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  1. If thats The Tumbler its naff, timelocked 60's songwriting (Kuckledy Crunch And Slipledee Slee Song) and the flute fills date it even more. Period piece if you like that kind of thing. I think he only got his voice on the newly reissued Road to Ruin and Stormbringer (and they have some twee stuff on them from Beverly). Anything after Bless the Weather has more interest. I see that Live at Nottingham has been issued. These official bootlegs have variable sound, anyone heard this
  2. Solid Air's been out for a while remastered with one live cut (from So Far, So Good compilation) One world remaster is excellent with some live and alternate mixes
  3. ELO were an early love I still enjoy. Mike Oldfield too, Ommadawn especially
  4. I'll second (or third) Curtis/Live its a lovely loose album and a double on one cd. There's plenty of reissues that sound fine (though not remastered) and should be cheap enough. After that its less clear though there's something of interest on most of the next few. Don't think the Impressions albums stack up in quite the same way but a good compilation is a must. Definitive Impressions on Kent out of the UK is brilliant/essential and there's a second volume though I've not sprung for that yet.
  5. One I have and never hear of is John Gordon Step by Step (and didn't he do another?)
  6. Thats true. I work with lots here at the Royal Pharmaceutical society in London and find no jazz fans...
  7. Don't know what anyone does for a living but are there any Pharmacists out there?
  8. Got this from Chuck in the summer and its a fine session. Only one Award... Shoulda been a Grammy but I imagine that Chuck and his design team couldn't design naff enough packaging!
  9. Agreed that its not what it was but its not been that bad and it must be pretty heavy going as a jazz retailer in the UK...
  10. I've a couple of discs to offer up to the "pay if forward" karma gods. P.S. Thanks to Parkertown for some quality Dylan... They were bought in a sale at Mole Jazz in London maybe 10 years ago and are genuine silver cds but come with no artwork They are: The Complete Dean Benedetti Recordings of Charlie Parker Disc 1 and Disc 3 Not sure why they were seperated from their set or are nude and have no art, but they are a nice sampler for the set. Will separate if there is a lot of demand.
  11. Sure Percy's Song came from that bunch of Dylan stuff hawked around by his publishers (source of those early bootlegs?). Wasn't there an article in Mojo a while back? Brings me to my disappointment with this. Not many stones still left unturned about this period. Mojo must run a Dylan article every 6 months or so and its the bit after that interests me (actually the 70s dylan is the only bit I go back to and listen to) Interesting to hear him talk reasonably straight though and the footage from peace marches (63?) to the UK tour in 66 is great. I could do without all the analysis from old folkies but I'm grateful its from them and not ignorant folk who weren't around at the time like most documentaries. Ultimately it makes me think about the music and those exceptional performances which might just be the point...
  12. Can't agree. There's plenty of Pepper without strings and here he's made one of the best ever with. Possibly the bit of the Galaxy box I listen to most...
  13. Kenny Wheeler, Stan Sultzmann, John Parricelli are playing as part of the below tonight and I find myself with a spare ticket. (£10 unreserved, maybe standing) Anyone interested call me on 0207 572 2340. Not sure if its sold out and if there are no takers I'll try to return it. Great trio I've meant to catch for ages. Colin Capital Gardens Jazz Nights Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road, London, SE1 7LB, England More venue information Now into its third year, the Capital Gardens Jazz Nights held at the Museum of Garden History are really starting to catch people¹s imagination. The Museum of Garden History is based in the old church of St Mary-at-Lambeth, and boasts extraordinary acoustics with a wonderful traditional atmosphere. Ally this with the fact that the Museum is located on the banks of the Thames, next to Lambeth Palace and opposite Westminster, and it is easy to see why this new music venue is becoming so popular. Dates: 01 September 2005 Managed to sell on the door. Great gig.
  14. Stranagely bought this in its old version a couple of weeks ago so can post on another AOTW
  15. By no means an expert but love the duo work with Coscia must explore the larger groups but worry that they are new trad thing.
