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  1. I don't rate I know what I mean that high - I'd say, it's a beautiful record, it's nice to have Evans and Cannonball together, and it's probably the best Evans & horns date, yet... somehow, I don't find myself returning to it all that often.


  2. 8 1/2 is one of my say 10 (which means 20) favorite films ever!

    I - by the way - prefer it by far to La dolce vita.

    I have never seen all of I vittelloni, but that seems to be a very nice (and very italian) film, too. Roma is good, Amarcord, then those other ones, like Satyricon, have their moments, too.

    How about neorealismo?

    I have recently seen Ladri di biciclette, Sciuscia, La terra trema, Ossessione and some more. Some time ago also Roma città aperta and Paisà. But my all-time favorite film of that era is Umberto D.!


  3. brownie: I never heard of "la maman et la putain", but I made a mental note! Sure sounds good!

    On Bresson: I did like "L'argent" a lot. Bleak? Hell, I like that!

    How 'bout Antonioni? I had some strange discussion with our friend Heaney on another board. Anyone here likes La Notte, L'avventura and L'eclisse (I still had no possibility to see Il deserto rosso yet)? For me, these are some of the best movies ever made!

    (a side-note on La notte: the band playing that night was a real jazz quartet, the piano player is Giorgio Gaslini, who made some interesting recordings, a solo piano Monk tribute, as well as an adaption of Ayler tunes for solo piano. Antonioni let them play the whole night - not caring they also had day jobs - in order to get them unshaved and tired for that final scene in the early morning)


  4. That's a good point you have re: 'experience'. I'm with you on that, generally. And that's the reason, too, why, having seen three or four japanese films, I usually have my share of japanese cinema for the next six months or so. (and I like to go to the movies up to four times a week when time allows)

    But Imamura, for me, was quite an experience on its own. Those films have a sort of anarchy (as has Oshima), which you don't see in our own films too often, and which did quite strike me.

    Will have my eyes open (that's easy, as I'm a member of both those two venues here...) for anything to come by Mizoguchi!

    What are your favorite Truffaut films?

    Mine would be the Doinel stories, Nuit américaine, and maybe La chambre verte and Tirez sur le pianiste. (Though there are some I missed)


  5. Yep. The Carter one was a trio affair, with Buddy Rich on drums, if I remember correctly, and the ones with Webster (some 3 or 4 trio tracks and some more with strings) were included on the Verve 2CD Music for Loving (the strings dates).

    Forgot about these!

    The Carter is interesting to compare with the Tatum/Carter/Rich trio.


  6. brownie, I don't know many of Louis Malle's films, actually, but I enjoyed Ascenseur a lot. Sort of a late french film noir. Beautifully photographed, nice style, and then of course, there's Jeanne Moreau... (La mariée était en noir is another good one with her)

    Ozu & Mizoguchi I hardly know. Being still young, and there being only 2 good venues showing anything other than recent hollywood s**t and some european new stuff in between, I have to wait for the next retrospective, which will come for sure, but maybe, this will take 5 or 10 years...

    Imamura, for me, was very much closer to our western (old european) mentality, our way of thinking, understanding life, than the few Ozu films I've seen. L'enmpire des sens and Diary of a shinjuku thief (by Oshima) are similar. Sort of a japanese nouvelle vague, also influenced by the likes of Godard.

    Of the older japanese films I know, "Tokyo monogatari" is by far my favorite. The formalism and those wonderful pictures are stunning (the tour through the town of Tokyo the parents do, where you only see them sitting in their bus - because actually, when the film was made, Tokyo was still very much destroyed...), all the people coming or rather creeping into the picture from far below, then the camera, which usually is on the height of the knees of a standing person (which seems to be the height were the japanese live(d)). Stunning in every respect!


  7. Yes, I got it last week and listened to the friday night stuff so far! What a groove they hit, almost from the first note! A wonderful band in its own right, absolutely no need to compare them to the Coltrane of Shorter bands! Kelly is so fresh, Cobb and Chambers form a hell of a trio with him, and Mobley alway has some good ideas, and the usual marvellous sound...

    I got the two 2CD sets. What's the difference between them and the 4CD set (which I have seen nowhere here in Switzerland!)?


  8. Let's hope our own favorite Blue Note records will bring out "Cannonball in Europe!" soon! That's a hell of a record. The Lateef band, with him having a feature (Trouble in Mind) only accompanied by Zawinul/Jones/Hayes. That's baad!

    (that's the last of the seven recordings Cannon took from Riverside to Capitol, the only one not on BN-CD yet)

    b3-er: I didn't realize you meant those Riverside/Capitol masters only!

    Get all the Riverside stuff by Cannonball. In San Francisco would make a good start. Includes This Here (Timmons is on piano), then go on to the recordings by the sextet with Lateef, such as Nippon Soul (another one of my faves).

