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  1. These are Amazon listings where there is no warning, that's why I'm surprised. I have no use for them and they are a ripoff when they are charging the same price as a manufactured CD. Usually when I see a jazz CD I've long wanted that I thought was out of print on Amazon and it is listed as new, I am suspicious.
  2. I will continue to return these mislabeled releases and report them as such.
  3. He died January 1, 2020, at the age of 90. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/l/larsedo01.shtml Of course, Ghost of Miles was citing the perfect game by David Cone on Yogi Berra Day in 1999, so Don Larsen was very much alive then.
  4. I think it had to more with what they were playing, not like the sound technicians didn't make adjustments during their set. They stunk all on their own.
  5. I need to learn to open CDs from Amazon promptly, as occasionally I've found that I've been sold a damned CDR. While some people have said that manufactured CDs have sometimes showed signs of digital rot and no longer play, I've never had that happen in 40 years of collecting CDs. However, I have had several CDRs that have failed completely. Are there particular labels that only sell CDRs now? I know that is the case with Acrobat, but my recent discovery was two recent releases from Mark O'Connor's OMAC label. Please share any labels you've encountered that have taken this money-saving shortcut without informing buyers prior to purchase.
  6. I can't say that I ever enjoyed listening to David Sanborn, but what I mainly heard was his Warner Bros. recordings, which were of zero interest to me. I remember his solo as a guest on Gordon Goodwin's arrangement of the monotonous Average White Band hit "Pickin' Up the Pieces" and singling it out as the one weak track on the CD. I do have that Legends of Jazz boxed set where he plays on a show along side Phil Woods and the anonymous liner note writer mentions Sanborn to be "considered as one of the great saxophonists of all time," while Woods easily eclipsed Sanborn's best efforts. I never did tune into Night though it sounds like I missed a few shows that would have been of interest.
  7. If it was Valerie Carter, she was the pits, as was the equally forgettable funk band backing her. When I was going to rock shows, rarely did I care for the opening acts.
  8. I saw Jackson Browne in the fall of 1976 while I was in grad school. It was a fun show, though I never acquired any of Browne's LPs. Orleans was also on the bill, entertaining, though not anything I would have purchased. I've forgot the name of the terrible funk band that opened the show, but after one instrumental, they introduced a white female singer (announced as a Columbia recording artist who was so terrible she made them look good). The one rock LP I got sick of hearing was Heart's Dreamboat Annie, which a dorm neighbor played constantly. I resorted to drowning him out with Anthony Newman playing Wagner on pipe organ.
  9. My wife had a bad habit of storing open batteries in loose bags, which meant that the positive terminals were not neatly lined up facing in the same direction. This has caused brand new, unused batteries to go bad and I am wondering if some of those that were used were already damaged and prone to leak as a result of such storage. I need to put date of installation on remotes using masking tape and remembering to check them all at least 2-43 times a year, a nice challenge given that every room that has a television, stereo, blu-ray player, etc. has a minimum of three or four remotes, which translates to six rooms over three different floors. Fortunately the addition of the top grade Amazon fire sticks eliminates the need for cable or television remotes. It's always a good idea to use batteries with identical expiration dates. If you buy Duracell, they are supposed to have a warranty against leakage and are supposed to repair or replace damaged items, at least they used to have it.
  10. Didn’t Ben Webster live with his mother and only left to live in Europe after she died?
  11. I bought the Royal Jazz bootleg CD reissue of this concert recently, so many of the musicians are unidentified. It is obviously dubbed from an LP as the audio clicks are audible.
  12. Out June 13 according to the SteepleChase press release.
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