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  1. Mark Turner

    For those of you in Texas, Mr. Turner will be in San Antonio on Sunday afternoon, January 28th with the Billy Hart Quartet.
  2. Advice on Vinyl Targets Acquired

    I second HutchFan's Sphere endorsement and highly recommend Clifford Jordan's Repetition.
  3. I think that the disconnect between those who are more demanding on more efficient customer service and those who give Mosaic more slack is not just based on the size of the operation, but on a different set of assumptions on the business drivers. You are right that the size of the business alone should not excuse different levels of customer service, although it can explain a different level of customer service. I believe that there is a different perspective on what motivates Mosaic's business. If Mosaic Records primary motivation from its inception was for a highly-profitable business, they would have skipped the Jazz recordings model and focused on more popular music. I believe that Mosaic's primary driver was to make Jazz music for which the owners of Mosaic Records have a deep passion available to passionate listeners and that the "business" was/is merely a vehicle to feed the passion. My belief, whether accurate or not, that a rational person primarily driven by a desire to make money would not produce comprehensive jazz reissues allows me to cut Mosaic slack. My world view allows me to see my relationship with Mosaic not just as a business/customer one, but as fellow music lovers. Works for me, but may not work for others.
  4. Geri Allen Has Died

    A wonderful person and artist with Big Ears - loved Mary Lou Williams and Ornette!
  5. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Apologies for going off topic, but I am listening to Jonathan's wonderful reissue of Jeremy Steig's Flute Fever. Of Course, Steig's flute is the reason I pulled this out, but Denny Zeitlin kills of this record. Maybe when I put this back in the shelves I should file it under Zeitlin.
  6. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Congratulations to Chuck Nessa !!! Recognition well-deserved. This event is worth the trip to Chicago!
  7. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    The vinyl version of Dogon A.D. is amazing. I have the Arista LP, Jonathan's cd and LP and my favorite is Jonathan's 2-LP version.
  8. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    Or maybe just real world experience over theory.....
  9. Concert will be free - larger venue so everyone should get a seat. Charles will be playing with the Marvels: Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, Ruben Rogers and Eric Harland.
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I have the LP and it is wonderful!
  11. I will be seeing the ICP Orchestra tonight (May 14) in Austin. Short drive from San Antonio.
  12. Tim Berne

  13. Randy Weston will be playing with Billy Harper and the African Rhythms @ Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, a 300-seat space with nice acoustics @ Trinity University. Tickets will be free, but we might "sell out" because of the size of the hall. Will be fun. If you come, be sure to say "hi". Charles