    Jim Dye (or anyone): that CD (the cover of which you posted), does that contain the rest of the Nippon Soul/Japanese Concerts stuff? Or is there still some music not on CD yet?

    And anyone has heard the recent Verve LPR of Cannonball?


  9. Anyone knows Shohei Imamura? (The Insect Woman, Unagi, Intentions of Murder, Introduction to Anthropology - the Pornographer, etc)

    some real good stuff!

    William Wyler, Dead End

    -, The Collector

    -, Roman Holiday

    Raul Ruiz, Généalogies d'un Crime

    -, Fils De Deux Meres Ou Comedie De L'Innocence

    Louis Malle, Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

    -, Vanya on 42nd street

    De Sica, Ieri, oggi, domani

    -, Sciuscia

    -, Ladri di biciclette

    Scola, C'eravamo tanto amati

    Jacques Rivette, Secret défense (starring Sandrine Bonnaire, one of my favorite contemporary actresses)


  10. I just heard the album Frisell did with Jim Keltner and Viktor Krauss, "Gone, just like a train" - and I like it a lot. Higly polished, most of the time (sure fits Keltner), but often humorous, and lots of drive. "Post-modern" seems to be the right label for Frisell, if we need one.

    Recently, I also found "Bass Desires", and then realized I have some more albums with him, as the first Joey Baron disc with Frisell/Blythe/Carter ("Down Home"). And also have I heard one of those duo gigs with Joey Baron, which was very good. They even played a standard (There Is No Greater Love).

    How good is the album with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones?


  11. By the way, thank you to all of you who helped me out! It looks as if I probably won't have this music for quite some time.....gonna have to save for the box set! But I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. ;)

    That's the best decision, sal!

    The box includes the three albums issued later on and compiling material from several sessions, which are not available here as single CDs, and all the stuff is chronologically packed. It's very interesting also, to see how the sound of the quartet changed with the changes of the bass or drums players (Higgins-Blackwell and Haden-Garrison-LaFaro).

    And the music is sublime, of course! :wub:


  12. Milt Jackson's "Plenty, Plenty Soul" is also one to have. "Here Comes Louis Smith" is still another fine recording with Cannonball.

    Yeah, these are two good ones!

    And of course all the stuff with Miles/Trane (get that box if you don't have it...)

    (Not just what's on KoB and Milestones)


  13. On www.warnerclassics.de you find some reissues of newer origin.

    As I have the box, I don't know any of these, but the two series called "Atlantic Masters" and a (little older) "Atlantic Original Sound" are not bad. Anyway, I have no idea about the remastering quality of the Ornettes.

    The "Atlantic Masters" include "Change of the Century" and "Free Jazz", the "Original Sound" includes "This Is Our Music". "Free Jazz" was also issued in the Rhino/Atlantic deluxe series.

    But I would recommend the box, too! Was one of my first box sets, and it's sure worth every penny!


  14. Coppola, Godfather

    Scorsese, Mean Streets

    Scorsese, Good Fellas

    Scorsese, Raging Bull

    Scorsese, Taxi Driver

    Forman, Cerný Petr

    Forman, Loves of a blonde

    Forman, The Firemen's ball

    Chytilowa, Sedmikrsky

    Welles, Citizen Kane

    Kubrick, Killing

    Cassavetes, Shadows

    Cassavetes, Woman under the influence

    Polanski, Knife in the Water

    Polanski, Repulsion

    Polanski, Cul de sac

    Bresson, Un condamné à mort s'est echappé

    Bresson, Journal d'un curé de campagne

    Bresson, Pickpocket

    Stroheim, The wedding march

    Wilder, Sunset Boulevard

    Wilder, Sabrina

    Mankiewicz, All About Eve

    Mankiewicz, The Barefoot Comtessa

    Renoir, La grande Illusion

    Vigo, L'atalante

    Renoir, La règle du jeu

    Carné, Le jour se lève

    Carné, Les enfants du paradis

    Carné, Quai des brumes

    Losey, The Accident

    Losey, The servant

    Losey, The Go-Between

    Visconti, Il Gattopardo

    Godard, Le mépris

    Lang, M

    Lang, Metropolis

    Walsh, White Heat

    Walsh, The roaring twenties

    Walsh, The man I love

    Scola, La famiglia

    Scola, La terrazza

    Greenaway, the cook...

    Huston, The Dead

    Huston, The misfits

    Huston, Asphalt Jungle

    Bresson, Au hazard balthazar

    some more...


