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  1. don't you all want to see the season cancelled after 8-9 games???? anyway, baseball via radio, 1934!!!! WOW! This is the famous game Carl Hubbell struck out all those HOF'ers!
  2. anyone ever hear of the O'Keefe music foundation???? one of several schools of rock out there....you would think that in theory, that's a BAD idea, but in practice....it's mind blowing, at least to me.... Even the audio quality blows me away. Check out this singer (and the bands very good too, don't get me wrong) This one is kinda jarring with a girl so young singing this song (I have heard her older, this was 7 years ago, and she really has an amazing voice) but the musicianship of the other people blends well. Kinda gives one hope that Rock isn't completely dead
  3. I don't have the DVD/Blu-Ray, Eddie Muller , host of Film Noir Alley, and a big part of the reason this film was finally restored (it had been in public domain hell for decades) showed it on TCM a few years ago, my first time seeing it. Just an amazing film. Here's info in the Blu-Ray release and the extras https://www.amazon.com/Late-Tears-Newly-Restored-Blu-ray/dp/B01AXGCW9W
  4. might be Lizabeth Scott's best performance, Did you see the restored version?
  5. now, do the U.K, France, Spain and Italy compared to the U.S.
  6. I am sure wearing a mask is uncomfortable for many people, especially for several hours. Not sure what the answer is to that for those that have to work in supermarkets, etc. I first noticed the supermarket Publix had told their staff to wear them....well, I saw 1 person wearing the mask properly! Even the female pharmacist wasn't wearing it correctly! she had it over her nostrils (unlike 2 women working with her) but the metal part was unbent. Sigh.... when I was in target late one nite (really try to avoid the peak hours anywhere) and a girl in front of me was trying to return....something. Well, there was some issue (Target closes customer service I guess an hour before the store, so you have to go to a register for returns) she had no mask, no gloves on.. .and proceeded to walk back towards me, stop at my basket, looking for someone I guess, and walked further away from the front of the store. sigh....oh, and more staff there wearing masks below their noses. double sigh! So, if you hear of cases increasing eventually in GA, it isn't likely to be hair stylists who have masks on (and keeping folks 6 feet from each other, or outside the store before their haircut) and plexiglass up for folks getting manicures, it's going to be spreading at the places everyone goes to all along, that 25% of the staff are wearing their masks the way, that you know, work!
  7. sadly, I think we are going to find out this is similar to the Measles, and hangs in the air a lot longer than previously thought. and that's why its so important for everyone to find something to cover their faces! I don't know about you all, but here, near the ATL with few cases (so far) I still don't see many masks or gloves being worn...of course, unless you had those before, you are not going to find them now. a few articles I just came across....this one is from mid March https://www.wired.com/story/they-say-coronavirus-isnt-airborne-but-its-definitely-borne-by-air/ and the flu they were saying was spread easier than they thought, in 2018, so.... https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/news/20180119/flu-may-be-spread-by-just-breathing#1
  8. anyone ever heard of this guy before? A child prodigy, that decided at 13 or so that he'd rather give up touring and.....focus on his studies! Clearly a genius in several areas.... a bit later, I think with Count Basie and in 2007
  9. wow, that sounds like a great idea, hadn't heard of using pillowcases before! I really feel terrible for those working in supermarkets, Target, Walmart, etc...they don't have masks yet, (at least at the ones I've been to) I've seen 2 women that really, really looked depressed/angry, and not a damn thing I could say or do for them perhaps folks who can make these can get together with others and make a bunch to give to folks at stores? talking about ones made out of pillow cases/sheets, more than the bandana types... at least "we" can send that link to everyone we know, put it on fb, twitter...there is so little we can do now.....
  10. Stumbled across Singer-Guitarist Charlie Palloy recently, someone that apparently recorded under several names in the early 30s (mainly on the Crown label) then seemed to disappear. Haven't found a photo of him even! More impressed with his singing than guitaring. Obviously tried to sound like Crosby, but still had his own style. There is a cd out there too.... more soulful... more swinging....
  11. some too brief footage of Duke, Cab and Baron Lee from 1931
  12. just saw this the other day.... lets analyze/criticize this to death
  13. It's nice to see a plucky, small market team like the Yankees finally sign a top flight starter! where do they get the money to pay him though? I heard Jeff Passan say the Yankees only bring in $800,000,000....a year.
  14. Yes, Safe in Hell is something else indeed! ( Dorothy Mackaill sadly only shows up for a second dressed like this) Struck me odd how there was no credits at the beginning of the film. Never have read why this was the case, as I can't think of another film that did that from the 1930s (or 40s, 50s, etc) Did ya know Dorothy Mackaill was British? I sure never did. Gave up movies in 1937, but....naturally, her last 2 acting roles were on the original Hawaii 5-0! I about choked when I looked up an old lady that called the police in a 1976 episode and saw her name! She died in Hawaii, no better place to die.
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