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  1. Question: Set Times at the Vanguard

    Hi Mark, I think it was more like the last set would start at 1:30, but you are essentially correct. I think it depended on how full the house was. Much looser times!
  2. The distributor is everything. I believe Warner Brothers is the distributor for ECM, and obviously they do a wonderful job for them. Other than that, each B&N music department manager, in each individual store, can order what they want.
  3. Pat Martino

    Yes, that's really great! Have listened to it many times also.
  4. Maxine is a great lady. When she was in the Jazz business as a manager and agent, she kept a lot of artists' professional lives together. Hearsay is just that! I don't know her real well, but I have never heard a derogatory word.
  5. An Obscure Bill Evans Tribute Album

    Boy, I just seeing this from over two years ago. HutchFan's explanation is as good as any.
  6. Miles Davis: The Complete 'On the Corner' Sessions

    My Son got me a 180 gram vinyl issue for Christmas. To all you the truth, I've never heard this one so I think I might shake the walls down tomorrow with this one.
  7. Plant City FL Here We Come?!

    All the best Dan! When are you moving? I'll be down in Delray the first week of February.
  8. Tony Bennett

    I remember that Harold Land toured with him in his band at one time.
  9. Dizzy Gillespie with Lalo Schifrin

    This one is very good also and has recently been reissued with more tracks. Gillespiana is the masterpiece, though.
  10. Happy Birthday to Marcello!

    Thanks to all!
  11. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    Without telling tales out of school, I've been told that he chose his time and his way out and on his own terms, after suffering with ill heath for so long. Great musician and advocate for the music.
  12. Saying Goodbye to Coltrane

    So sorry, Dan.
  13. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    Happy Birthday, Dan!!
  14. "Stratford" is a great recording in it's way. Some other stuff I can dig ( some great music on the Pablo Duet series) and this, especially when Dizzy takes the lead and the OP solo after. It is what it is...
  15. Update on the Miles Davis movie.

    Wow! That was the worst interview I've ever seen. Although I love the part when they gave him the plastic food! I miss the "before the comeback' Miles.
  16. The Frank Morgan Story

    Frank Morgan & Grace Kelly? They belong together. Two products of too much hype for 2nd (or 3rd) tier talent, if I may.
  17. Overlooked Saxophonists

    Did anyone mention Joel Frahm? He's great in all styles, but is overlooked by the public, not the musicians.
  18. Overlooked Saxophonists

    Here's a link, Peter: RomanoJFSR108bd.jpg
  19. Release dates of Miles's records

    mjzee: I didn't know that! There's always something to learn. medjuck: I was curious, so I looked up his compositions at the BMI site to see if they included the release date (these days, you included the release date when you register the song as well of the title of the album), but that data in not included for anyone to see.
  20. I bought the book. It has really great photos. Les has a good eye!

    These Ronnie Scott's recordings from 1973 are very nice indeed:
  22. Post a Landscape/Cityscape Pic

    I took this photo of vocalist Kenny Washington from the "lovely" Green Room of Dizzy's Club Coca Cola looking out across Central Park and the East Side skyline in NYC a few years ago, with a crappy little camera.