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  1. Whom Have You Discovered Lately

    For me it's the MJQ. No, not Milt Jackson and the boys, I'm talking about the Manhattan Jazz Quintet. The Personnel has changed a bit over the years but originally David Matthews on piano, George Young(I had never heard of this guy)on saxophones, Lou Soloff on trumpet, Eddie Gomz on bass and Steve Gadd on drums. They have an extensive discography dating back to 1984. Their cd's are expensive but I plan on getting them all. Very refreshing discovery for me. Great hard bop music, great arranging, original ideas
  2. The Cookers

    Saw The Cookers for the 2nd or 3rd time at Yoshi's Oakland last night Thurs 2-20-2020, have all their cd's. As much as I like these guys, they're starting to look and sound a little tired, worn, weathered but still doing serious touring. Soon will be in the Netherlands. We all know what Kenny Rogers said, might be time for these guys to "fold em"
  3. Who Have You Discovered Lately

    Alvin Battiste and Harold Battiste. Might be just one t in last name, not sure. I'v been collecting since 1998 and I'm amazed that I'm just now acquiring this music. It's like I'm discovering hard bop on the Clarinet. Great stuff if you like this kind of jazz.........
  4. Playlists

    Thank you. Just what I need
  5. Playlists

    You are in fact an expert. For instance, if I wanted a playlist of Booker Ervin's best 20 songs where would I find it.
  6. Playlists

    I love playlists. What is the best source of expert playlists
  7. What music did you buy today?

    Doug Carn, Infant eyes Rhoda Scott + Kenny Clark Trane, Blue World
  8. The Organ

    Great answers as usual. Thank you all.
  9. The Organ

    Can anyone tell me on which albums will I find the best organ work for Doug Carn, Don Pullen and Clare Fischer(other than Clare Declares, Pipe Organ) as leader or sideman. Thanks.
  10. Gregg Allman

    Can anyone tell me on which albums does Gregg Allman stick mainly to organ?
  11. As one who owns 107 LTD titles, I really appreciate this. Thank you.
  12. Who Have You Discovered Lately

    I've had several. Really impressed with Rosario Giuliani. Up tempo hard driving hard bop.
  13. Collections

    What would be the appropriate forum to discuss collections. I want to see how mine stacks up against the rest.
  14. Robert Glasper

    TK Blue, now you see, I'd never heard of him, went to AMG and listened to some sound samples. I like him. How did you discover him. There's probably a lot of people out here I don't know about. I Downbeat still relevant?