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  1. Wow! I have to say, this looks like a very serious radio show! MUCH IMPRESSED! I gotta check it out ASAP..!
  2. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    Does anyone know how Phil is doing these days?
  3. Ornette Coleman Birthday Radio Show

    WKCR is awesome with their 24 hours of an artist's music. Just listened to 24 hours of Mingus last week. Anything with Ornette works for me....
  4. Han Bennink turns 75 today !!!

    My first introduction to him was on Marion Browns "Porto Novo". One of the many incredible Arista records that came out back in the day...
  5. Ella Fitzgerald

    Really not much to say other than she was an amazingly gifted vocalist....
  6. Drummer Billie (Billye?) Brooks

    Hmmmm....not familiar with him but I'll check him out.....
  7. AotW - Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin'

    Very hip recording. I bought it back in the day when I was in college. Check out the Sonny Clark recording on Xanadu....
  8. Stan Kenton - City of Glass

    Incredible recording! I remember a DJ friend of mine playing it on his show about 20 years ago. The recording was made before I was born but it seems as if it was the first hardcore avant-garde group improvisation work that I know of. I was stunned to know that this type of work came so early. Again, I don't know of any other recording of this particular genre that existed before City of Glass....
  9. Cecil Taylor, Antioch residency

    Dang! Think I missed it!
  10. "Miles Between: Miles Davis 1961-63"

    Agree. I love all the Miles groups up until Bitches Brew. After that...well...not so much....
  11. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    Well, thank god WKCR is back on line after that hiatus. It was scary but I'm very happy they resolved their issues....
  12. Rudy Van Gelder

    No words can suffice to accurately describe his contribution to the music. Master recorder and talent. No more to be said....
  13. John Taylor RIP

    Great player. What else is there to say......
  14. Ran Blake

    Loved his music. An original thinker and a guy who boldly stepped outside the box...