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  1. I think I am going to buy this. I do love the India Navigation album from this period. And Calvin Hill is a great bassist.
  2. So what about the music? It definitely looks interesting and this was a nice period in Sanders' catalog. It was also much of a transitional phase. From the more loud free jazz influenced spiritual jazz to the calmer sometimes a bit too smooth for my taste kind of jazz. What's on this one?
  3. Albert Heaths Kawaida on Mercury Japanese vinyl. with Jimmy Heath, Don Cherry, Herbie Hancock, Ed Blackwell....
  4. Pim

    Jazz Images Label

    Definitely a public domain label. Artwork looks nice in the sense that they use beautiful pictures. But I really prefer the original artwork. Sound is everything you expect from such a label: not extremely bad but also not great. And than there are the moral objections of course. I would definitely not buy this stuff anyway.
  5. Pim

    Billy Harper

    Nothing to add. All great recordings. Never thought it would happen but going to see them in March in Rotterdam!
  6. Happy Birthday mr Golson! Saw him last year in the Bimhuis. What a wonderful person!
  7. They are pretty good. Especially for that price. Nice artwork, good sound. But hey, I am no audiophile....
  8. I always did months with a reed. If the fungus comes up, change it
  9. Such sad news. Thanks for everything mr. Heath and may you Rest In Peace!
  10. Tollivers website mentions a worldwide 2020 tour with ‘Strata East’ All Stars. Anyone with some more info about dates/locations. I would drive 400 km to Köln or Düsseldorf to see this live!
  11. Yes that is very true Larry. Perhaps I should listen to Mal 1 with that perspective. But I have to say that Mal 4 and Impressions would be my Prestige picks. This I just cannot believe. Being a fan of Mal Waldron is of course a matter of taste. But if you’re not I cannot believe you’re still preferring his ‘50’s stuff above records like The Reminiscent Suite, The Call, Encounter, One Upmanship or Seagulls.
  12. Very accurate description! The version you have is quite rare and goes for quite a lot of money. But I do believe it is not the only rare thing in your collection The Japanese version on mercury is a little easier to get. Sound quality is very good.
  13. It is pretty damn good Sonny Grey is in prime form and this is of course Mal’s great period although he doesn’t get to much space. Definitely interesting and worth hearing.
  14. Not bad at all but in my opinion, it isn’t that great in comparison to his ‘70’s and ‘80’s stuff. And this comes from a Mal completist. Oh yes and The Quest of course!
  15. God I miss playing music in my car. I have lived in Purmerend for 2 years. Not really a beauty of a place but it was a 40 minute drive from my workplace in Heemskerk. I always took a stack of 5 cd’s a week in my car. A wonderful opportunity to explore and listen to music in a very busy week. I am happy to live in Heemskerk again (my birthplace) but I really miss the drives with the music.... Now, on working days, I haven’t got any time to listen to some tunes
  16. Had one bad experience too. But with most Japanese sellers it is a pleasure doing business indeed. Gave my only negative feedback I have ever given on Discogs. Waited for 6 weeks to tell me half of my order was not available. Most of the time you can see it at the feedback rates. Exception for me is madpierrot who also gets a lot of negative feedback. Indeed he does not communicate and shipping can take up to two weeks without any notice. But he really underrates the condition of his items for a very good price. And after all: that is the most important. Ella Records is my favorite by the way. By far!
  17. Not for new jazz vinyl. I do know a couple of great Japanese Discogs sellers.
  18. Pim

    Mal Waldron

    Yeah got that one on vinyl. The reissue of course. The original is very rare: Dusty Groove did not lie bout that. It is definitely not essential Mal but interesting to hear his development. Just like All Alone and Ursula from this period: you can definitely live without them but if you’re a true Mal lover I would not hesitate to buy them.
  19. Something like this: 1. Hera & Hamid Drake - Seven Lines (2013) 2. John Coltrane - Both Directions at Once (2018) 3. John Coltrane - Offering (2014) 4. Abdullah Ibrahim - The Song Is My Story (2014) 5. Angles 9 - Injuries (2014) 6. Anouar Brahem / Dave Holland / Jack DeJohnette / Django Bates - Blue Maqams (2017) 7. Avishai Cohen Trio - From Darkness (2015) 8. Elina Duni Quartet - Matanë Malit (2012) 9. The New Woody Shaw Quintet - Vol.1: At Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall Hamburg 1982 (2017) 10. Tord Gustavsen / Simin Tander / Jarle Vespestad - What Was Said (2016)
  20. Pim

    Noah Howard

    Does anyone know who Leslie Waldron is? Is it actually a person or an alias? And if that is the case: anyone recognize who it is? Can’t find anything on the web...
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