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  1. Can't hear the streaming and you've got me intrigued. Love to hear some of this anyone help me with a primer?
  2. No one's mentioned the Arkology Lee Perry box. Lots of versions of the same basic track given unique Perry treatment but all have something and I keep coming back again and again... I see that Universal's Boutique label http://www.hip-oselect.com/cat_collectors.asp has reissued some classics like Super Ape and Max Romeo - War ina Babylon
  3. Maybe I should clarify... I've never liked that UK New Orleans stff that's called trad over here. I'm sure its much better at home. Just looking for some recs of fun places to go and modern jazz if possible. I like a rummage in used cd stores too?
  4. In New Orleans on business next week and wonder what I shouldn't miss what I maybe should miss. Lots of live music on but I don't like the trad stuff. Anywhere do modern, anyone play there regularly I should look out for? you guys know everything!
  5. fent99

    proper reissues

    Lots of interesting stuff here on copyright which maybe would be a better topic for discussion than solely Proper reissues love them/hate them. I have a couple which I seldom listen to like all the slabs of box sets I like the look of but seldom take off the shelf, 40 min albums work best for me! I work in book publishing (medicines information, so no interesting freebies unless you are a pharmacist) and copyright is an important part of protecting the rights of intellectual property. As such its useful in our business though piracy/misuse of ip in some parts of the world is a problem (from students photocopying books at US universities to complete books copied and bound in India). Most of our publications go out of date so the long term consequences are less problematic than short term and indeed our publications use in historical research is helped by their going out of copyright. Its different with books particularly since there is a longer time frame of production 500 years vs the 100 for recorded sound. And I wouldn't welcome indefinate copyright since who would benefit from Wuthering Heights or Moby Dick going back into copyright? Little need to help benefit for the Bronte/Melville family or the orginal publishers if you ask me. (Though I'm not sure why intellectual property has less value than physical property in philosophical terms) The implications in recorded or broadcast media I'm less sure about. I'm no expert but I've always wondered why recordings differ from printed books in that the European standard for published works are life plus 70 years (copyright primer here http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/okbooks.html). Surely that in itself would benefit many jazz musicians?
  6. Maybe its cause I've not got too many mp3s on my computer but i keep coming back to these mp3 tracks. Not having any access to east european vinyl. I'd lik eto hear more. These sound even better than the MPS... Can you help, couw?
  7. Newly updated mixed bag available for trade or sale. I'm in the UK and like anything interesting that I don't have. Let me know if you are interested in any of these. I've not offered for sale previously but would if anyone is interested... Prices are £6 per disc (GBP) or £8 per disc for the ones with * (promos eps and cdrs ... make me an offer). Postage to be worked out at cost. Latest additions Ornette Coleman - Forms and Sounds (Bluebird) George Coleman - My Horns of Plenty (Birdology) Larry Coryell/Phillip Catherine - Twin House (ACT) with 5 bonus tracks from a follow up Hans Dulfer - Express Delayed (Limetree) Candy's dad in organ combo EST Somewhere Else Before (columbia/superstudio gul) Barry Harris Trio - Magnificent OJC *Helen Humes - Radio Nights (CDM/harmonia mundi) 1980 Live oop *Keith Jarrett - GI Gurdjief Sacred Hymns ECM Diana Krall - Live in Paris (promo) *Joachim Kuhn - From Time to Time Free CMP OOP w/Humair and Jenny-Clark *Mundell Lowe Hendrik Merkens Mundells Moods (Nagel Hayer) Claire Martin - Perfect Alibi (linn) Jimmy Rowles - Lilac Time (Kokopelli) Jimmy sings on some Sonny Terry/Brownie McGee - At Sugar Hill (fantasy) *David Torn - Tripping over god CMP oop Still available *Derek Bailey - New Sights Old Sounds (Incus) 2CD Willie Bobo Spanish Grease/123 (verve) twofer Bill Brufords Earthworks - Heavenly Bodies (eg) compilation Ornette Coleman - Art of the Improvisers (Atlantic) Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness (impulse) John Coltrane Live Antibes (charly) A Love Supreme/Impressions live John Coltrane A Love Supreme (impulse) digipack John Coltrane Olatunji Concert (impulse) digipack Lol Coxhill/Haslam/Hession/Rutherford/Fell - termite one (Bruces Fingers) (came as a CDR) Duke Ellington - The Private Collection Vol 6: Studio Sessions (New York 1968) Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz (OJC) Bill Evans - New Jazz Conceptions (OJC) Bill Evans - Everybody Digs (OJC) Aretha Franklin - Aretha's Jazz (atlantic) *Bill Frisell Live (Gramavision) w Joey Baron/Kermit Driscol Honi Gordon - Honi Gordon Sings (OJC) with Jaki Byard, Ken McIntyre, etc Umar Bin Hassan - Be Bop or Be Dead (Axiom) Bill Laswell etc Bengt Hallberg/Kjell Baekkelund Contrasts (sonet) Billie Holiday Ultimate (Verve) selected by Shirley Horn Bobby Hutcherson - Skyline (Verve) Bob James - BJ4 (Tappan Zee) *Steve Lacy Nine Futurities Part 2 (Hat Hut) Carmen McRae And Friends (spotlite/LRC) with Thad Jones and Cat Anderson John Mills Courage (482 Music) Steve Swallow Chris Massey Robert Creely Frank Morgan Easy Living (Contemporary) John