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  1. Ernie Watts

    Thanks. No Stones.
  2. Ernie Watts

    Went to see Ernie Watts Saturday night at the 222 in Healdsburg, CA. This will be a short one because I can't find enough words to describe what I saw/heard. At 76 years of age, sounds like he's 36. Absolutely phenomenal. At times, I thought I was hearing the reincarnation of Trane. Nice comments between songs about Cannonball, Ornette, Haden, Pettiford, Monk. Problem is, why did I have to drive 80 miles to see him. What happened to San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose where the bulk of the people are? Other than a 39 min delay at Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and torrential downpour, it was well worth the drive. Supporting trio was also great, Marc Seals on piano. I forget the names of the drummer and bassist, both very good.......
  3. Bud Powell

    As usual, thanks to all my trusted experts. All of you deserve a pat on the back. I really appreciate all the great suggestions.
  4. Bud Powell

    The Amazing Bud Powell Vol's 1-5 Blues In The Closet Bud Plays Bird The Complete Essen Jazz Festival Concert The Genius Of Bud Powell Live In Lausanne 1962 More Unissued Vol.1 1953-1959 Parisian Thoroughfares Salt Peanuts Strictly Confidential Strictly Powell To all my experts out there, here's what I have. Am I missing anything essential?
  5. Greatest John Coltrane solos

    What LP or CD is #9 on
  6. Ernie Watts

    Going to see Ernie Watts at The 222 in Healdsburg, CA on the 10-23-2021. The excitement is building. To all my experts out there, be there or be square..........
  7. Billy Harper Quintet

    Anybody going to see/hear the Billy Harper Quintet tonight 5pm and 8pm at the Piedmont Piano Company right here in Oakland, CA besides me? Why aren't these guys headlining at Yoshi's. What is going on at Yoshi's, once a premier jazz venue. I'm about to hear one of the few living masters and I won't have to get on the freeway, fantastic.........
  8. Ray Charles

    I already had soul brothers but haven't listened to it in years. Thanks for recommending the Ray Charles At Newport cd
  9. Ray Charles

    I can't believe what I just saw on youtube, excerpts from "O-Genio: Live In Brazil, 1963 [DVD] by Ray Charles with a band with David "Fathead" Newman and Tina Brooks, Yes, Tina Brooks on film, jamming together. But what was most amazing is to hear Ray Charles playing and even soloing on alto sax. Unbelievable Is this a "where have you been" moment for me? because I knew he played several instruments but I never knew he could play sax like that. Ô-Genio: Live in Brazil, 1963 [DVD] Ô-Genio: Live in Brazil, 1963 [DVD]
  10. Ernie Watts

    I can't believe I only had 3 of his titles, Reaching Out, The Ernie Watts Quartet and Classic Moods. I was adding some Rickey Woodard to his section of the collection(close to 6000)and I saw Tenor Trio with Woodard, Watts and Christlieb. If you love Trane like I do, you have to love Ernie Watts. Now all the rest of his titles are on their way to my mailbox. As an added bonus, he's alive at 75. and still kicking it, 21st century hard bop, love it............
  11. Nicholas Payton

    Whenever possible, I listen to sound samples before I purchase a cd. Just listened to sound samples of Relaxin' With Nick and I almost fell asleep. Totally messed up that beautiful Benny Golson standard Stablemates. I don't know what these guys are doing these days. I don't get it, can't hear it. His music has not always sounded like this, I love "Letters" liked Payton's Place, Mysterious Shorter and Gumbo Nouveau. So, why now? I'm 71 years old, maybe I'm too old. Thank God for guys like Vincent Herring (just listened to Preaching To The Choir), Cory Weeds and others who don't have a problem continuing the tradition of be and hard bop. Just my opinions.
  12. Paul Chambers

    unfortunately I've never been a reader. That book has been out forever. Now I'll have to give it a read. Didn't see him from 6 until I flew back there to see my people at about 19. New Yorkers don't come to CA so I had to go. I'd been hearing about these guys from my mother all while I was growing up. My dad, uncle and grandfather, I thought they were famous musicians. LOL Had the following conversation while visiting: He said, you know, Diz plays all over the country, next time he comes to S.F. you ought to go see him. I'm about 19 and I said, I don't have money to get into a club. He gave me this incredible look and said, Money, you don't need any money, just go there and tell people at the club who you are. I'm saying to myself, yea right. Fast forward to the '68 UC Berkeley Jazz Festival Zellerbach Auditorium, I told the guy guarding the dressing room I wanted to see Dizzy Gillespie, he had a look on his face that said, and so does everybody else, He said may I tell him who you are, I said I'm Elmon Wright's son, he came back in 5 minutes total different look and attitude and said follow me. I walked downstairs into the dressing room. Diz looked at me and said the following: "Dam, you look just like your old man" I could have passed for his twin brother I looked so much like him.
  13. Paul Chambers

    If you haven't done so already, read the bio on AllMusic Guide. I was about 6 when my parents split, we left NY and returned to CA , so I spent very little time with Pops as a child. I have a photo of me walking down the street alongside Cecil Payne. I tried to continue the tradition but was a lazy child who didn't like to practice, although after my dad sent me a trumpet in the mail, I was a proud member(2nd trumpet) of the Ben Franklin Jr High School Band S.F. CA circa 1960. I had tons of fun in that band, used to wake up with the Roosters, go to the band room 2 hours before school started, jamming/practicing.
  14. Paul Chambers

    Not a problem, I enjoy it. My aunt gave that and many other photos of my 3 amigos to me many, many years ago. I Have no idea where or when that photo was taken. My dad usually would write names, date and place on the back of the photo but he didn't do it on this one. Have we established that that is in fact Mr. PC in the photo? Question before I leave: Which of these forums discusses collections. I want to see how mine stacks up against others. As of this writing I have 5681 cd's and a few LP's mostly bebop and hardbop with some blues from Albert King, Billy Ray Vaughan,some R&B, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Curtis Mayfield, Michael Jackson, Sade, Ray Charles(great jazz pianist in the beginning) Wow, I was able to drag this photo, Everybody should know who the guy on the left is. The guy on the right is Mr. Wright as in Lamar Sr, my grandfather. They could have passed as brohers
  15. Paul Chambers

    I saw Moody at Yoshi's a couple years before he died. Moody told me that while on bus tour with Diz's band in the south, they almost sent my father home because he was going to get the rest of them killed. He said the white women in the audience were crooning and swooning over my father, he had very, very light skin, one of those "high yellow niggas" Moody had a lot of stories. I've had the privilege of meeting Bobby Hutcherson, Joey DeFrancesco, Benny Golson, James Moody, Gerald Wilson. Golson and my dad played together in Earl Bostic's band, he said they were great friends, did everything together. Golson had even more stories most of which I can't share here. Kids might be reading this. LOL