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  1. Saw Azar Lawrence at Yoshi's Wed night. Except for one funk oriented song, the show was absolutely fantastic. There was a moment where I closed my eyes and thought I was listening to Trane.............
  2. mrjazzman

    Theo Croker

    Bought two of his cd's. Out there on the edge Neo-Bop for sure, but still within the boundaries, barely. So, went to see him at Yoshi's Sunday night 3-4-24. Keeping it brief, I'll say I'd like to see a little more Bop and a little less Neo because he's got amazing chops and inventive ideas. Again, too much electronics, voicings etc. My two cents..........
  3. I'm going to preface my comments by saying I'm 74 yrs old and grew up on Bird, Monk, Trane, Diz, Miles, Dex, Newk, Burrell, Smith, Blakey etc. I've tried to listen to this young fellow (own 5 of his cd's) but, after listenening to sound samples of Owl Song, which all sound alike, I'm almost at the point of saying this is not jazz, starting to sound like sophisticated elevator music to me. Just one opinion
  4. mrjazzman

    Samara Joy

    I'm just hearing about Samara Joy. A young, serious true to the phrase "jazz singer" Linger Awhile is really nice. Reminds me of Fitzgerald, Vaughan, McRae etc. She was here in June, missed her. What are your thoughts.
  5. My favorite CD of 2022, not even close, Jason Tieman, "T-Man"
  6. mrjazzman


    Thank you all. Sometimes I can't see the trees in my own forrest, the forrest is so large. This tree was already in my forrest, it was right in front of me and I missed it. jdw
  7. mrjazzman


    Where will I find the live recording of Traneing In. Thanks
  8. I appreciate your effort.
  9. Yea, incoming flack can be a problem, I've had my fair share here. That's why I'm not here often, I'm allergic to flack but I agree with everything you said, no flack from me. Can you imagine Long Tall Dexter Gordon coming on stage with a Guitar. And then have some guy play his sax while he's playing the guitar? I literally hated when he played the trumpet, started singing, and the saxophone with another guy playing his organ. If I could ask him one question it would be why. He was aware of fans criticism regarding the other instruments. Was he trying to prove something?
  10. mrjazzman

    Roy Hargrove

    I'm in the process of acquiring all of R. H's sideman dates. In his early days he was a member of The Jazz Network. They have a title "The Other Day" that I can't find anywhere. So, to my huge team of experts, where can I find this. I've found their other titles such as "Straight To The Standards", and "Blues 'N' Ballads" but this one is a mystery. Thanks................
  11. LOL, Pat Martino Live At Yoshi's, Randy Johnston Detour Ahead, John McLaughlin After The Rain
  12. I also forgot Terry Gibbs-Feelin' Good Live In Studio- and I'm sure others. No flack here. So there's no misunderstanding, I loved this guy, I have all his leader dates, some sideman dates and am collecting the rest But I hated his singing, trumpet playing and then even the tenor sax. Not that he didn't sound great on those other instruments because he did. It's just that for every minute he was playing the other instruments, he's wasn't striking the HB3 keys. The sound of his organ to me is what heroin is to a junkie
  13. I have all 30+ of Joey's leader CD's and since he's left us I said to myself ok, lets get into the sideman dates and boy, what a treasure trove. Paul Bollenback, Randy Johnston, Dan Adler, Tony Monaco, Van Morrison, Troy Roberts, Doug Raney, Steve Gadd, David Sanborn, CINQUE, Mimi Fox, Pat Martino, Papa John DeFrancesco, Poncho Sanchez, Dave Stryker, Andy Summers, John McLaughlin, Kenny Burrell. Christian McBride, Mort Weiss. It's obvious he liked Guitarists. Some of this stuff I'm hearing for the first time. IMHO, Joey DeFrancesco has surpassed Jimmy Smith as the GOAT on the Hammond B3.
  14. To be blunt, I think the family should tell us what happened to our beloved Joey D. Might encourage others to avoid some things or change some things............
  15. I feel like pure shit right now. Why, because I was starting to criticize him for his singing and trumpet playing. DAM, 51? I'm going straight to The Champ and Round Two my two favorites by Joey D. Met him and his Wife (his fiancée at the time) at Yoshi's a few years ago and saw his last appearance at Yoshi's. I'm in total shock right now...................
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