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  1. many more good suggestions! gotta stop now, coz otherwise it will need like 15 or 20 shows... :D

    Also thought about Moncur's Some Other Stuff yesterday. Truly outstanding album, in my opinion.

    Search for the New Land - hellyeah! I love that album. Maybe it's my favorite Lee Morgan date, but how to fit those 20 minutes in a 60 minute show (which has time for 45-50 minutes of music) ?

    EKE: thanks for your suggestions. Yesterday I listened to quite some of those on your list. All good or great of course. don't have the Bird Verve album - was that the one attached to the Grant Green Majesty King Funk CD? Will have to look for that.

    (I emailed my friend in Madrid, by the way!)

    mikeweil: duly taken note -_- . Don't have any CTI album with/by Herbie - are they available in nice Legacy reissues? Will have to look.

    About Rivers I forgot completely. But as I have made some choices, it won't fit in anymore. Because what I'll want to spin to give an idea of the adventurous music Herbie was playing, is some track from Tony Williams' Life Time (the trio track with Hutch-Herbie-Tony). Then I'll give them Watermelon (alt - coz I love that Dexter solo on that one!), something from Inventions & Dimensions (which I absolutely love!), then the Happenings take on Maiden Voyage, and some more... Can't tell everything, otherwise our german friends won't listen B)

    thanks again everybody,


  2. Big fan of Benny. In addition to the Candid, one of the nicest places to hear his gorgeous and BIG tone is on an album called THE MUSIC OF QUINCY JONES PLAYED BY BENNY BAILEY... (there's more people then listed - one of the longer album titles ever, I think) on Argo. Both his lead playing and soloing are well represented. I think this is still available as a Japanese LP-sleeve reissue, came out late last year/early this year some time.

    C'mon, now bring us that "Complete Argo Jazz Sessions" Mosaic!

    We could then just take that out of the shelf and spin, say, disc 23 holding that Bailey session, and could stop caring for Japanese, original vinyl, vinyl reissues or some few strange Keepnews CDs...



  3. thanks for clarifying, brownie!

    sorry, PDEE!

    the strange thing is: in the new liners of the Avenue/Rhino reissue of "Songs For Any Taste", it's stated that

    During an engagement at the Crescendo in February of 1957, Bethlehem captured enough live material to fill out two separate albums. The first release was entitled simply "Live at the Crescendo". The follow-up, gathering the remaining tracks, was "Songs For Any Taste", the collection you are holding now.

    But as those (otherwise very nice) Avenue/Rhino reissues of Bethlehem stuff do not have any recording dates included, this seem to be wrong, I guess! The personnel, however is: Don Fagerquist, t; Marty Paich, p; Max Bennett, b; Larry Bunker, acc/vib/bgo; Mel Lewis, d.

    I do have the CD reissue (with quite a lot of additional material) of the Gene Norman album, too.

    Thanks again.

  4. Like him. He gets a very nice, woody sound (on bass I mean - I don't need the other piccolo stuff) and has much drive. And somehow, if he was as bad as some among think, it just seems a little unlikely to me he got all the jobs he had (beginning with Miles, where he really was the anchor man).


  5. mike (Michael, I presume :P ) and bertrand: no offense! (neither taken here, nor to be taken from my post. Just tried to avoid any unuseful misunderstandings.)

    Back on topic: listended to some Herbie while having dinner tonight. Due to time constraints, I'll omit Feelin the Spirit and Cornbread. Though I love both sessions a lot.

    But won't forget Mogie: that version of God Bless the Child (and Billie - if there is such a strange thing as God, that is ;) ) on the Standards album is terrific! :excited::excited::excited:

    And Herbie seems to be the one who holds the music together (on the whole album, I think) and he - besides Shorter, who has some stellar solos as well - gives us some of the best moments of the date. Also check out his fills on If I Were a Carpenter. Fonky!

    Then I also had a dose of Happenings (don't have Oblique - would be another fine Connoisseur reissue), and already decided to play that version of Maiden Voyage. When You Are Near is a perfect beauty, too! Maybe there will be enough time. An aside: Happenings always seemed to me one of Bob Cranshaw's strongest outings.

    kazak: I sure forgot about the Blue Mitchell Mosaic. Yes, that's very fine music. Have to relisten.

    Will give you the link to the show when it's up (will be next monday)

    Thanks again everybody,


  6. as far as I know, they're all OOP. There's a newer compilation out with material from these sessions, though. But they are too good to have just one CD...

    I'm missing one of them (Vol. 2 or 3 - the one with the quartet sessions, one of which has been on the Jazz in Paris "Chet plays Standards").


  7. thanks, PD - but you you haven't been there? :P


    Songs for my (any?) taste: the personnel you give is just for one selection - which is taken from the Bethlehem "Porgy & Bess" recordings. All other tracks have the same personnel as "At the Crescendo", and in the new liners (of the Avenue/Bethlehem reissue) of one of the two, it says they stem from the same gig. So my question: same night or not?

    Thanks a lot!


  8. My best wishes to Benny!

    I have heard him live a year ago with a very good local (swiss) band. He's still going strong.

