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  1. Don't you wish this were true? https://www.allaboutjazz.com/sinatra-in-vegas-with-sun-ra-discovery?width=768
  2. Discographers Monetizing Their Work

    Discographies should be public, and should be managed collaboratively. You cannot hope to be accurate and complete using a model like Tom Lord's. Tom Lord has "cornered" the market, and is doing a huge disservice to music lovers. There are plenty of other ways to monetize a database, without restricting its access. His site is antiquated, and so is his thinking.
  3. Claud Carrière

    Thanks had not seen the other thread
  4. Claud Carrière

    I am not sure how well known he was outside of France, but Claude Carrière just passed away. He was a musician, a jazz afficionado, especially of Duke Ellington, journalist, and oversaw the reedition of many albums on various labels: http://www.maison-du-duke.com/accueil/adieu-claude-carriere/
  5. Listened to this last night. Don't know why it never came out on CD. You can listen to it here: https://archive.org/details/lp_swings-our-thing_johnny-hodges-earl-hines
  6. “Jazz Omnibus” and Duke Ellington

    Have you checked out this World Broadcasting series - available on CD in 5 volumes ? https://archive.org/details/cd_duke-ellington-and-his-orchestra-volume-1_duke-ellington-his-orchestra https://archive.org/details/cd_duke-ellington-and-his-orchestra-volume-3_duke-ellington-his-orchestra https://archive.org/details/cd_duke-ellington-and-his-orchestra-volume-4_duke-ellington-his-orchestra https://archive.org/details/cd_duke-ellington-and-his-orchestra-volume-5_duke-ellington-his-orchestra (volume 2 is not on the Internet Archive site) EDIT: my mistake, you mention 47-52, and these are from 1943 and 1945...
  7. Tony Bennett Battling Alzheimer's (take 2)

    Yes, she is a fine singer, and does seem genuine. I really enjoyed watching here in the remake of that Judy Garland movie. But not my style of singing when it comes to "Cheek to Cheek"... Her national anthem during the inauguration was nice - but then again everything that day was glorious. Back to Tony.
  8. Tony Bennett Battling Alzheimer's (take 2)

    I have a lot of respect for Bennett, and am sad to hear all this. I don't understand however, why he chose to collaborate with Lady Gaga, whose is really not much of a jazz singer, IMO. But it does not change his legacy. It just feels to me like he was taken advantage of.
  9. Tony Bennett Battling Alzheimer's (take 2)

    I found that out with my mother, who would hardly speak but would sing along when I played Sinatra's early hits (those she grew up with listening to the radio in the 40s).
  10. Ellington Small Groups on Columbia

    The wax sessions were poorly recorded and the Storyville CD probably is probably as good as it will get. Here's one track from the CD quoted above (should play by clicking on the link in your browser): https://storage.googleapis.com/cloudplayer/samples/22%20You're%20Driving%20Me%20Crazy.flac You're Driving me Crazy - Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Jones, Billy Taylor You can listen to samples of all the CD here, and read the liner notes by Dan Morgenstern: https://archive.org/details/cd_the-wax-label-sessions_various-artists-al-hall-ben-webster-denzil
  11. For completists only....

    While I and am curious to "hear" everything by those artists I appreciate most, I am not necessarily interested in owning everything, not simply out of concern for space or cost, but because of redundancy (ex: Duke Ellington's 25 volumes of DETS broadcasts contain a lot of similar material) and some lesser interesting items (even with Ellington). The risk, of course, is missing out on some hidden "gems" if you can't find a way to listen online or otherwise without pulling the trigger and purchasing. I assume this is what drives "completists" - finding those hidden gems (and leaving no stone unturned).
  12. Ellington During the Recording Ban

    I recieved the World Transcriptions Vol 1 LP and it is great. Will take a picture of the liner notes by Eddie Lambert - he is more eloquent than I am. "Stomp Caprice" is a fine Strayhorn composition that was never recorded again, it seems, and features Ellington's piano prominently. Nice version of "Pitter.." (duo with Raglin on bass), and much more... Definitely worthwhile getting these recordings.
  13. Art Hodes

    Here is a good piece by Whitney Balliett on Art Hodes (from the New Yorker archives), which I read last night and got me interested in listening to his albums again: https://storage.googleapis.com/cloudplayer/PDF/Art%20Hodes%20Mar%2030%2C%201981.pdf There are a series of videos titled "Jazz Alley" available on DVD, parts of which are available on YouTube. Here are a few (you can search for "Art Hodes Jazz Alley" to find more):
  14. Nice Resource - JDisc - Columbia University

    I consult JDISC on occasion. I think it is the best online database available. It is very well structured. But the data itself does not seem to have expanded much over the past few years, however. Is this still being funded ?