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  1. What music did you buy today?

    Doug Carn, Infant eyes Rhoda Scott + Kenny Clark Trane, Blue World
  2. The Organ

    Great answers as usual. Thank you all.
  3. The Organ

    Can anyone tell me on which albums will I find the best organ work for Doug Carn, Don Pullen and Clare Fischer(other than Clare Declares, Pipe Organ) as leader or sideman. Thanks.
  4. Gregg Allman

    Can anyone tell me on which albums does Gregg Allman stick mainly to organ?
  5. As one who owns 107 LTD titles, I really appreciate this. Thank you.
  6. Who Have You Discovered Lately

    I've had several. Really impressed with Rosario Giuliani. Up tempo hard driving hard bop.
  7. Collections

    What would be the appropriate forum to discuss collections. I want to see how mine stacks up against the rest.
  8. Robert Glasper

    TK Blue, now you see, I'd never heard of him, went to AMG and listened to some sound samples. I like him. How did you discover him. There's probably a lot of people out here I don't know about. I Downbeat still relevant?
  9. Robert Glasper

    I'm 70 yrs old and grew up on Trane, Miles, Diz, Blakey, Rollins etc etc so maybe that's what's going on with me. I don't research websites before going to a concert. If you read what I wrote, I went based on what I heard on the cd "Canvas". That was my advertisement.
  10. Ira Sullivan

    I'm going through it at 69, painful, expensive, drawn out process, can't eat, lost weight. OH well............
  11. Robert Glasper

    Before I caught Robert Glasper tonight at Yoshi's, I purchased the cd "Canvas". I like it, I guess it's this 2019 neo bop or whatever you call it. Seems like this is what the young cats(Ambrose Akinmusire) are playing these days. Almost at the last minute I see he's at Yoshi's tonight, so, based off what I heard on "Canvas", I went to see him. TOTAL disappointment. What I saw/heard sounded like a rock band, felt like I was inside a boom box, no acoustic piano, bunch of electronics, hearing the voice of Martin Luther King on the first song. I love MLK, but I go to youtube for MLK speeches. Glasper did not look professional, had on a worn looking t-shirt. The place was sold out on a Wednesday night, looked mostly like 30-40ish crowd. I should have known something was about to go wrong. Way too much base, was actually hurting my ears. I left after the first song. I was expecting to hear the same format as the cd Canvas. $40, no refund, oh well. Of course, had I known I would have stayed home. IMO, these guys need to hold onto a modicum of tradition. I was none to happy so, On my way home I played "Jackie McLean Quartet Montreal 1988" to calm myself down
  12. Earl Bostic - the general thread

    Since Golson and my dad were in Bostic's band and you weren't, I'll take your word over a living master's word. Will that make you feel authenticated, make you feel like you actually know what you're talking about?
  13. Earl Bostic - the general thread

    I care about and am aware of his music because my father, Elmon Larue Wright along with his buddy Benny Golson together played in Bostic's bands. Golson told me that they weren't play a lot of jazz in those bands.
  14. Ambrose Akinmusire

    Just listened to sound samples of the Vanguard set. He has a recurring theme to all his music, slow and dissonant, imho borderline elevator music. Just my opinion and my ears.