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  1. It all sounds plausible , if so she was the biggest sleaze bag evah !
  2. I Will Follow -U2 Rock and Roll all night - Kiss Action or Fox on the run -Sweet Thats when i reach for my revolver - Mission of Burma
  3. i oredered a cd from Caiman years ago and never recieved it , sent them an email . They responded by saying the cd was sent , oh well never saw it . i dropped it because it was only $7 and it's the only time i have been burnt online. On amazon i have ordered from cdimports and i think what Clementine is talking about applies to cdimports. They will send an email within a few days of your order saying the cd has been shiiped. 2 - 3 weeks later it show's up ??...it should take 3-4 days tops to send a cd cross country!
  4. zen archer

    James Clay

    A double dose of soul......i didn't know about the other one with Fathead !! i will have to track this down ! Thanks .
  5. zen archer

    James Clay

    Thanks to this thread i purchased his riverside cd and Love It!.....Thanks!
  6. Saw Isaac Hayes last night . I didn't know he suffered a stroke last year, he sat at a keyboard all night ( played 1 hour) and really struggled when he got up and walked . Looking at him sitting there he looked the same as back in the Stax day's...you would be hard pressed to guess his age . I'm thinking mid sixties ...BUT he looks 40. He sounded great all things considered. I'm keeping him in my prayer's.....
  7. Wall of Hair....what happened to his hair ,he looks like an extra from Miami Vice.
  8. Tonight i'm heading down to Mohegan Sun to see Black Moses (Isaac Hayes) !!!!
  9. Is A-Rods' contract coming to an end ?.....i thought he might have at least 5 more years ? cause if it's down to 2 years , shouldn't be that hard to trade him.
  10. a friend just bought me for christmas , The Color of Jazz- Album Cover Photographs by Pete Turner It's Excellent , mostly the CTI covers but yea i was surprised that he did the Night Train cover and a few from Impulse -Further Definitions and Focus and the Oliver Nelson covers.
  11. i have the nightfly on cd ....has this been remastered yet ? i think it deserves an upgrade.
  12. maybe the right moment to remark that "Bismark" seems about as uncommon to me as "Bix"... "Bismarck", the historical figures second name, i would call already uncommon, even if 120 years ago a bunch of people decided to call their children that way, it has not aged very well... and "Bismark"... Jutta on the other hand is rather common Jutta may be common in Germany ...but not in my neck of the wood's .
  13. what a great dvd ...but it doesnt include the NBA performance ? i also think that Motown has released DVD's from the Temps and Miracles.
  14. WOW ...i never heard of this show , was it a nationally broadcast show or regional (nyc?)
  15. Yep, and they used to be in a box together, until they lost the license. I was in the market for the box until I saw it going on ebay for $250. i was lucky to get that box for my B-day from my wife a few years back. does anyone else have this set? i always wondered why each DVD has a round punch hole thru the barcode ? I was thinking they did this so retailers couldn't sell the dvd's individually ?
  16. The Super Bowl halftime shows have featured jazz artists. Super Bowl VI's halftime show was titled "Salute to Louis Armstrong" and featured Ella Fitzgerald (also Carol Channing and Al Hirt). Super Bowl VII's halftime show featured Woody Herman (also the University of Michigan Band). Super Bowl IX presented the Ellington Orchestra, under the direction of Mercer Ellington (also the Grambling University Band). Maybe next year they can ask Wynton to do the halftime.
  17. It Proves that Prince is a BAD ASS........He can't stop making music, can't stop playing . I thought on this board you guy's would appreciate that ..right ? a throwback to a long lost era. James Brown was the hardest working man...now it's Prince. another thing about the controversey ..Prince rehearsed all week long on that stage , which by the way the NFL Built !.........so they knew what the performance would be every single day up to the event ! They could have easily told Prince no billowey fabric and he would have said fine. I'am listening to Hendrix live at the Fillmore East and on the cover he is squatting with his guitar sticking out of his crotch. whata silly teen display by jimi !
  18. i remember watching this !. Best version i have ever heard !
  19. Seems as if he is headed in the Michael Jackson "look at me I'm a clown" direction. I think the Mick Jagger "look at me I'm still rockin' " direction is more a apt of a clown comparison. Prince, as "eccentric" as he is never has been as ungrounded and maladjusted as Jackson. As long as he keeps making interesting records (which is no means a guarantee - Musicology was a bitch, the followup a yawner), he can do whatever he wants/needs to do live. Different animals (on both sides of the peerformer/audience equation) altogether. Besides, does anybody think that Tina Turner is too old to still be doing her schtick? Fair enough, we differ on our opinions of the guy. I guess we'll see if Prince still pulls it off like Turner and Mick when he passes the age of 60. I'll be first in line for tickets to the first of twenty fairwell tours right around the corner. Without a doubt Prince will be outdoing both Turner and Jagger easily when he turns 60. He is outdoing them both now . What was Jagger doing at 49 ? Not rocking as hard as Prince . also Prince has already done the trio guitar,bass, drum set up with the album The Undertaker. Which he wanted to release as a freebie to a guitar rag and which Warners prevented him . This was the start of the name change and trying to get out of his contract. Prince jams every night of the year....while guy's like the stones make an album, do a world tour then take off for 5 years to sit on their asses. i wouldn't call that being a musician. For christsakes Prince rented a house in LA and built a stage in the living room so he could put on concert's every night .....does Jagger do this ? NO. I saw the Stones in concert twice last year and they Stink ....( except for Charlie Watts) both Woods and Richards couldn't even remember how to start their own songs . Even Jagger would look back at them ..like what the hell ? Saw Prince 3 night's in a row for Musicology tour ...makes the Stones sound like a bad Holiday inn cover band . Prince had John Blackwell on drums , Maceo Parker ......tight as all hell!
  20. Probably Michael Musto from the Village Voice. Thats him !.......i didn't know whether to take him seriously ? he came across like a clown,he couldn't be serious about the condom ?
  21. The other night on MSNBC some critic named Muso claimed it looked like he was playing in a giant condom and was making a safe sex statement ?.....i dunno ..the whole country is off it's rocker!
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