  16. Finally picked this up a few weeks ago. (from chuck, excellent service). Its excellent! I'm by no means a collector or expert on Parker (I have all the dials, much of the savoys a few verves and various live stuff) I was a bit intimidated by this, being no expert and thinking there are plenty of other recordings of Parker I should get (I've got very little Gillespie either). Shouldn't have worried, the sound is great and the music is exceptional. Definitely not to be missed and given the labour of love involved its a cause to support.
  17. Tubular Bells sucks! Hopefully this album is better... Guy ← Definitely better! I think its clear in a short sequence in the album what's being referred to. Although some of my comments might seem like criticism, I've listened to this a lot. Its one of those albums rooted in its time but since the music is good, its stood up well.
  18. fent99

    Eumir Deodato

    Bought a couple of his early albums reissued. Nice organ and arrangements. Anyone here know these? Tremendão Eumir Deodato/Os Catedráticos Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: c. 1964Maurílio Santos (tp); Raul de Souza (tb); Walter Rosa (ts); Alberto Gonçalves (bs); Eumir Deodato (p,org,arr,cond); Neco, Geraldo Vespar (el-g); Luiz Marinho, Sergio Barroso (b); Dom Um Romão, Wilson Das Neves (d); Jorge Arena (cga); Rubens Bassini (perc); Humberto Garin (guiro) Ataque Eumir Deodato/Os Catedráticos Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1965Maurílio Santos (tp); Edson Maciel (tb); Walter Rosa (ts); Aurino Ferreira (bs); Eumir Deodato (p,org,arr,cond); Geraldo Vespar (g); Sergio Barroso (b); Wilson Das Neves (d); Rubens Bassini (cga,tamb); Jorginho (cga); Humberto Garin (guiro).
  19. Lovely album and definitely very different to the Bley I chose last week. I've seen this described as a a jazzy Tubular Bells somewhere (maybe the Penguin book) I love this though I'm less sure that its jazz. No doubting the credentials and some of the playing but as an album it starts from jazz and goes somewhere else. Hard to argue with the tones of those cellos (and maybe like some other jazz with strings its maybe them that take the music to more of a mood music thing). No problem with this as great music though and its something I return to again and again...
  20. Max Roach's Its Time fills a space like this for me, though some might not like the choir. Lots of Impulse sets with a similar feel...
  21. I have this as a Savoy reissue with notes by Cusuna and love it too (not sure if its all on one or the other, there are a couple of alternates on the savoy certainly). Ida Lupino again and Gilmore is brilliant on this, better than anywhere else I've heard him. I've another savoy compilation of trio material Floater Syndrome which is tougher to get into. I have also Closer on ESP which is great but all the tunes are over quick. Might be one of my fave ESPs though. (My comments on Gilmore might suggest that I don't have that many...) Doing a bit of searching I see he played with Parker and Ayler which is maybe not so far but its been a long and interesting journey.
  22. Its been a while since I heard this and mostly I remember being disappointed. Both of the sessions that Tony leads on Blue Note are disappointing to me and don't stick in my mind as his work with others at the same time especially the Jackie McLean stuff where he is truly amazing. I'll need to revist though and I've been coming more around to Rivers who I find a tough nut to crack...
  23. Not as much discussion as I was expecting and I've had little connectivity last week so just managed to check in briefly. He's a pivotal figure I think, certainly in his early career with the Hillcrest gigs and the material with Giuffre. An interesting figure then, but too spiky for ECM I'd guess and fond of following his own thing. I find it fascinating though that his career is also shaped by playing two partners/ex-partners compositions and how they've recurred throughout his career. Open, to Love has 3 by Carla 2 by Annette and 2 by himself. Through his career lots of things he goes back to and revisits like the Giuffre trio reunion stuff as well as the compositions. Though he also seems to be moving forward and exploring all the time? I'd be intrigued by his autobiography and anyone know of a reasonable priced copy since its $50 on his website and I'd like to read more about him.
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