  15. Godard, Weekend

    Godard, A bout de souffle

    Hawks, The Big Sleep

    Hawks, To Have And Have Not

    Ford, The Searchers

    Ford, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

    Hitchcock, Vertigo

    Antonioni, La Notte

    Antonioni, L'avvantura

    Antonioni, L'eclisse

    De Sica, Umberto D

    Fellini, 8 1/2

    Bunuel, La voie lactée

    Bunuel, Cet obscur objet du désir

    Bunuel, Simon del desierto

    Bunuel, Le journal d'une femme de chambre

    Ozu, Tokyo monogatari

    Oshima, Diary of a shinjuku thief

    more following soon...


  16. The Mercury material! A huge chunk of it is reissued in a two cd set called "Sophisticated Swing." Also, the Savoy material is fantastic, and most is reissued in a two cd set called "The Adderley Brothers: Summer of 1955"---I guess basically all of Adderley is worth hearing. I still haven't heard all the final Capitols, but want to.

    Absolutely! The Savoy and the Mercury stuff is great!

    Both are available as 2CD sets (but as Lon said, the "Summer of 55" set misses some tracks - thanks to Keepnews...)

    A nice addition to the Mercury is the recent Shearing/Adderley-Newport 57 disc (Pablo/Fantasy). It contains the two quintet's respective sets, and the A-Brothers join the Shearing band for an extended blow on a nice Curtis Fuller tune.


  17. Thanks everybody for your recommendations! And sorry for taking that long to return - had some exams today at university and no time to be online.

    Following is the discography of the Proper box. Is this - as usual with Proper - only half or almost-complete sessions, or does this offer some exhaustive coverage of earlier Tatum?




    Art Tatum, p

    New York, August 5, 1932

    TO-1192 TIGER RAG CBS 26550

    Art Tatum, p

    New York, March 21, 1933

    13162-A TEA FOR TWO Brunswick 6553

    13163-A ST. LOUIS BLUES Brunswick 6543

    13164-A TIGER RAG Brunswick 6543

    13165-A SOPHISTICATED LADY Brunswick 6553

    Art Tatum, p

    New York, August 22, 1934

    38387-A MOONGLOW Decca 155

    38388-A I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU Brunswick 02015

    38389-A WHEN A WOMAN LOVES A MAN Decca 741

    38390-A EMALINE Decca 155

    38391-A LOVE ME Decca 156

    38392-A COCKTAILS FOR TWO Decca 156

    Art Tatum, p

    New York, August 24, 1934

    38426-A AFTER YOU’RE GONE Brunswick 01862

    38427-C STARDUST Decca 306

    38429-A ILL WIND Brunswick 02051

    38430-A THE SHOUT Decca 468

    38431-C BEAUTIFUL LOVE Decca 306

    38432-A LIZA Decca 1373

    Art Tatum, p

    New York, October 9, 1934

    38428-C I AIN’T GOT NOBODY Decca 741

    Art Tatum, p

    Hollywood, December 1936

    STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE Jazz Panorama LP 15

    I WISH I WERE TWINS Jazz Panorama LP 15

    Art Tatum, p

    New York, November 29, 1937

    62822-A GONE WITH THE WIND Decca 1603

    62823-A STORMY WEATHER Decca 1603

    62824-A CHLOE Decca 2052

    62825-A THE SHEIK OF ARABY Decca 2052

    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, April 12, 1939

    DLA- 1759-A TEA FOR TWO Decca 2456

    DLA -1760-A DEEP PURPLE Decca 2456

    Art Tatum, p

    Hollywood, circa August 1939

    IT HAD TO BE YOU Smithsonian 2029


    Art Tatum, p

    Hollywood, circa August 1939

    OH YOU CRAZY MOON Smithsonian R 029

    OVER THE RAINBOWSmithsonian R 029

    Art Tatum, p

    Hollywood, August 1939

    DAY IN-DAY OUT Smithsonian R 029


    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, February 22, 1940

    DLA-1936-A ELEGIE Decca 18049

    DLA-1937-A HUMORESQUE Decca 18049

    DLA-1938-A SWEET LORRAINE Decca 18050

    DLA-1939-A GET HAPPY Decca 18050

    DLA - 1940 - A LULLABY OF THE LEAVES Decca 18051

    DLA - 1941 - A TIGER RAG Decca 18051

    DLA - 1942 - A SWEET EMALINE,

    MY GAL Decca rejected

    DLA - 1945 - A LOVE ME Decca 156

    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, July 26, 1940

    DLA - 2069 - A BEGIN THE BEGUINE Decca 8552

    DLA - 2070 - A ROSETTA Decca 8552

    DLA - 2071 - A INDIANA Decca 8550

    Art Tatum and his Band : Joe Thomas, tp; Edmond Hall, cl; Art Tatum, p; John Collins, g; Billy Taylor, b; Eddie Dougherty, d; Joe Turner, voc (-1)

    New York, January 21, 1941

    68605-A WEE BABY BLUES (-1) Decca 8526

    68606-A STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY Decca 8536

    68607-A LAST GOODBYE BLUES (-1) Decca 8536

    68608-A BATTERY BOUNCE Decca 8526

    Art Tatum and his Band : Joe Thomas, tp; Art Tatum, p; Oscar Moore, g; Billy Taylor, b; Yank Porter, d; Joe Turner, voc.

