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  1. Thanks MG, I'll take that as a compliment. Fuller responses tonight but I do like textures, interesting instrumentation (tuba!) and good arrangements. Regarding 14; as noted above it's not Leon Thomas though they acknowledge him in the liners. Going to have to get that album! Think that these discussions will make me spend more money too...
  2. Cheers John Its not Leon Thomas though sounds pretty like him. I've never heard that version though. Its a great tune though and included as a tribute to Horace
  3. Links now sent out and I hope they work since its been a wee bit tricky. No theme unless its subconscious. Just music that's been on my stereo in the last while and I'd like to see what you guys might think as much as if you know it... Thanks for the interest and sorry its a wee bit late!
  4. Download is now available. Drop me a note and I'll send the link on
  5. Sorry everyone. Been having some technical problems and now some connection issues... Hopefully sorted later today :-(
  6. Hi Everyone Link will be up later today (evening for me in the UK). All welcome!
  7. Hi All My turn for July! Let me know who wants a download link and if anyone wants a CD that can be done also. Looking forward to compiling over the weekend and have a few things in mind. More of a mixtape of my current listening than anything too obscure. All welcome!
  8. Had a similar problem with a Jackie Wilson best of that I remember buying in John Menzies on Princes Street in Edinburgh in about 1990 (the one you can see Ewan McGregor running from in Trainspotting)! Similarly sent it back with a nice note talking of my disappointment that it had decomposed and was sent another by return! I didn't expect another copy but excellent service, you're right. Its a great Jackie Wilson comp too! Pretty sure I have a copy of Johnny Lytle's 'Loop/New & Groovy' which I picked up for £1. Yours if you want it and I'll pass on the good feeling about Ace!
  9. Wow Been listening during my commute the last couple of days and haven't written notes yet so will try to do that before the end of the month (didn't manage on the last bft :-( ) Loving it and like the exotica, soul and the 'otherness' of a lot of the tracks. First track reminds me of those library music recordings (De Wolfe?) and something says Basil Kirchin to me... I could be sooo wrong though (and probably am). More later though and there is one track I think I may have id'd and indeed may have...
  10. I always understood these weren't the best Tatum though they are the first I heard and the ones I return to most.
  11. Not recognising a lot of this but will write some thoughts over the weekend. Lots to like though.
  12. My turntable! I got it in a sealed box after a messy breakup nearly 20 years ago (it had been her dads). No-one asked for it back and its given great service since (with the odd stylus/rubber band). It replaced a turntable I bought at a car boot sale for £4 which with a new cartridge sounded great... Can't go wrong with the Rega and picking up a used one locally and getting it set up correctly would be my recommendation
  13. I could do one of these if no one has stepped up!
  14. Thanks, I was just chewing on my breakfast.. Many years ago I went to Paris with my then girlfriend. Authentic french restaurant duly picked out from the guidebook, food then ordered. I did a bit of french in high school so thought I'd be safe enough with poulet something or other but when it came it was an unusually textured sausage, Didn't seem like chicken and if it was it seemed to be made of spiced chicken skins, tasted a bit like a peppery haggis so not really knowing how to ask about it I started eating it. About 20 mins later and several inches into the sausage there was a bit of a commotion at the next tabel where a lone diner was complaining loudly about his dinner and pointing at mine. Turned out I was eating his choice, the last one in the kitchen and some stupid "englishman" didn't know any better and was eating it. Andouillette was what I'd got (a tripe sausage) and although I'd got the gist of the insults and the shouting, I didn't have enough French to get involved in sorting it out. Quite a memorable french dining experience but not for any of the right reasons. Looking back its pretty funny but I'll not be eating any more tripe...
  15. Heard this too in the middle of a sleepless night. Really interesting. Interesting counter to the 80's music we got in the UK and the misty eyed nostalgia for it.
  16. Received mine all the way to Scotland. There is a lot of music here and enjoying so far...
  17. I've a vague memory that some of the Hejira material debuted live on the Rolling Thunder Review tours with Dylan, is that right? Guessing these were solo acoustic slots? Thats not a chronology or scene I'd place that material with and it always surprised me that this material would be on that bill.
  18. fent99

    Ronny Jordan RIP

    Bought the single of So What at the time and it still gets played now and again. Actually saw a bar band here play the arrangement pretty much note for note in the summer and dug it out only recently. The other really memorable "musical" anecdote is CJ in the west wing lip-syncing to The Jackal in the West Wing. Its a great track too maybe on youtube (can't search from here , can someone link, Dana Bryant on vocals)? The acid jazz scene was never really to my taste. Few of the records have stuck with me but I recall some enjoyable nights in the Jazz Cafe and the taste of the DJs (and their continued crate digging) and musicianship of some of the bands was a treat at the time Way too young.
  19. Definitely. Saw it a UK store Fopp last week, £5 only!
  20. Think there are lots of pop/rock folks where I just get to the stage where either I think that they've said all they are going to say to me or like Van, they've maybe said all they are going to say. Lots of bands/artists REM, U2 have gone this way for me. Some though, and I'm thinking Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Sonny Rollins in this group, are folks who are still out there putting out music and playing live, all of which I'm grateful for. I don't love everything they put out and the gigs might not be all that on occasion. I also get frustrated when the critics tell you that each new thing is the best since their career high in 1974 (it seldom is). But I'm glad there's still new music and sometimes you get a gem. So what if its not Blood on the Tracks, After the Goldrush or the Bridge...
  21. Saw them live a month ago in the Sage in Newcastle, UK (no Lloyd, not sure of the name of the second very capable guitar player) really enjoyed it particularly Verlaine's guitar work. Agreed that the bass and drums add to the uniqueness. Played nearly all of Marquee Moon which is one of those albums where every track is near perfect.
  22. Its a 3-4 years since I was there but the obvious is all excellent. Pyramids/sphyynx at Giza, Cairo Museum is amazing and the big market/souk excellent. Loved my stay there and ate really well too!
  23. Not to derail the thread but this is one of the changes in how we listen to music. I don't have a big ipod only 16 gb on my mobile but I change the music regularly sticking on albums freshly bought etc. It is amazing how often something comes on and I have to check who it is esp contemporary jazz. Only loaded it on last night and already I can't remember. I think I get what you mean by this. I was thinking I'd like to hear Kenny Burrell: Ellington is Forever so I just looked for other interpretations on my itunes some with guitar some by Ellington bands. Realised I generally prefer Ellington playing Ellington so problem solved and no more money to Amazon... I know somebody is going to burst my bubble and say you have to hear this... PS I kinda like Arbour Zena and enjoy the monolithic blocks of sound, when I'm in the mood
  24. Me too! Think being the son of the owner might have had more to do with it than your choice of listening.... However discovering Fripp in the 80s didn't help me with the ladies then and is unlikely to still.
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