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  1. if this type of curatorial service exists, I imagine only in Japan, Tokyo or another large city. I remember walking into Tower in NYC and there would always be knowledgeable sales staff to direct you, undoubtedly in their biased ways, but still guide you to a particular performance’s recording. We all know what happened with that music store chain. Before Tower there was a flagship Sam Goody’s in Times Square, a stuff of legends in regards to stories of the people who walked the floors there. I caught the very tail end of that, in the early 1990s.
  2. BFT 206 is LIVE
  3. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    If you look closely to the left, you will see a green placard that says JAZZ. That’s the jazz section in this store, which is part of the local chain, Newbury Comics. This section was 10 feet long 10 years ago. I bet there are about as many cds in the Black Sabbath boxed set as there are in the whole jazz section. Go, Kenny!
  4. This may become an amazing family passtime, when my kids put me in the nursing home. Won't be long now.
  5. RIP Chick Corea

    I demand a personal retort to my post! None of that drive-by crap. Thank you.
  6. RIP Chick Corea

    The greatest living jazz musician of today has died. Think about this - there's no-one else who started playing and recording in the 1960s and is still alive today, and can compare his bona fides with Chick. He knew and heard the people who were there in the 1920s, 100 years ago. He hung and played with the best musicians and the greatest creators who played in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s. In the 1970s he employed (and in instances created careers of) musicians that are considered the masters today. With him leaves irreplaceable evidence of what was essential about this music, creativity and originality.
  7. New to the world of Online Vinyl Shopping

    I've had mis-graded records sold to me enough times to stop buying on-line. The used vinyl I'd feel safe buying on-line are the Mint-described Mosaic sets. People who bought those new, generally didn't listen to more than one or two records out a multi-record set, in my experience. I've stashed away probably about 1,000 used records , so I'm not buying much these days, anyway.
  8. New to the world of Online Vinyl Shopping

    I by 'new records' you mean NEW records... But if you mean new USED records, I have not had great luck. Over the last 2 decades, I bought maybe, at most, 2 dozen used records on-line. Most of them were not the way they were described. I don't buy any more used records sight-unseen.
  9. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Why, with all the technology, with all the advanced production tools, THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE - [For Christ's sake, look how many people are on the stage, playing and singing, must be over 30.] - to THIS in energy, objective beauty, and just emotion. A masterpiece.
  10. This has to be a Penus Records release.