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  1. Hurricane Ian

    It looks like the Tampa area may not get hit as hard as originally projected.
  2. Hurricane Ian

    I really hope for the best Dan. This sounds brutal. I hope those weather people are not talking about sustained wind speeds of 85 mph. It's usually the wind gusts that do the most damage up our way.
  3. Hurricane Ian

    No one in the horse community who could come in and help? Is the barn able to withstand 120-140 winds? If not... maybe drive 3 of them north and drive back and grab the other 3 and get out just in time?
  4. Hurricane Ian

    Latest path makes it look like it is going right over the top of you. You may be a little to the west (which is better than the east) but still not good. It's Tuesday. It's not hitting until Thursday morning. You sure you can't get the hell out of there?,-82.1133713,12z/data=!4m3!15m2!1m1!1s%2Fg%2F11tdkzm_50 Good luck.
  5. If you want the trainwreck session issued, just message Zev Feldman and get him on it. He's the one that got "Just Coolin'" released and that's another session that MIchael Cuscuna said would never get released.
  6. Playing the recent LP of Joe Lovano's "I'm All For You - Ballad Songbook". I wasn't going to get this because the CD sounds very nice but I wanted to hear what all the fuss was about when this came out. It is an analog recordings and Kevin Gray did a nice job with it. I don't think it beats the CD. Sad to realize that Joe Lovano is the only one still with us.
  7. R.I.P. Pharoah Sanders

    Losing our last link to Coltrane. Damn. I got to see him perform quite a few times. Some shows were really good and others just OK. There were a couple of shows at the Regattabar where he gave his band way too much solo space. I seem to remember a 15 minute bass solo and another 5 minutes of Pharoah "playing" a ringing bowl.
  8. The importance of subjectivity

    Not really... the author was implying that this supposed quack actually did something for him, which seemed to surprise him. So hey, maybe some of these audio treatments might do something like that as well. I don't see the equivalency. I can't speak to his friend's Rife technology experience, but I can speak to chiropractic care. I feel and hear my spine move and it results in less pain. I can feel the pain lessen. There is no doubt. This isn't some slight change that I think is there. Most people who tweak their audio system would probably say that a lot of them produce subtle changes. Feeling a facet joint pop is not subtle..
  9. The importance of subjectivity

    Stereo Review's Julian Hirsch sat down with 16 members of the Detroit Audio Society and did a blind test of a Pioneer solid state amp and a Mark Levison tube amp. He got a lot of grief for that article because statistically speaking, by a very slim margin, listeners preferred the sound of the Pioneer receiver. However, this was a two-part listening test. When people saw what they were listening to (un-blinded so to speak), they overwhelmingly chose the tube amp. I think that is the part that got him in the most trouble. I don't remember this stopping them from doing blind tests though. In fact, I think they did a blind listening test of speaker wires shortly after this amplifier test. I found that Stereo Review article here:
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I recently picked up an inexpensive gold CD copy of Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd's "Jazz Samba" (DCC).
  11. The importance of subjectivity

    I read it. I almost didn't when he started out by inferring chiropractors are "quacks". I have had many back issues minimized by my chiropractor. What he does by manipulating my spine relieves nerve pain. It's not imagined. I can hear my joints pop and I get almost instantaneous pain relief. In my limited experience in comparing audio playback, it is nothing like popping facet joints. I have no idea what Rife technology is doing for his friend and I hope I never have to find out. FWIW, I have tried some audio tweaks. After all, I do have Blue Jean Cables interconnects and speaker wires (mainly because they are well made and look good). I tried hearing differences when I switched over to these cables, but I really wasn't able to hear anything different. One time, I tried swapping AC cords. I could hear no difference at all with that experiment, which validated the science, making me a happy camper. That being said, the time it takes to swap an AC line cord is far too long for human audio memory anyway, so from a scientific point of view, that alone likely invalidated the test.
  12. The importance of subjectivity