    And he's one of those were you need one or two notes to recognise him!

    A very very stylish player.

    His Candid album is one of my favorite records of that era.


    and some more pics:





  9. A truckload of good recommendations! Thanks a lot, guys!

    reg: yep, that Morgan Standards album would be nice, and not too obvious.

    Guy & Templejazz: I'll look out for Thrust as soon as possible.

    bertrand: I thought about Free Forms, too. Have to relisten.

    (and on language: I've got to defend us swiss a little bit - I am genuine swiss, by the way. Our mothertongue - we are only seven millions, of them foreigners, but we have four languages spoken here: german, french, italian and a fourth language which I don't know what it's called in english. Now speaking for the german two thirds of swiss people: swiss german IS german, it's a dialect, just as everybody in Germany speaks some dialect, and as in Germany (or Austria), we also learn what I called *proper* german (the formulaic language - actually a mix to accomodate the several very different german dialects: it's north-german but spoken with a southern accent). Now as with anyone from Germany, you can hear swiss origin when swiss people speak proper german. One problem over here is a sort of exaggerated modesty, which also leads swiss people to believe that they can't speak a proper german. Anyway... <_< )

    catesta: I like those two albums a lot - but as I try to escape the rather obvious (no harm!)

    kazak: cool, forgot about that one. Will relisten.

    Shrdlu: don't have any of those you mention :(

    vibes: I love the Hancock/Hutcherson stuff. Happenings is one of my very favorite albums by Hutcherson. And that beautiful cover...

    thanks again to everybody


  10. So, will we be able to *listen* to your show on the web?

    It will be in german - swiss german actually, which is not even proper german, so not even germans do understand it... And there ain't much professionality included, either. A friend of mine has a committment to a local alternative radio station (in Zurich, Switzerland), and we do these usually monthly shows together for half a year now. More on the fun side, except for the music, which we try to present as good as we can... ;)

    But yes, I think it will be available online. Will have to check if anyone's interested.

    Part one is next sunday (aug.17), part two sunday aug.31. Part three sometimes in september.


  11. As far as suggestions for dates with Herbie as a sidemen for your second show, definitely don't overlook Joe Henderson's "Power To The People" from May of 1969 - with Herbie mostly on electric piano, though he might be on acoustic on one or two tracks (I'd have to check to be sure).

    That's another hard one... don't have the Henderson Milestone box, cannot afford it right now, but will sure have it some time... maybe I need to pick this up anyway. Thanks!


  12. Rooster: I love The Prisoner and it will certainly not be forgotten! (see my last post)

    And yes, I like Etcetera very much, too, but time constraints will probably limit me to present only one tune with Shorter.

    Re. Miles: I thought of The Sorcerer too. That was my first record of the second quintet, still love it (though I prefer Miles Smiles today). Will have to listen to that stuff again.

    Another personal favorite of mine - though most probably no essential Herbie - is Ed Thigpen's After the Storm, reissued as a VEE some years ago.


  13. By the way: part two shall present the sextet (from "The Prisoner" to "Sextant") and part three finally the Headhunters.

    Any essential recommendations re. Headhunters? Don't have "Thrust" yet - is it as good as the first one?


  14. Re: Adam's Apple

    Herbie *is* the composer of the bonus track, 'The Collector' (although I couldn't find a copyright, but that doesn't disprove anything). This is the piece that was originally attributed to Miles and given the title 'Teo's Bag', a misunderstanding Miles did not make any effort to correct and may have had some part in creating (as Peter DeVries would say).


    The Collector was also included in Herbie's BN box - as are some other tracks he made as a sideman during those years. There is one tune from a Don Byrd session, too, but I don't think it's from Royal Flush (was this a fifties session? If so it does make sense, as the box is sixties only).


  15. thanks everybody!

    mikeweil: I thought of Adam's Apple to present his work with Shorter, too.

    Aggie: nice idea - I want to omit Maiden Voyage or at least not play too much of it, as it is so well-known.

    (good I have a nice little TOCJ of Happenings.... :g )

    brownie: Watermelon Man will most probably open the show. Dexter is incredible on that!

    John B: what's that Kirk session? Is that also in the Mercury box? (I don't have it with me here, being at work) - or need I absolutely pick up the VME of "Domino"?

    Dan: I don't have Royal Flush yet - and money is quite low, so... it's in the Mosaic isn't it? I have not yet picked it up, but as I will and am no doubler, I won't get the RVG anyway (unless everybody jumps at me now and prefers it sonically very much...)


  16. I will produce a radio show on Hancock, beginning with his sixties Bluenote work as main focus.

    Now it would be nice to have one or two ESSENTIAL tracks he made as a sideman - but he made so many record dates with Miles, Wayne Shorter, Donald Byrd etc. What would you consider to be the essential tunes/solos/compositions he recorded besides his work as a leader?


  17. Anyone can help me with some of the following?

    - It's a Blue World: date(s) of recording? Any info available concerning personnel?

    - At the Crescendo/Songs for any Taste: were they both recorded on one and the same evening?

    Then "Songs of NY" (Atlantic): anyone knows the year or date of recording? And personnel?

    thanks for any help!


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