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Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

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Jazz Crusaders set. This is just real nice...right up my alley...post hard-bop. :tup

And last nite:

Miles' 5-tet 1965-68 10 Lp set.

These two and the Turrentine Mosaic were Valentine's Day gifts from my incredible, beautiful wife. :wub::cool:

And wealthy - 3 Mosaic big boxes for Valentines Day.

What did you give her?


She went way, way overboard...

I got her a Valentine-y necklace and earring set. A gift certificate to her favorite day spa. A dozen red roses, arranged. And dinner out at Maggiano's.

I'm trying to hold back a bit cuz she want's a new car...

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I agree with you 100%, Mikelz777. Tubby Hayes is definitely someone I'm going to further explore also. Not unlike the great job Harold Land did on the Carmel Jones set. Right now:

g30411nrk9v.jpg Disc 3

What a dynamite set! How come this guy wasn't more well known? I'm incredibly glad I bought this set. :tup

In addition, since I've now become alot more familiar with Stanley Turrentines work featured in the 2 above sets, his 5 cd set on Mosaic is now on my radar screen. Maybe in another month..

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I'm a big fan of the Stanley Turrentine set. Just look at some of the personnel: Blue Mitchell and Lee Morgan on trumpet; Curtis Fuller on trombone; Sonny Clark, Horace Parlan and Cedar Walton on piano; Shirley Scott on organ; Kenny Burrell on guitar. I was also very impressed with his brother Tommy Turrentine on trumpet. I'm a Mr. T fan and his Mosaic was well, well worth the investment.

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I finally got started really digging into the chubby Mildred box... great stuff! I'm only halfway into disc 2 but this looks like a great box. One of the most thorough booklets I've yet seen, not just documenting/annotating the sessions but filling in the gaps and actually providing a timeline of all those years.

About time I come to listen to it, I picked it up when it went OOP...

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