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  1. Have a promo of the Soul Sessions here free to a good home (just the disc no art) PM an adress and I'll pass it forward... Gone to wolff!
  2. My favourite is to go to a used store and rummage through their bargain racks looking for artists or labels I'm familiar with and gathering them up. After I've got a pile I sift through them and work out which to buy and which to replace. Usually buy anything vaguely interesting under £2 and pick out the most interesting at higher prices. Guess I'm a bottom feeder but recent excellent finds have been Richie Beirach Antarctica for £1 and Paul Rucker Apologies... for 50p (I love the Rucker) Usually leave the chains with nothing.
  3. John Taylor's Pause and Think Again is pretty good too and includes Kenny Wheeler (a fave of mine...)
  4. My absolute favourite of that tune.
  5. Alain Goraguer - "Go Go Goraguer". Uni France Digi I'd be interested in this?
  6. I'm a sucker for these but often far from delighted. Generally the more they have, the less relevant they are? The Kinks Village Green is fine (and generally fairly cheap so you get plenty for your money) but the entire second cd is Mono versions and missable imho. The best of it all would fit on one disc. Marvin Gaye Whats Going on is great and even though the live stuff is underrehearsed its a treat to hear. Agreed on the Byrds issues esp Untitled/Unissued. Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is excellent with loads of quality extras. So much so I've yet to get to disc 2! Not yet mentioned is John Martyn's One World Deluxe a classic album (complete on one disc) with some nice live material and bonus stuff on the other. Every home should have one.
  7. http://www.vandenmark5alchemia.com/ More here.
  8. Even on Dialup I don't think the filesize should take too long. I'd definitely try EAC before anything else I use EAC for ripping (sometimes for writing too, its simple enough) Is there anything similar for copying DVDs?
  9. Great discs both! Although I only identified a few things (I'm not good at these things but real pleased I id'd Ben Webster) there was a whole heap of music to enjoy and some to cherish. Goes to show that Orson Welles (through Graham Greene?) was a bit wide of the mark with his remarks about cuckoo clocks and switzerland in the Third Man. Thanks a lot!
  10. Well I'm well chuffed with this thread. I've always been keen to trade with like minded folks and put music I'm not so interested in into others hands who may love it more. So far I've received Dave Brubeck Plays Dave Brubeck, which is one of the most enjoyable records I've heard of his. Dizzy Gillespie's School Days is interesting if short and I've been enjoying the vocals more than I thought. Ralph Towners Blue Sun is maybe a bit too soft for me but nice impressionistic stuff that will need a bit more time. Received a Marcus Roberts set today with Marsalis on trumpet that sounds fine thus far if a little heavy... Many thanks to all! Still a few to pass on if there is anyone still interested? Any one got any more to offer? John Myers - Blastula (Atavistic) Joachim Kuhn - Joachim Kuhn Collection CMP nice collection of oop CMP albums (no front cover) Bob Wilbur/Kenny Davern Summit Meeting Chiaroscuro David Torn door x Windham Hill Hans Dulfer - Express Delayed (Limetree) Candy's dad and a nice organ date. John Mills Courage (482 Music) Steve Swallow Chris Massey Robert Creely (photocopied front cover)
  11. I'm no expert on this stuff but I'm unconvinced about Realplayer as a ripping or writing tool. EAC always comes recommended for ripping the wav files from cds since it checks for errors and lets you know. http://www.exactaudiocopy.org/ (support stuff here http://pages.cthome.net/homepage/eac/) Its easy to download and install (bit fiddly to set up) and the ripping is slow but you do get exact error free clones of the originals. Writing is less critical but 4-8 times is likely fast enough...
  12. Used to be I'd but something and play it again and again and again until I knew every note. Now I like to mix it up a bit more and play lots of differnet discs. Maybe it justifies how many I have. Hard to compete now with the stuff I played in my youth. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon Neil Young - Harvest Led Zep 4 All were played a great deal. Jazz in addition to Miles Kind of Blue and Trane's Blue Train and My Favourite things (likely to be at the top) I'd add are Monk - Monks' Dream, Silver's - Song for my Father, and Bill Evans Explorations
  13. Pink Floyd Music of many adolescences for sure. I grew up in Rural Scotland and none of my family could get their heads round Pink Floyd. My elder Brother (big REO Speedwagon and Journey fan) really hated it esp. DSOTM. By the time I'd worked back ot Piper he knew I was a lost cause. I can still go back to Meddle and DSOTM though maybe its time I looked a little further...
  14. Been looking for this for a while. Its never been reissued has it? Anyone help me buy if its not too outrageous a price. Used to have it on a cassette which has long since expired... Andrew Hill From California With Love Artists House AH9
  15. What I've heard I liked and agree that there a sense of enjoyment about these which is to be enjoyed the show seeded by Henry Kaiser Here...is excellent!
