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  1. Here's the setting that the board administrator can change:
  2. I noticed that too. I think it's a user/browser-independant general setting to be changed by the forum admin. I would prefer external links to open in a new tab by default. I'm aware that I can use shift-click in my browser, but I forget to use it since in most fora external links open in a new tab.
  3. Sunny Murray in Luxembourg

    The DVD description text says "extensive concert footage", while the text on the website says "historic and contemporary concert footage". So it could indeed be that none or very little footage from the Luxembourg concert was used.
  4. Sunny Murray in Luxembourg

    Thanks for posting this, Flurin. I had heard the news about the release yesterday and wondered what the movie would be about, since the concert was mostly a disaster not worth documenting. Unlike the first announcement before the concert (posted above), which talks about filming the travelling, rehearsals and the "grand finale" concert, the promo text focuses on the interviews. Maybe they just used some of the best bits.
  5. what is jazz? dont ask spanish police

    It's a serious consumer protection issue. We need an EU directive on the standardized performance of jazz music in the internal market.
  6. Times are hard for Mosaic

    Even if it was them, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are in trouble. Acoustic Sounds, the store that runs the Analogue Productions label, regularly sells their (and other label's) test pressings. These are considered collector's items and are sold with a 50 or 100% premium compared to the regular price. Acoustic Sounds has been doing that all the time, and not only during these hard times.
  7. The DIW label

    Hi, I own a couple of CDs that the japanese label DIW released in the 1990's, mainly stuff by David Murray and John Zorn's Masada. I recently checked for some DIW discs in online stores. Most of them are not available, or going for big bucks ($40 and more) on Amazon Marketplace. Are all these CDs now OOP and hard to find? That would be a shame, especially because of those great David Murray albums and the essential early Masada recordings. The recording quality of these sessions (engineered by Jim Anderson) is exceptional as well.
  8. Tiger Woods in Car Accident

    Tiger Woods drives sales of physics book sky-high A photograph showing a copy of Get A Grip On Physics by John Gribbin on the floor of Tiger Woods's wrecked SUV has seen the book rocket up Amazon's bestseller chart
  9. UK members - Digital TV, what's the sound like on

    ARD (on Astra) sounds fine here. During the Christmas days, the german national stations (ARD, ZDF, and Einsfestival) will broadcast in HD (on dedicated channels), as a test before the definitive HD switch somewhere in mid-2010.
  10. Complete Miles Davis - 70CD + DVD

    The main advantage of this box is to get all the albums for a great price, so it's ideal for someone who doesn't own a lot of Miles CDs yet and knows he will want a lot more. I would have loved to see such a box in the early 90's IMHO they should have split this box up among the acoustic and electric bands. There are still a lot of Miles fans who don't like his 70's and later stuff, or who don't want all of it.
  11. Charles Aznavour's jazz album

    27 minute promotional documentary on Youtube:
  12. Rite of Spring ballet

    I just ordered the Blu-ray disc (the UK version is much cheaper), but it hasn't arrived yet. Here's a review (probably competent only for the technical aspects of the disc):
  13. .ape file format - what's the deal?

    I think the only reason why some people use Monkey Audio instead of FLAC is the higher compression rate
  14. UK members - Digital TV, what's the sound like on

    The enclosure of flat screen TVs has much less volume than CRT TVs, therefore the sound tends to be thinner. In addition to that, most movie fans now use a home theatre sound system, therefore the manufacturers care less about the sound of the built-in speakers. I have a 46" Sony LCD, and the sound is merely OK. I always use my hifi set for watching DVDs.
  15. Linn Stops Making CD Players

    This "news" has been falsely reported everywhere. Linn continues to make players that play CDs, but these will be universal players that also play DVDs, Blu-ray, SACD. No "ditching of small disc players". It's just the CD-only players are being abandonned. I think more manufacturers in the middle and upper price range will make this move, and DVD-only players will also disappear, to be replaced by Blu-ray players. Neither evolution means the end of CD or DVD playback.
  16. Forthcoming ECM releases