    New York, June 13, 1941

    69356-B LUCILLE Decca 8577

    69357-B ROCK ME, MAMA Decca 8563

    69358-A CORRINA CORRINA Decca 8577


    Art Tatum Trio : Art Tatum, p; Tiny Grimes, g; Slam Stewart, b.

    New York, January 5, 1944

    WN 1360-A I GOT RHYTHM Brunswick BL 58013

    Esquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session: Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge, tp; Jack Teagarden, tb; Barney Bigard, d; Coleman Hawkins, ts; Art Tatum, p; Al Casey, g; Oscar Pettiford, b; Sid Catlett, d.

    Metropolitan Opera House, New York, January 18, 1944

    VP 467 MOP MOP V-Disc 152

    Same Date, omit Louis Armstrong

    VP 469 ESQUIRE BOUNCE V-Disc 163


    Esquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session: Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge, tp; Coleman Hawkins, ts; Art Tatum, p.

    Metropolitan Opera House, New York, January 18, 1944 JDB-91

    MY IDEAL V-Disc 655

    Art Tatum Trio : Art Tatum, p; Tiny Grimes, g; Slam Stewart, b. Milwaukee, March 11, 1944

    EXACTLY LIKE YOU Shoestring SS105

    Art Tatum Trio : Art Tatum, p; Tiny Grimes, g; Slam Stewart, b

    New York, May 1, 1944

    T3-B-3 FLYING HOME Comet T3

    T1-B-3 DARK EYES Comet T1

    T2-A-4 BODY AND SOUL Comet T2

    T2-B-3 I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW Comet T2

    Art Tatum, p Los Angeles,

    May 1945

    1040-1 HALLELUJAH ARA 4501

    1046-1 YESTERDAYS ARA 4503

    Art Tatum, p

    "Just Jazz", Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, April 2, 1949

    JJ82 TATUM POLE BOOGIE Columbia CL 6301

    Art Tatum, p Los Angeles, July 13, 1949

    5039 WILLOW WEEP FOR ME Capitol 15520

    5040 I COVER THE WATERFRONT Capitol 15518

    5041 AUNT HAGAR’S BLUES Capitol 15520

    5042 NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Capitol 15519

    5043 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Capitol 15714

    5044 DARDANELLA Capitol H 216

    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, July 25, 1949

    5045 TIME ON MY HANDS Capitol 15712

    5046 SWEET LORRAINE Capitol 15713

    5047 SOMEBODY LOVES ME Capitol 15714

    5048 DON’T BLAME ME Capitol 15713

    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, September 29, 1949

    5049 MY HEART STOOD STILL Capitol 15712

    5050 YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME Capitol 15841

    5051 I GOTTA RIGHT TO SING THE BLUES Capitol H 216


    Art Tatum, p

    Los Angeles, September 29, 1949

    5054 GOIN’ HOME Capitol H 269

    5055 BLUE SKIES Capitol H 216

    5056 IT’S THE TALK OF THE TOWN Capitol H 269

    5057 DANCING IN THE DARK Capitol H 216

    Art Tatum,

    Hollywood, circa 1949-50


    JUST-A-SITTIN’ AND A-ROCKIN’ Jazz Chronicles jcs 101

    YOU’RE DRIVIN’ ME CRAZY Jazz Chronicles jcs 101

    IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD Jazz Chronicles jcs 101

    SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY Jazz Chronicles jcs 101

    I’LL NEVER BE THE SAME Jazz Chronicles jcs 101

    NIGHT AND DAY JazzChronicles jcs 101

    Art Tatum, p

    Crescendo Club, Hollywood, early 1950

    IT’S ONLY A PAPER MOON Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    THREE LITTLE WORDS Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    WHY WAS I BORN ? Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    IF I COULD BE WITH YOU Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    MEAN TO ME Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    I GUESS I HAVE TO CHANGE MY PLANS Gene Norman Presents GNP 9025

    CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS ? Gene Norman Presents GNP 9026

    WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE ? Gene Norman Presents GNP 9026

    CRAZY RHYTHM Gene Norman Presents GNP 9026

    LIMEHOUSE BLUES Gene Norman Presents GNP 9026

    I’M COMING VIRGINIA Gene Norman Presents GNP 9026

    Art Tatum Trio: Art Tatum, p; Everett Barksdale, g; Slam Stewart, b.

    Cafe Society, New York, circa 1951

    THE MAN I LOVE Broadcast "Voice of America"

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