  16. Interesting discussion. I like Brubeck, and enjoy the records I have of his. I'll agree with Ubu that there is always Desmond who is superb and the writing and arrangements to enjoy if Brubeck's playing doesn't hit the spot. Something I find difficult to square personally is the huge success Brubeck has had which has evaded many other equally (or maybe more so) talented musicians. As an awkward cuss, I usually swerve away from the most popular stuff, sometimes because its over exposed (I never need to hear Take 5 again) but more often its that I think that I maybe know better than what is 'popular'. Brubeck then is someone who its taken me a while to like, but for me there is plenty to enjoy in the records. Been listening to Brubeck Plays Brubeck recently (courtesy of another thread here) and though I'm not sure about all of it, I've been coming back to it plenty and enjoying what I hear. When Miles (or Gil Evans?) covers your tunes something is going right...
  17. Explorations for me though I have a compilation bootleg which was my first exposure to Bill and poor sound or not the first 3 tracks are still enormously evocative for me (these) Bill Evans, Chuck Israels, Paul Motian Birdland NYC 10/02/62 1. Gloria's Step 2. Haunted Heart 3. Nardis
  18. 1. I know this only because Ubu had sent it to me previously. Not my thing but well enough played. Thought I’d not heard him before but he was in duo with accordion on BBC radio 3 and played some lovely music... 2. 19-shit, Love it! Grrreat voice 3. Sunny Side of the Street though no idea of the players or singer 4. 5. 6. 7. Much more like it. Great trumpet and bass and a lovely bluesy feel. I’d guess AEC ish, though I’m pretty unfamiliar 8. Fine and loose 9. First thing I feel I should know but can’t quite place 10. Similar here Fly me to the Moon on hammond but not sure of this and would be embarrassed to guess in such Organissimo company. Very nice! 11. Excellent and I should know this 12. Even better and again I should know this 13. 14.
  19. I'd love to have this one. Thanks! PM your address and its yours
  20. These 2 disc sets have so much music and cover so many bases it could be a potted history of jazz. Certainly makes me aware that my listening in jazz is pretty tightly constrained. Nothing I can definitively identify but plenty to enjoy. Mentioned a couple of names below since they've already been id'd and will come back with more when I've listened more... 1. Know the tune just can’t quite think of it. Guessing late Webster probably in Europe... Not fabulously recorded and the piano is far from great but given the live setting it’s a lovely momento of a gig I’d have loved. 2. No idea, great to listen to 78s (that sound like 78s) on my Windows Media Player! Bill Gates would be chuffed. Fun and a nice clarinet but not my thing and mercifully short ;-) 3. Similar to the above 4. Much more interesting. I love the sound on something like this though its technically poor. Kind of like time travel, takes me to somewhere in the past I can barely imagine… 5. Bop with vibes, no idea who it is 6. Nice mainstream date and modern sound no idea on personnel 7. Nice arrangement, unusual tempo and energy level. Helen Merrill would be my only guess though not something I’ve heard. I’ve kinda gone off vocalists lately maybe time to reacquaint myself? 8. Nice, the more I listen to jazz, the more I like unusual instruments and arrangements Standard lineups and blues themes begin to sound samey unless you are there or they are quite outstanding. I like this but can’t identify personnel or even which button instrument is being played. Grew up on Scottish Country Dance Music so the sound of accordions and Jimmy Shand will always have a place in my heart. 9. No idea and nice enough 10. Free-ish piano and though I have hundreds of piano discs can’t quite identify this. They’re having a good time certainly and pushing pretty hard 11. Off in a different direction again. Although its something I’ve never heard I’d guess something like late 60’s Herbie movie soundtrack. Great fun here too 12. Best yet. Great start with droning bass and hot sax on top with tablas. 13. 14. 15. 16. Interesting chart (a bit cheesy/funky though) and large band studio band for TV theme quality but reminds me of Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy stuff, not that I’ve heard much and not in a long time (Always loved his Donald Duck meets Miles Davis skit on the ECM double! Wish I still had that.) 17. Bill Frisell in Power Tools? Live and in great sound. I love that studio album and it is a scandal that its unavailable. Make a great Deluxe package with a live album (if this is them… 18. sweet Edited with additions
  21. Funnily enough I've been looking at entries for this too since I have a 4 track Affinity release of part of it and didn't realise there was more. Is the definitive "definitive" ?
  22. I live and work in London and its an expensive place to be. Somewhere managable and reasonably central might cost around £1000 to rent a 2 bed apartment. Really central even more. My advice would be to look on the direct overland rail routes in/out from where you work Hemel is easily commutable in and out (30 mins? though I've only been there once) and likely to be cheaper out there. theres a transpot for London site which would be a help. tfl http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/ Taxes http://www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk/rates/it.htm PM me if you need any advice beyond this PS Like many in London I'm not English...
  23. Looking in the bargain bins last night I picked up a couple of, unknown to me, guitar discs Jack Wilkins TrioArt on Arabesque and Attila Zoller (solo) Lasting Love on Acoustic Music both very nice. Any other recs on these two?
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