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  1. Steve Lehman - The People I Love

    It's explained in the liner notes of the linked recording.
  2. Mal Waldron

    What a beautiful way to spend 51 minutes - come out better for being in the presence of humble greatness - thank you Mal, Max, Steve, Jeanne, Andrew, Reggie and the skilled documentary team!
  3. Lisle Atkinson: 1940-2019

    I love his contributions to Walt Dickerson's Peace on Steeplechase.
  4. NEA Jazz Masters - 2020

    Great news!!!
  5. Branford slams Miles

    I have several LPs by Wynton and Branford - never pull them out to play. I went to four or five concerts featuring Wynton and/or Branford and was profoundly bored at all but one which featured the J Mood band at Rockefellers in Houston (that one was pretty fun) - when I was bored, I thought that there must be something wrong with me, that I was not hip to some missing nuance. But I have been to scores of live music events and I seemed to "get" those, so maybe I wasn't the problem. It bothers me that Wynton and Branford used their influence to deride what was really happening as "not Jazz" because it "didn't swing" by their definition. I think that kept some insecure listeners and critics from listening to the artists that "aren't jazz" which was a loss. I cannot prove that Muhal, Horace Tapscott, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Henry Threadgill, Steve Lacy, Wadada, William Parker, Sun Ra, Ornette, Dewey Redman.... would have had broader popular appeal, but I do believe that if more folks with influence were saying "stick with these guys - it's really worth the effort", more people may have tried and, for a few, it would have clicked. By the way, every one of the artists in the previous sentence could swing their and the listeners asses off. I know in the realm of visual art, I have tried harder to understand artists because people with a deeper understanding have encouraged me to stick with it. Just my opinion.
  6. Big Ears Festival

    Normally not a fan of dual pianos, but Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn were mesmerizing.
  7. Big Ears Festival

    Sad about Schlippenbach. Consoled by the music of Wadada, Bill Frisell, Ralph Towner, Mary Halvorson, International Contemporary Ensemble playing Anna Thorvoldsdottir, Bela Fleck, Brooklyn Rider........and more + the weather is perfect, the audiences are filled with attentive music lovers and the people in Knoxville are nice
  8. Looking for jazz radio stations 2018 - Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas - Jazz from 5am to 10pm Central time 7 days a week.
  9. Dave Liebman/Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake - CHI

    Thanks for the heads up - I'm in.
  10. Big Ears Festival

    The detailed concert schedule required that I slightly modify everyone that I wanted to see because of overlaps, but I focused on my priorities: Wadada Leo Smith - solo and recreating "Devine Love", Bill Frisell - w/ Thomas Morgan and with the Bill Morrison film, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Thumbscrew, Ralph Towner, Carla Bley's Trio, Avishai Cohen's Quartet, and the Parker, Schlippenbach,Lytton trio. Somewhat bummed that Kim Kashkashian and Punch Brothers conflict with my "must sees".
  11. Chuck,

    My condolences for the loss of two of your long-time friends and colleagues in music in such rapid succession. I hope that you and Ann can find peace in your difficult time.

    Anne and I look forward to seeing you and Anne at Big Ears. Listening to People in Sorrow,

    Chuck Parrish

    1. Chuck Nessa

      Chuck Nessa

      Thanks. It will be good to see you two again.

  12. Thanks to Rooster_Ties for recommending this outstanding release. After reading this thread, I was inclined to listen to the 2-lp version of this release. Thrilled with the music, sound and 2-lp packaging !