie Boykins - bass Philly Joe Jones - drums Classic Elmo Hope...a favorite of mine. Thom Keith nailed Gilmore on this! -- 5. "Portrait of Light" (Bankhead) from FREQUENCY - Frequency (2006) Ed Wilkerson - clarinet, bells Nicole Mitchell - flute Harrison Bankhead - cello, bells Avreeayl Ra - kalimba, percussion I don't see a lot of people talk about this album, but it's fantastic. This is one of the mellower tracks...I find it beautiful. If you are at all into Nicole Mitchell and/or the AACM you need to check this out. -- 6. "Jihad" (Rene McLean) from DOUG CARN (feat. JEAN CARN) - Revelation (1973) Doug Carn - keys Jean Carn - vox Olu Dara - vox, trumpet Rene McLean - vox, alto sax Nathan Page - guitar Walter Booker - bass Earl McIntyre - bass trumpet Ira Williams - drums A personal favorite. -- 7. "All the Things You Are" (Kern) from CONNIE CROTHERS - Perception (1974) Connie Crothers - piano Joe Solomon - bass Roger Mancuso - drums Yes, Crothers was a disciple of Tristano, which is obvious here. But is it wrong to say I like her better? I believe this was her first album. On later records she evolved to an amazing level, IMO. -- 8. "Gloria" (Williams) from MARY LOU WILLIAMS TRIO - Free Spirits (1975) MLW - piano Buster Williams - bass Mickey Roker - drums Been checking out a lot of Mary Lou Williams the past several years and this is a favorite. Love the easy, soulful feeling of this tune. There are other tracks on this album that better showcase Williams' piano prowess, but for whatever reason I went with this one. This is a bonus track on the CD, it's not on the original LP. -- 9. "Central Park West" (Coltrane) from ERNEST DAWKINS - Afro Straight (2012) Ernest Dawkins - alto saxophone Willerm Delisfort - piano Junius Paul - bass Isaiah Spencer - drums Ruben Alvarez - percussion Dawkins is one of my favorite modern saxophonists, I've seen him 5 or 6 times, mostly in Chicago where he hails from. In fact I bought my copy of this disc from the man himself and he kindly signed it for me. I love his take on this tune and his solo in particular. This album is much more inside than most of what he does. -- 10. "Dear Lord" (Coltrane) from MARILYN CRISPELL TRIO - Live in Zurich (1990) Crispell - piano Reggie Workman - bass Paul Motian - drums I think Crispell must love this tune, judging by the way she plays it and the fact that I have another recording of her doing this with Joseph Jarman. I feel the spirit of Trane in this. -- 11. "Solo for Unaccompanied Bass" (Brown) from RAY BROWN - Bass Hit! (1957) Brown - bass Ray Brown will always be the man. Sadly this is the only solo bass track from this LP, and I believe the only solo bass track he ever recorded. It's a beautiful piece of work, IMO. -- 12. "Cultural Differences" (Reid) from HEAR IN NOW - Not Living in Fear (2017) Mazz Swift - violin, voice Tomeka Reid - cello Silvia Bolognesi - bass I'm still becoming familiar with this album but it's pretty incredible. This particular track is just stunning to me. I think someone on Twitter mentioned it and when I knew Tomeka Reid was involved I knew I had to have it. -- 13. "Arashi No Yoru Kimi Ni Tsugu"* (Watanabe) from KAZUMI WATANABE & RESONANCE VOX - Pandora (1991) Kazumi Watanabe - guitars Vagabonde Suzuki - electric bass Rikiya Higashihara - drums Tomohiro Yahiro - percussion Asuka Kaneko - violin Zakir Hussain - tabla * "To the Stormy You"? (according to Google Translate) Yes, I know this was the wildcard. What can I say? I love Kazumi. And Asuka Kaneko on violin is absolutely ON FIRE here. -- 14. "Have Mercy Upon Us / Chant" (Myers) from AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS - Song for Mother E (1980) Amina Claudine Myers - organ, voice Pheeroan AkLaff - drums, gong, little instruments, voice Words are going to fail me on this one. Myers is beyond category and there are no superlatives I can use that will be enough for her. This piece is an 11 minute trip to somewhere beyond this world...a trip I want to take as often as possible. -- And there it is! Thanks to all who listened and commented. Phew! Now I can go check out BFT 189!
  3. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Thanks! And ouch! Last December sounds rough... Yes. I've been off this forum for quite a while but when Thom pulled me back in to do a BFT, I made a point of checking out the two previous BFTs, it seemed only fair. And I thoroughly enjoyed both! I hear you and I appreciate it! Sorry to sound like my feelings got all hurty. I do see it as an act of creativity too and really enjoyed putting it together. Honestly, I am terrible at guessing on these things. I try, and occasionally I may get one or two. But I don't really see that as the primary point. I like to hear things without the prejudice that comes with knowing what they are in advance, and just try to post my thoughts as I listen to the tracks and talk about what I like and don't like. I wish there were more people who felt comfortable doing that. The reveal is coming soon, I swear-- my apologies. Some unexpected things have come up in the last couple days and I am way behind. I thought I had put my notes together well enough when I put the test together but I have a bit more clean up to do before posting this. Should be up tomorrow.
  4. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Well, thanks to the few of you who participated. I'll post the reveal as soon as I get a chance, at some point today.
  5. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    As expected, you either knew or were in the neighborhood on a bunch of these. Comments below... Well done my friend! If you've already looked at some of the other comments above then some of my comments are redundant.
  6. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Most DEFINITELY an old school player, but not one of those two. I'm tempted to give another hint but I'll hold off for now...
  7. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I remain hopeful!
  8. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Anyone else? Any more guesses or thoughts?
  9. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    It could be partially, though this wouldn't fall under "early digital" for me... I think of early digital as like 1980 and this track is "a bit" later. That looks good!
  10. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I actually haven't heard a lot of Jean-Luc Ponty, which I'm kinda surprised at myself because I do enjoy a bit of 70s fusion, but the reason for that album in particular is just because I happened to hear a few cuts and really dug it, AND because it has Ralphe Armstrong on bass, who sounded killer on it from what I remember. But maybe I'll check out a few of these. Anyway, to reiterate, for those trying to follow along: there is no Jean-Luc Ponty on this BFT.
  11. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Nope, not Ponty, but that reminds me I need to pick up a copy of Enigmatic Ocean.
  12. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Missed your comment about WW-- it is not him.
  13. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Damn man, you are good! You got at least one that I thought nobody would get. I know a lot of people won't like #13, and to them I respectfully say: your loss! Correct!
  14. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Thanks for the early feedback! I knew you would get those two! Well done! In fact here's an old post that will illustrate where I first heard "Holy Waters" and will also indicate at least one other person who will ID this one correctly. ... I've checked out a little bit of Jean Carn from that Philly Intl era and dug it.