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  1. Really? Kenny G wants his music to be taken seriously? For that to happen -he would have to play music that is serious. That clearly is not happening.....
  2. The closest I came to seeing Mingus was in 1973. I was living in Ohio and going o college. Mingus was playing in Pittsburgh that weekend. My best friend who was also fanatical about the music (and he was from Pittsburgh), was as amped up as I was about seeing him play. Unfortunately, I had a girlfriend who was in Buffalo and told me if I did not come to see her (the same weekend as Mingus) that it was over and to never come back to New York. I tried to negotiate another date. She was not having it! I caved in and went to Buffalo. While that same girl and I are still very close friends, needless to say, I regretted that decision. I was very young and ignorant at that time. What can I say....?
  3. Very nice! I really enjoyed the show. I've been listening to Night Lights for a number of years.
  4. Nice article. Thanks for posting. I really like those early Shepp Impulse recordings. Those are my favorites and long with "The New York Contemporary Five "...
  5. The Miles Davis and John Coltrane dated 21 Mars 1960 is awesome. But the later Paris concert with Sonny Stitt was something I can live without. While Sonny Stitt was a fine musican...he always seemed out of place in Miles's group. He just did not hack for me. When I was very young, I cut my teeth on Sonny Stitt's Prestige recordings and I greatly enjoyed his playing. But hearing him try to play with Miles was another matter altogether. I just couldn't and still can't deal with it. I don't feel that way with Sam Rivers and George Coleman. But brother Sonny sounds like the odd man out. Any opinions on this..?
  6. OMG! I would have loved to have seen the quartet that was composed of Sam Rivers, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Ron Carter that was dated 30 May 1965...!
  7. I remember the first time I heard "Impressions of a Patch of Blue". It was in Chicago of 1983. I was blown away! At the time, I had never heard of Walt Dickerson. He was the first advant garde style of vibraphonist I had heard. LOVE THAT RECORDING!
  8. Sorry. This is a very late response. Anyhoo, I saw there were a number of disparaging comments about Evans drug addiction. I can't speak to that other than saying it was very tragic. Other than that, I find Evans recordings to be among my very favorites. I don't recall a bad recording by him. So, I'm not going to join the smear crowd. Evans, like most members of this generation suffered from drug addiction. I have a different perspective that does not descend to focusing on a man's weaknesses but rather his artistic and musical accomplishments. Again, I love the man's playing as one of my favorites and not allowing the negativity of of his personal addictions to sway my appreciation and love of his music. Just sayin'....
  9. Wow! I have to say, this looks like a very serious radio show! MUCH IMPRESSED! I gotta check it out ASAP..!
  10. Does anyone know how Phil is doing these days?
  11. WKCR is awesome with their 24 hours of an artist's music. Just listened to 24 hours of Mingus last week. Anything with Ornette works for me....
  12. My first introduction to him was on Marion Browns "Porto Novo". One of the many incredible Arista records that came out back in the day...
  13. Really not much to say other than she was an amazingly gifted vocalist....
  14. Hmmmm....not familiar with him but I'll check him out.....
  15. Very hip recording. I bought it back in the day when I was in college. Check out the Sonny Clark recording on Xanadu....
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