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  1. Mosaic website

    Thank you.
  2. Mosaic website

    I accessed this via phone. Some duplicated links. Some dead links both internally and externally. I couldn’t find the OOP set discographies at all. I can’t easily imagine anyone spending much time on this site. Mosaic has just four products for sale. Once you know what they are and have decided whether or not to buy, would you really keep going back to e.g. scroll down the page of Jazz Greats or check whether a dead link is now working? Is that how any of us approach any other website? The only plus is a significant reduction in international shipping costs. Even on that, I wonder why they couldn’t have done that ages ago - it certainly affected sales. That would have been much more customer focussed than the spammy emails.
  3. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    Yes - on Spotify
  4. Evan Parker

    I think what I’m saying is that I’m used to deciding for myself how and whether to deal with this kind of thing, and that everyone can decide for themselves. Re. counter-cultural idiosyncrasies, I remember when I was growing up that Thor Heyerdahl and Erich von Däniken were common talking-points and seemed not easily distinguishable.
  5. Evan Parker

    I’m long familiar with these topics (as a professional scholar) re. e.g. Pound et al. I’m not going to set out my stall on that here. Anyone can decide whether and how to engage with any artist based on feeling about their opinion. In the case of EP, maybe some are disappointed that their assumptions about the leftist nature of this sub-genre are not confirmed. Not only does it not surprise me, but it is of a piece with a strain of autodidacticism found in other artists of that generation (think ley lines, Wilhelm Reich, LSD, Ron Hubbard, etc. etc.). So - yeah. EP’s my neighbor, so I’m not going to bale on him.
  6. Evan Parker

    Kofsky mentions the Shepp/Baraka leafleting in his Black Nationalism/John Coltrane book, and I have always known it, but I don’t know where you’d look for full information.
  7. Evan Parker

    He is said to have joined in with Jones/Baraka in his anti Semitic period. They are reported as doing anti-Semitic street agitation together.
  8. Evan Parker

    I guess EP has always had this side. His label is named after “Psi phenomena”. Discourses of hate and/or violence are one thing (Shepp? Gayle?); paranoid conspiracy theories without those things are a bit less harmful.
  9. ebay madness re: vinyl

    I wonder how new classical vinyl can sell at such a premium.
  10. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Is something going on with new classical vinyl. The one at this link was the cheapest I could find. https://www.propermusic.com/cc72840-shostakovich-tchaikovsky-violin-concertos.html
  11. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    Mosaic has done a small number of original releases, in fact. On licensed reissues, I suspect that the license is sold for a fixed sum and not on a royalty basis.
  12. PostNL is slooooow....
  13. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    So is this the Eleventh Commandment or the First Amendment to the Ten? Asking for a friend. “Thou may rip but if thou seeest Billy/Duke/Pops (insert name here) round or near thine ownmost gaff or within a few clicks bung him threefold of tenners and be on thine way mutely and meekly.” And by the way somebody should have explained the morality of the limited edition to Mosaic a long time ago...
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Sad but true. Don’t get me started. Exception for Downbeat. Anything reviewed there I don’t need to hear. Except for the ‘sad’ part. Late to that particular party. Though I believe they have won prizes for the most meaningless uses of the words ‘tonal’ and ‘Stockhausen’.
  15. He said he was going to get tested for Covid last year and we haven’t heard from him since.