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  1. Anyone know more about this? from COLTRANE-L Digest "Hearing about an imminent release of live Coltrane material from early or mid 1961? A sextet with Dolphy, and two bassists. Set list includes a performance of When Lights Are Low with Eric playing the melody. Other tunes include Africa, Greensleeves, Impressions. Tapes turned up at the NY Public Library…." > "George Schuller mentioned this upcoming spring release on a Zoom call yesterday. It is from the Village Gate."
  2. I received my copy today. Time to listen.
  3. Rest in peace. All these musicians I listen to growing up I slowly dying one by one. It’s gonna happen to everyone.
  4. 75K raised so far in just 2 weeks.
  5. I received an email my order was processed and will ship shortly. I had ordered it December 20th.
  6. Sad to hear this. He died from bacterial meningitis. Rest in peace.
  7. Mr. Lewis is in need of help. He is suffering from a condition called drop foot. At the current time, he is unable to play the drums and make a living. https://www.gofundme.com/f/uh2mx7-victor-lewis
  8. I forgot that Herb Elis appeared on Sanford and Son. Does anyone else remember this episode?
  9. Yes it’s a big ass book. I provided Aidan with a lot of music that help with the book. I am mentioned on page 882. I didn’t expect that.
  10. I believe you have to download. I haven't really tried yet. I just started to use this tonight.
  11. Are any of you using "The Cloud" to store your CDs and albums? I found a site, TeraBox, that gives you 1 TB of free storage. I started moving my CDs to there so I can access my music anywhere. It also serves as a backup if ever I lose a CD or album, I have a copy some place.
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