    Although I prefer the sound of the LPs for the 70's and early 80's ECM recordings, I think that the CD mastering has been well done as from the beginning (1985 or 86), so that there is no need to remaster them. The only CD that I have been disappointed with is Chick Corea's "ARC". The LP sounds so much better, something must have gone wrong for the CD mastering (maybe the original tapes were missing).
  17. New Blue Note SACDs

    The info by CD Pacific is outdated, the releases have been delayed multiple times. As they have have been in stock at Acoustic sounds for only a couple of days, that means that they will become available from other sellers only in a couple of weeks. That's how it was with the previous discs. I'm also waiting for them to become available at CD Pacific. Buying from Acoustic Sounds is twice as expensive, given their exorbitant international shipping rates.
  18. Miles Davis Complete Columbia USB Advance

    It's strictly alphabetical.
  19. Coleman Hawkins "dali"(stash 538)

    My VHS rip (30 minutes long, a french TV broadcast from the early 1990s) is still available on Dailymotion (I'm not the uploader):
  20. DVD recorders are a dying breed. With the end of analog TV, it makes more sense to put the recording device into the receiver (cable or satellite reception). At the same time, it's no longer possible to connect multiple tuners to one antenna (tuner in TV plus tuner in recorder), because the splitting technology is more sophisticted with digital TV. That's why many cable or satellite receivers now have a built in hard drive, or a USB connection for recording onto an external hard drive. If you need the recording on DVD, you can use your PC to convert it to DVD format and burn it onto a disc.
  21. Listening to Digital Media Vs. LPs

    This depends on the ability of the DAC to accept 24/96 PCM signal on it's digital inputs. Even with current DACs, there are often limitations. Strangely, the manual on the Musical Fidelity website does not contain detailed specs concerning the inputs, but I found this: If that is correct, you'll only be able to play 24/96 files with full resolution over the optical cable connection.
  22. Listening to Digital Media Vs. LPs

    I also use my PC a lot for music listening (lossless files). The stock SPDIF digital output from the onboard audio chip is connected to a high end DAC (Electrocompaniet). The Foobar2000 player allows for bit-perfect playback, by circumvening the Windows sound mixer. A lossless CD rip on the PC hard drive sounds exactly the original CD, when played through the same DAC. To switch tracks from my listening seat, I either use a PC remote or my laptop (desktop sharing over the network). It's especially convenient with CD box sets, where you can keep playlists to play sessions individually, with or without alternates, etc. It also allows to compensate bad mastering, with EQ, phase inversion, etc, something that is no longer possible with purist audio equipment.
  23. DVD: Wizard Of Oz

    The Blu-ray screenshots look great:
  24. I've always had cats who spent a lot of time outside (every night, except when it's freezing), and none of them ever smelled bad, up to a very advanced age. If a cat smells bad, it's because it does not wash itself, and this can have several reasons: Seperated too young from it's mother, sickness, age. I'm not talking about an accident like the encounter with a skunk of course.
  25. What are you doing with your records?

    The demand for LPs has increased a lot in the recent 5 years, so it's a good time to sell. I see more and more second hand music stores open vinyl sections. The value of a used record can vary between nearly 0 and over $100, depending on the content, the condition and the rarity, so it's worth going through the collection (with the help of a knowledgible collector) and pick those LPs which can be sold seperately for a substantive price (over 5, 10 or 20 dollar, depending on your time and wish to maximise the revenue) and sell them seperately on Ebay. The rest can be sold in bulk in thematic packages of 5 to 10 LPs, if you are certain the condition is VG or better. Don't try to sell records in questionable condition to a collector unless he has the possibility to check them out himself, because you will only get trouble, for very little gain. Better sell them (for a very low price) to a second hand store, or give them for free.