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Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

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Well I have to say... I finally finished the set today.. and my first impression with the remaining 2 discs and overall is that it's a bit a of disappointment... :unsure::unsure:

I mean i've got way too many McCoy records but this set just didn't work that well.... :mellow::mellow: I may change my mind but at first listen I was kinda bummed...

the little bit of a trio session was the best part....

Just finished listening to Disc 1 of McCoy's Select...

So far.. nice... Very different than his work today but quite consistent with the type of material he was composing/playing during that era....


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My juvenile ears are thoroughly enjoying the 2nd CD of the Hutcherson Select..

God it so good not to have to listen to "adult music." :w:w

*IMHO This is heading to the one of the best selects I've seen..."


I've got Sonny Stitt disc 1 on; the Johnny Richards & Quincy Jones albums. I've heard these a few times now and, so far, I'm liking the Q material a good deal more than the JR stuff.


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Got my Condon Mob set yesterday!

Played the first parts of the last disc, two great Wild Bill Davison w/string cuts (Yesterdays is sublime!), then the first of the Lee Wiley 10 inchers, the Manhattan album - terrific!

shhh ! :g

I want to hear that it's crap !

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