Myers Blastula (Atavistic) Art Pepper - Straight Life (savoy) Jimmy Scott - All the Way (Sire) Henri Texier - Colonel Skopje (Evidence) Various Artists - Come Together Guitar tribute to the Beatles feat Vol 2 (NYC Records) Charlie Hunter etc Sarah Vaughan - The Divine ... CBS Years (CBS) 2CD Non Jazz Allman Brothers - At the Fillmore East (polydor) original 2cd issue Adrian Belew Desire of the Rhino King (island) Frank Black and Teenage Fanclub - Peel Sessions (strange fruit) Bowery Electric - Lush Life (beggars banquet) Roseanne Cash - 10 song demo (capitol) Duffy - Duffy (indolent) Fairport Convention - House Full, Live at the LA troubador (island) Kim Foley - Fantasy World (shoeshine) Robyn Hitchcock - Respect (a&m) The Long Riders - Two Fisted Tales (prima) deluxe w extra tracks Van Morrison and the Chieftains - Irish Heartbeat (mercury) Randy Newman - Land of Dreams (reprise) Charley Patton Definitive (indigo) Pizzicato 5 unzipped ep (matador) REM - Reckoning (IRS) Shack - Waterpistol (marina) Stereolab - Household names/Barok Plastik 2tr promo (duophonic) The London Suede - Dog Man Star (nude/columbia) Suede - Coming Up (nude) Varnaline - Man of Sin (rykodisc) Roger Waters - Amused to Death Nancy Wilson (ex Heart) Live at McCabes Guitar Shop (epic) Frank Zappa in New York (Zappa Records) 2CD
  8. If you fancy a bit more of a rummage then the Music exchanges on Notting Hill Gate are fun the soul and jazz one has a reasonable selection of CDs and LPs and bargains (under £4 upstairs) the rock one is worth a look too. (another store on Camden High st has smaller selection )
  9. Anyone have any Amsterdam clubs and stores recommendations? Anywhere else in Holland too? Be real grateful for any tips fo the next week since I'm going on a cycling tour there next week
  10. INterested in any comments on his 2CD set of Lush Life. I have one cd and like and always thought I should search out the 2nd half. Any views here?
  11. Sorry I'm a day late but given the prices you mention I'd definitely pick up Echoes for 9.95. Its got all of the Gosdin Brothers album pictured above plus some Byrds stuff written by Clark and a couple of rarities. White Light too is excellent. I like the Byrds a lot though hadn't listened for ages and recently picked up the untitled album. The cover of Lowell Georges' Willin is fantastic and makes me think that I should pick up some of that? Any ideas where to start there? (Oh and I've always love Chestnut Mare...)
  12. I have a contact in Hungary who should be able to help purchase copies. Let me know if you want any assistance.
  13. The MPS I picked up in a sale some time ago and enjoyed the tristano influence, though need to dig it out again, so definitely worth looking for or MPS reissuing. When I was in Prague some years ago I spent an hour listening to the local jazz output and bought a few discs. Sure I have some estonian jazz too... There is lots of music out there if you care to look for it. Lots of forgotten gems and careers that few remember or reputations in a state of neglect. Any others?
  14. A recent purchase this and though not my favourite Wheeler (Gnu High is the first Wheeler I heard and has a special place) it certainly rates very highly with a great cast and Wheelers unusual and distinctive writing. I'm no musician either but his writing has a sadness and beauty I can find nowhere else. Listening again it has a lovely sound throughout too. Recommend the recent reissue of Song for Someone on Evan Parkers psi label, for an earlier (1974) recording with a related band. I too would love to hear Windmill Tilter ...
  15. Used to have the Black Lion and never liked it much (but never liked the tunes...) Should be able to pick it up real cheap so don't overpay.
  16. wasn't there an album of Chet Baker doing my funny valentine...
  17. Strangely hasn't Mr Svensson written a new vocal album for Victoria Tolstoy?
  18. I like this so will dig it out later. Came to this after reading the Penguin review and listening to Stanko 's From the Green Hill on ECM 2-3 years ago. Excellent band, great writing should definitely be more widely available. I'll listen again and write more
  19. CD arrived day before yesterday so although I've given it a couple of plays through, I'll maybe post a more thorough review when I've digested it more. Caveats are that I am Scottish and the proximity to Burn's night and haggis consumption may colour my judgement. I've also been picking up a few of the Caber Releases as I've seen them. I've got: Trio AAB - Wherever I lay ... (which is interesting but doesn't grab me like I hoped), Martyn Kershaw (enjoyable, with a great version of Dance of the Siamese Children), Both Celtic Feet albums (likeable but maybe a bit too folky for me) and the Chick Lyall - Solitary Dance CD which again is interesting and enjoyable, but more later... Initial standouts are Colin Steele which is an interesting composition with Scottish folk elements. Arguelles is an unsung talent too The Brian Kellock track is excellent so I'll be keeping and eye out for that album. (As an aside I caught a bit of a broadcast of Kellock and Tommy Smith at St Magnus' Cathedral that was excellent! Worthy of release?) The Celtic Feet I'm less sure of. Its enjoyable but maybe a bit too folky for me. I have the albums (picked up secondhand, sorry) and always meant to dig them out again which I will. Surprise for me was the Chick Lyall track, from an album which I own but have never really spent the time with. Isolated the track sounded great so I will definitely spend more time with that. Will post more when I've listened more!