    I believe in using well made speaker wires. I would not have bought the KK Cable k4B-2B cables mentioned above specifically because several Amazon reviewers state that the banana terminations are crimped on and as a result, several have had them pull off. I use Blue Jean speaker wires. The banana terminations are welded on. Purity of the copper has very little to do with the sound. Insulation has even less to do with the sound. Again, buy whatever you like and enjoy it to your heart's content. Believe your own ears when you hear some improvement. I have no qualms with that. Just don't start debating the science behind it or we'll likely disagree. I measure things for a living. I measure signals as high as 100 GHz. I know all about cables and signal integrity. I know what measurements show about the quality of transmitted signals.I make these types of measurements almost every day. I stopped reading that magazine a long time ago as well. They continually touted expensive tweaks that just didn't stand up to the science. Having an EE degree and knowing the science behind it is kinda like knowing the wizard is behind the curtain.
  13. Best CTI records

    I've got to pick up a copy of Carter's "All Blues". I've been meaning to for a while now. Time to get off my duff and do it. I should've picked up that LP copy at Stereo Jack's last year.
  14. The importance of subjectivity

    You are using absolutes where they are not necessary. I would definitely dispute every one of the generalizations you've made. In fact, I would say that price has very little to do with how a stereo sounds or a TV looks. And then you'll have to explain to me how these KK Cables represent an innovative design or what improved materials are being used here... Wire is being used here. Wire. Oh, and banana plugs. These materials have been used for speaker cables for as long as I've been buying speaker cables. And don't even get me started over bi-wiring.
  15. The importance of subjectivity

    Stereophile is one of the biggest sellers of audio snake oil. This article is them just preaching to their choir. As for your experience with new speaker cables, it's your money and I'm glad you find it well spent. Stereophile might agree with your assessment but I find it unlikely. In my experience, Stereophile's reviews almost always favor the expensive tweaks. $71 a pair is "two buck Chuck" in speaker cables.
  16. Both Eric & Steve Schwartz were fixtures on the Boston Jazz scene. At nearly every show in the area, one or both of them would be sitting in crowd nearby.
  17. If you've ever turned on WGBH radio in Boston over the last 35 years or so, you've probably heard the sonorous voice of Eric Jackson on his show Eric In The Evening. Sadly, Eric's wife & daughter are reporting that he passed away this morning. I used to listen to Eric's show in my car whenever I found myself driving in Boston traffic at night. He had a great voice for radio and a deep love for Jazz that always came through. I will miss his shows. A sad day for Boston Jazz.
  18. Has the Regattabar been closed permanently? Has that been announced officially? Man, that would suck... I have seen so many incredible shows there over the years.
  19. I'm seeing them in November and they list Donald Harrison in the band, not Craig Handy. My one concern about this band is always Hart. He seems to follow the Spinal Tap rule of playing... always at 11.
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Well, playing a trumpet with the bell bent upwards like this when the mic is in front of you will cause that. I always thought Dizzy's continued use of this trumpet was pretty stupid. I get that it was his thing, but as you've noted, it made it difficult to mic. I'm glad that fad died.
  21. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    George Coleman - Big George (Affinity). Coleman's octet: Danny Moore, tp; Coleman & Junior Cook, ts; Frank Strozier, as; Mario Rivera, bs; Harold Mabern, p, Lisle Atkinson, b; Idris Muhammed, d. Azzedin Niles Weston plays percussion on one tune ("Joggin'"). Quite a few covers for this material. I have this session as part of a two-fer CD combining Junior Cook's "Pressure Cooker" & "Big George" that is titled "Stablemates". So 6 covers. Why did some of these covers come out so big?? They didn't look like that when I typed this up.
  22. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Teddy Edwards - Tango In Harlem (Verve/Gitanes).
  23. I didn't know that little tidbit.
  24. Walt Dickerson on Avid

    But even with the new "Use it or lose it" rule, "To My Queen", is still covered. It was issued on CD in 1996, so it would not qualify under this new rule until 2046 (50 years after last official release).