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  1. There's a bunch of stuff here http://www.ropeadope.com/ BOB BELDEN ..BELDEN ON HERBIE might help with the above?
  2. Heard a couple of numbers broadcast from the London Jazz Festival and loved it. Kofi's pretty talented his Monk interpretations a couple of years ago were geat too.
  3. Definitely a favourite of mine too the only Pharoah I consistently go back to. Bought this in Australia on a working holiday in 91. Hadn't had a lot of work and when a truck driver offered me a lift from Armidale in NSW to Melbourne it meant I could cover some miles and hook up with a friend of a friend there. The speed assisted truck journey was crazy but I saw some country and had a great time in Melbourne the south east corner. A bargain bin yielded this and a Hal Wilner Disney album which were duly taped and provided a soundtrack via walkman to travel around the right hand half and long distances down through the middle of that amazing place. Enough about me what about the music. Its excellent. Great ensemble playing and I love the vocals too. Its a psychedelic crossover for me from rock to jazz and wigs out just enough without losing me. Pharoah's other recordings never grabbed me the same. The other impulses don't get to me and the later stuff is fine but not outstanding and what I've heard could be Coltrane repertory. To be honest Pharoah with Coltrane tests me, though I like some of it (Nature Boy and Meditations?) Karma just nails it for me but maybe its the memories of blistering sun and the limitless miles of listening. Oh and by the way that first cd (now replaced) kept the break for flipping the lp over. What were they thinking...
  4. The Birth of Bebop - Scott Deveaux My wife bought me this book ages ago and I'm finally getting round to reading it. Seems great on the browsing I've done so far. Problem is, (for me) there's a lot of the music it discusses that I don't have. I have a bit of the Hawkins in a 10 cd cheap box but I'm really short of early bebop and have litttle of the swing/big band. The discography doesn't help the compiler in me either being organised by tune title. Anyone out there help or have any suggestions? Any recommendations of the Minton's private recordings/ Eckstine stuff?
  5. I've listened and enjoyed but not penned any thoughts yet. If I'm honest there's nothing I recognised at the first listen but I'll put some thorough spots down later
  6. I'm going to up this topic having just read The Bear Comes Home. Interesting, with lots of good writing on the creative process. Recommend it. How about Herbert Simmons - Man Walking on Eggshells ?
  7. Sad news indeed. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room makes me laugh out loud and Jammy Smears has a big enough place in my life to make it to avatar (left) He'll be sorely missed
  8. Hey I made a birthday thread and didn't check in for days. Thanks greatly! c
  9. Yes, Britain got the Cilla Black version. The US got the Cher version! Horrible singer, Cilla. Her voice grates every time I hear it...
  10. Did Cilla Black sing this in the UK release?
  11. fent99

    Gato Barbieri

    Cheers guys guess I'll go for Chapter 4 regardless! Thanks
  12. fent99

    Gato Barbieri

    Been listening to Gato this morning and apart from putting me in a great mood it got me thinking that Latino America is an astonishing reissue. I've never heard the original Chapter One and Two but am amazed that stuff could be cut from these performances. Love the "single" cuts too. Anyone comment on the how the originals compare? I have Chapter 3 too and have loved it for years but would love to hear the rest of the impulse stuff. Any views on Chapter 4, recently reissued? I like the Flying Dutchman stuff I have (Third World Revisited and a live one?) but they are a bit more raw. Anything later than the impulse stuff worth investigating?
  13. Hi All Looking for these Hal Wilner albums on CD (for a long time) and have never seen them. "Amarcord" (Rota) "That's The Way I Feel Now" (Monk) "Lost in the Stars" (Weill) I have the Weill one on cassette but has anyone seen any used copies on CD? Anyone help at all? c
  14. I'll answer my own question and say that Viva la Black the album isn't great, sounds a bit unfocussed in general and the sound isn't the best. Nice document of a live band though and since there isn't that much out there I'm not complaining... Likewise with Spirits Rejoice can't imagine the later stuff being bad and the more thats put out there the better. Ogun needs supporting so its got to be worth a purchase.
  15. Couple more to offer Two ESPs Sun Ra: Concert for the Comet Kohoutek (ZYX version) 9 tracks Live at Town Hall 1973 Sun Ra: Nothing Is (get back version) No case or artwork so disc only but both discs play fine. Great intros and look forward to passing these forward c
  16. I'd agree with David above that some of the records I like the idea of rather than listening to. Exceptions to this are: Closer on ESP and again to agree with David its short measure but marvellously concise. Still wish he'd stretched some of the tunes out a bit further... Turning Point on IAI with Gilmore on board this is an underrated classic (also available as a Savoy compilation) Open, to Love on ECM Not everyone loves the sound but the reading of Ida Lupino here is magesterial. Close behind are: Introducing... Footloose and an unlikely live festival duets album with Gary Burton
  17. fent99

    Kenny Wheeler

    Any thoughts about the Kirchin? I notice that the LP version has sold out (damn - I should have sprung for it). I've not really warmed to this that much. Its instrumental mood music very much of the period. Fine playing I'm sure and the timelocked nature of it is fine (I love The Avengers/Prisoner and stuff like that) just haven't really felt like playing it that much. The other sessions they've released may be more interesting. Have a cdr of Windmill Tilter and interestingly I think that it is the germination of most of Kenny's writing: it seems to all start from there...
  18. Meant to post on this and though I enjoyed it when I first got it I've not returned to it until it came up here, and definitely prefer Joe's more "rehearsed" Blue Note albums. That said its a great document of something I'd love to have seen. Not the greatest meeting of minds but solid enough performances. Funnily enough I've always thought the rhythm section sounded a bit looser than I'd have expected though Joe is fine. The sounds doesn't flatter them certainly. Nice to hear Joe doing Stardust
  19. Kenny's on Brilliant Trees and maybe 2 follow ups (Gone to Earth, Secrets of the Beehive?) David Sylvian's latest features Derek Bailey... Oh and Tony Williams on PiL
  20. Bought the twofer recently and like others can't recommend these highly enough. Not sure I'll spring for the extended versions for now but these are great performances and lovely material.
  21. Happy thanksgiving! Hope everyone over there has a good one! c http://www.guardian.co.uk/cartoons/0,7371,337484,00.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1649309,00.html
  22. Where to start with these? Any one a clear best? I heard a live track on a magazine comp roots of Led Zep and loved it...
  23. Can't disagree. Its as good an example of later Martyn as there is esp. the long last track
  24. I remember having seen Stranger than Paradise and Down by Law in college and one of my then girlfriend's tutors going on about Jim Jarmusch and what a brilliant director he was. I thought my girl really liked this guy and to take him down a peg or two I ripped into the films with pretty much your arguments and that they were style over substance, scripts on one side of A4 etc. To cut a long story short I was a bit of a jerk and won no points with my girl (or her tutor!) Strangely I've learned to love these films and the ones since despite their mannered style. Not sure there's much there sometimes but there's something I like...
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