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  1. That's a fantastic price! Was it a buy-it-now listing?
  2. Bummed they shipped the record inside the sleeve. I hate unnecessary seam splits.
  3. Four copies from $10: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4516048?ev=rb
  4. A question for owners of this OOP box from Leo: http://www.leorecords.com/?m=select&id=CD_LR_801/808&ln=1 I found a copy of this on discogs, but the seller tells me he'll have to ship without jewel cases to keep the weight under a certain amount. No problem. He claims the jewel cases don't contain any paper inserts at all, which I find strange for such an otherwise lavish package. Can anyone who owns this please confirm the packaging? I can't find any pictures online. Thank you so much!
  5. What am I getting? Nothing. He charges £17.45 ($29.57 CAD) to ship every 4 CDs. That makes each disc cost $9 or so. Plus, I still have 50+ still-sealed things from past sales
  6. I ordered directly from the label too - in late December. Still hasn't arrived. Apparently another will be sent to me. We'll see!
  7. The idea of playing and winning the lottery terrifies me. Playing the lottery goes against sound mathematical logic, and winning it would be a nightmare because greedy people would never leave you alone. It would change everything, and probably not for the better.
  8. Yup, recently ordered it too. CAD to PNL was surprisingly affordable. The music, of course, sets the bar very high. Possibly the most engaging, honest, and beautiful sounds of 2015.
  9. Grabbed 'Candy' on discogs yesterday for $39 USD. Squidco seems to offer a cheap sealed copy once a week or so.
  10. Skirl CDs - $10 bundle Ches Smith & These Arches Endangered Blood Travis LaPlante Dirigo Rataplan (Eskelin & Ballou)
  11. I bought this album from Ingebrigt Haker Flaten last week when I saw Dave Rempis' Percussion Quartet. I'm listening to it now, and it's simply incredible. It's pulsing, driving, melodic jazz for 2015, and it's totally captivating and enjoyable.
  12. LOVE seeing stuff like this. Please keep scanning and posting, Chuck.
  13. I guess it was less than a year ago.. http://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/689690
  14. GEMM shut down a year ago or more. Wonder where ARCHDD will sell his nonexistent stock now?
  15. You're not Peter Dunn, are you? Nope! But I still come across his inner sleeves (riddled with bible quotes) and the odd LP with his stickers. His stores closed before I got seriously into records. I was too busy at Vortex, Sam's and A&A anyway.
  16. I'm still getting used to browsing LP racks next to women! Seriously, it's been such a male-dominated hobby for so long. Nice to see a broader section of the population getting excited over records. So what if they're playing them on some crappy Crosley turntable or just buying them to hang on their walls - to each their own. I'm the guy exchanging good money for free jazz records, so what do I know? I will say this though: if anything ever happened to my records (flood/fire/theft/etc.) I wouldn't start again. It would be financially impossible.
  17. An incredible, one-of-a-kind label. It should be noted that all prices include worldwide shipping. This label is a completely selfless venture that exists for the love of the music!
  18. Yes, but I bought it directly from the label, so I don't know if that helps!
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