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  1. Duke Ellington - Afro Bossa

    This tune used to come up on gigs and was sometimes confusing as some called it Purple Gazelle and others called it Stevie-as they knew it from the Duke/Coltrane record.
  2. All I've ever wanted from my profession is to retire from it.
  3. What Are You Watching

    Nice documentary of Don Byas returning to the US and playing Lover Man with Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, I Remember Clifford in a quartet with Jo Jones, with Dizzy Gillespie's band and others as well as interacting with Louis and Duke.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks largely to members of this forum, I have been listening to a good deal of James P. Johnson. I am particularly taken with The New York Jazz session on here. Edit: I posted the wrong cover-should have been the 1944 James P. Johnson Classics. This was the record that introduced me to the great Belgian guitarist Rene Thomas.
  5. Thank you so much for posting this piece. I have shared it with a few more established musicians here many of whom knew Mr. Miller; all have thanked me for sharing.
  6. What Are You Watching

    I was really surprised to get a bit of Herbie Mann and a major focus on Sonny Sharrock. I also was not expecting Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln. For people from my part of the world, Memphis Tenor player Ben Branch gets a good moment on the screen.
  7. Mingus live after "Changes 1/2" (1976,77)

    I caught him at Carnegie Hall in 1976 with a Flamenco group. I was pretty thrilled that they did Ysabel's Table Dance and to this day I am impressed to have seen Mingus with Jimmy Knepper. I was a bit sorry that I had missed the Pullen/Adams lineup, but the concert was as much as I could handle as it was. They did start with For Harry Carney and played a version of Fables of Faubus/Nix on Nixon from which I recall Mingus and Dannie singing, "Oh, Lord. Help us Ford!" I fulfilled my ambition to see Mingus and Roland Kirk play together at Radio City Music Hall around that same date, but it was one of those sprawling festival jam sessions-teenaged me liked it, curmudgeonly older me probably would not have.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I absolutely love Joe Thomas on Russian Lullaby from this disc.
  9. Pet peeves

    My current concern involves when a title is incorrectly rendered ("June Tenth Jamboree" for "Juneteenth Jamboree" or "When I Grow Too Old For Dreams" for "When I Grow Too Old to Dream") or when a song is incorrectly identified entirely (I am trying to unscramble some of the Lester Young Keynote titles on the Mosaic set).
  10. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    I was actually at this one. The surprising part of the show, in retrospect, is that Jimmie Knepper played with the group that night.