  20. I'll throw my view in. I've got pretty catholic taste and love lots of kinds of music from country to rock but with a big jazz thing. In country its Jim Reeves. Just a few songs but He'll Have to Go especially. ELO have their moments for me too. The other Guilty Pleasures are those pop or dance tunes that get under your skin. You know you'll hate them eventually but Kylie, Cant get you out of my Head , Beyonce, Dangerous in Love, Avalances, Since I met You all get stuck in there...
  21. Hi All I'm delighted to say that the disc turned up and I've had a blast listening to it. I'll be honest and say that its much more of my thing than the previous test. I've not had time to sit down and pen a response to the music which I'll try to do over the weekend. Inital resonse is great though and though I'd say there is nothing on this disc that I have and precious few I even recognise there is some stuff I'll have to explore. Track 10 in particular jumped out at me and its something that I've had to look for others opinions on. Its a band I've listened to a few things and never liked. Obviously listening to the wrong albums... More later c
  22. fent99

    John Gilmore

    I've never heard the IAI Turning Point but have a Savoy issue with some (all?)of the same material. Its truly fantastic and I'd agree that Ida Lupino is magnificent. (sure there is an alternate on my savoy version. ) Anyone confirm whether this is all the same material? The Pete LaRoca I'd like to find also and still have it on a cassette taped from an LP which called it Love Planet by Chick Corea...
  23. Here's a fuller listing http://www.jazzservices.org.uk/index.htm Once you follow through the links you can find a full London listing and maybe even Scotland too. I'd recommend a trip to the smaller local clubs (Vortex, Bull's Head, 606 club) even though they are a bit further out. Ask on the board if you don't know the local acts.
  24. First time Blindfold post. Can I say how much I've enjoyed this and hope to return to it once I know who's on it! I think of havin eclectic taste and being a bit of a Jazz fan so quite perplexed that I could only positively i.d. JB, Marvin and Steve Swallow. Lots of interesting stuff and I might say that a lot. Here's my 2p worth cd1 1. Like this a lot, both the piano and the horns. Guessing its from the 70's, a period I like lots of things from. Guessing Cedar Walton but its really a guess since it doesnt sound like the Cliff Jordan bands I'm familiar with 2. Interesting and just about good... Not really something I'd listen to but nice to hear vinyl as tired as some of my own. 3. Opening sounds like something I should know but then turns into something else. Like this a lot though. 4. Not so keen on big bands but this is fine. Again no idea who it is though. 5. Definitely JB. Much prefer him funky but its incredible to realise he went from this to funk, a fabulous journey. 6. Lovely singer and nice song. No-one I recognise and the arrangement and voice are a little too "vanilla" for me. 7. Can't read my notes other than free-ish 8. Nice organ and sax. Don't listen to too much of this kinda stuff but enjoy the sound when I do 9. No idea who thi could be 10. Interesting percussion but answers as above 11. Bit before my realm of interest and don't really get this 12. Again no idea though reminds me of Sun Ra doing Pink Elephants on parade on a Disney tribute 13. Don't tend to listen to bigger ensembles but this isnice sounding an dI would listen to this. 14. Like this too. Quite cool and was thinking Konitz or Desmond? 15. I'd Guess Hamp but have none of his records at all cd2 1. Evan Parker style intro but then he calms down so its unlikely to be Evan 2. Like this both the Rhythm and Trombone. nice combination 3. Marvin. Off a great though patchy album Here my Dear. Like most doubles better editing would have made it a masterpiece. That said I don't know how you could edit this kind of personal music and lyrics 4. Steve Swallow so it must be Carla Bley? I Keep buying her records but I'm never sure if I like them. I like the idea of them more than I listen to them 5. Not my thing. There is still a lot of trad in the UK and when I first discovered jazz through Charlie Parker and Miles Davis they made sure it was modern. Just don't get trad. 6. Like this but no idea who it is. Nice bop feel. 7. Interesting fairly large ensemble 8. Again a bit before my interest era though the sax is real nice. My guess is Lester Young and I realise I need to listen to more of his music. 9. Feel like I should know this but can't place it 10. JB horns feel but don't recognise this at all. 11. Love the tuba and guess Bob Stewart doesn't help pin down the band though I like this kind of thing a lot. All in all a fine mix with a few new favourites for me. Looking forward to the blindfold being revealed
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