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  1. I also find the music more fun to watch on YouTube than listening to it on my stereo. https://youtu.be/WpQjN7yQ_8c https://youtu.be/_Tu-qDHSSZo
  2. This compilation seems pointless. The selection is all well known stuff readily available in multiple anthologies. No real effort seems to have been taken in selecting tracks. It seems they just picked the top of the charts.
  3. I wish Mosaic had published a complete Billie Holiday set, covering the same years as the complete Columbia set, as I think Mosaic would have offered better sound quality.
  4. Mosaic website

    Here is a link to the web archive of the catalog with some discographies: http://web.archive.org/web/20060805160412/mosaicrecords.com/departments.asp?dept=5
  5. Mosaic website

    Some of them were, but the pages were no longer linked to the main web site.
  6. Mosaic website

    The new website is up and it looks nice. I hope they will eventually include discographies of all box sets.
  7. Johnny Hodges at Hotel Buckminster, 1952

    Cool. Eager to hear them. A day without Johnny Hodges is not a good day 😁
  8. Johnny Hodges at Hotel Buckminster, 1952

    Thanks! Could be a bootleg from the radio broadcast.
  9. Johnny Hodges at Hotel Buckminster, 1952

    Just found a copy as well. Thanks!
  10. Johnny Hodges at Hotel Buckminster, 1952

    Thanks. It got me curious so I ordered the LP. Perhaps the back cover will also have more info. I think this was originally a radio broadcast.
  11. I came across this CD on a streaming service (Qobuz): https://chambermusik.com/wordpress/product/johnny-hodges-live-at-storyville/#link_additional_information_tab The label, Squatty Roo, seems dodgy. The sound quality of the CD is poor, but I don't know if its the poor quality of the issue or simply the recording. I found that it was originally issued on this LP: https://www.discogs.com/Johnny-Hodges-And-His-Friends-At-Buckminster-Square/release/7927537 Does anyone know when this was recorded exactly (link above says 1952), and if there are better versions out there ? Thanks.
  12. The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    I have not seen the movie, and probably won't as the reviews are poor. The day Andra Day got her award I had the urge to write a very modest "hommage" to share my love of Billie Holiday on another site I'm a member of (audio stuff). What a singer! https://audiophilestyle.com/blogs/entry/806-lady-day/
  13. Don't you wish this were true? https://www.allaboutjazz.com/sinatra-in-vegas-with-sun-ra-discovery?width=768
  14. Discographers Monetizing Their Work

    Discographies should be public, and should be managed collaboratively. You cannot hope to be accurate and complete using a model like Tom Lord's. Tom Lord has "cornered" the market, and is doing a huge disservice to music lovers. There are plenty of other ways to monetize a database, without restricting its access. His site is antiquated, and so is his thinking.
  15. Claud Carrière

    Thanks had not seen the other thread