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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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8 hours ago, bresna said:

If you like Chanbers' arco bass solos... not my favorite.

Well..... I do. Nice contribution by Kenny Burrell too so this is a winner.

Not having an original of this one, or ever likely to have an original, the TP release is a great option. Being a stereo release I guess the comparison would be against the 1966 Liberty, with the Tone Poet likely to be superior. 

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"I couldn´t read who is on it. 
I think I have somewhere a Charlie Parker Memorial 1965 (10 years after Charlie Parker´s death but it has more musicians form the generation before Bird (Coleman Hawkins and Roy Eldrigde)."

This Charlie Parker Memorial Concert (on Cadet) is from 1970 and has some unusual combinations. For example, Dexter Gordon with Von Freeman, Red Rodney, Roy Haynes, Jodie Christian and Rufus Reid.

Another is Kenny Dorham with Ray Nance, Joe Daley, Rufus Reid, Muhal Richard Abrams and Wilbur Campbell.

Also, Lee Konitz with Art Hoyle, John Young, Rufus Reid and Philly Joe Jones.

Good record.

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4 hours ago, Ken Dryden said:

Track 1 on this CD is mislabled, it is actually "Steeplechase" by Charlie Parker. Nearly every writer who reviewed it at the time of release caught this error.

We find that also with "Lee Konitz composition" sounding like well known originals.  Even with some  Kenton and Miles Davis recordings where tunes sound familiar. Nothing knew to me.

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Turntable repaired, time to catch up on new arrivals


Ingfried Hoffman - Ingfried Hoffman's Hammond Tales [Philips, Germany 1963 mono]


Misja Mengelberg Quartet - As Featured At The Newport Jazz Festival 1966 [Artone, Netherlands 1968 RE]


Gunter Hampel Group - Music From Europe [ESP, 1967]

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On 13.6.2022 at 11:09 PM, porcy62 said:


Is this the one with Earl Coleman on it. I´m not really a fan of vocal jazz, but I love Earl Coleman, Billy Eckstine, Johnny Hartman etc......, and it´s great to hear Sonny in that rare context.....

On 13.6.2022 at 2:29 PM, jazzcorner said:


Here is another one



Interesting all star thing. 
I heard Dizzy about the same time with an All Star Band, I don´t remember exactly the personnel, but it was Diz with Phil Woods, maybe Steve Turré , I don´t remember who was on piano, Rufus Reid was on bass and Mickey Roker on drums. 
Well I would have liked Jackie McLean more than Phil Woods, but he is also okay. 
Maybe Diz due to advanced age did not hit every note the way he wanted but it was pure bop, you still could learn very much from listening to him. I remember they played "Tour de Force" or this was the only track that was recorded for television than.....

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Light In The Attic double of the two Timeless LPs. The recording quality isn’t the greatest but the music is stellar.

Updated one day later to add that I am liking this one a lot and the recording is fine (must be my ears !) not perfect but not bad at all. In addition to the Messengers lineup of the time there is Curtis Fuller on trombone (always a plus) and Ray Mantilla on congas. Vols 1 and 2 totally passed me by at time of issue for some reason. Although this one is on purple vinyl (why?), pressing is fine, the sleeve and OBI are well done and make this into a nice issue. 

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