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2004 Organissimo Holiday Music For You!

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As mentioned in another thread, last year we offered for free, some holiday music downloads. You can find the original thread by clicking here.

We had a request to make more music available this year, so here you go.

CLICK ME -----> A little holiday music for you!

This was recorded just tonight, during our Sunday rehearsal. I'm really happy with my little home studio and I've been working on it a lot during the last year, learning how to get the best sounds I can and purchasing new equipment as funds allow.

Just this evening Joe helped me re-arrange the main room we record in to be more user friendly and instrument friendly. The old configuration was set up when Alison and I first moved into this house in August of 2003. I like the new configuration better as we have more separation between the instruments.

We're getting closer and closer to start real work on our next record. The tunes are all there, it's just a matter of finding time to really go at it. I personally hope to get most of the tracking done by the end of January.

Anyway, enjoy the track. We may have time to do one more between now and the end of the holiday season, so if you have any ideas on what tunes to cover, let us know!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


EDIT: Here are the tracks from last year as well...

CLICK ME -----> A little holiday music for you!

**NOTE: The best way to hear this track is to right-click the above link (for you PC users) and choose "Save Target As" from the drop-down menu. Or you can just click the link and let the mp3 stream into your player. The mp3 is encoded at 190 kbps and the file size is about 7mb.

EDIT: Ok, by request, here's two more holiday tunes for everyone. The first is another recorded by Joe, Randy and I in my basement this past weekend (no sax this time). The second was recorded last year during the "Boogaloo" sessions. Enjoy!

CLICK ME 2 -----> More holiday music for you!

CLICK ME 3 -----> Yet another piece of holiday music for you!

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For our local members, our Third Annual Holiday Party is tonight at Founders.

Details, details:

December 21 - 9:00pm to 1:00am

3rd Annual Organissimo Holiday Party!

Founders Brewing Co.

648 Monroe NW

Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503

Phone: (616) 776-1195

~Our 3rd Annual Holiday Party is at Founder's this year and we hope you'll be there as well! Just like the previous years, we'll be handing out FREE holiday music CDs at the gig, first come first serve! Forget the egg nog and get some microbrewed beer and funky organ music instead!

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You know Jim, I was playing Big John Patton's "Holiday Soul" and finding it kinda..... boring really. Then I played your holiday tunes and found myself tapping my foot and enjoying the heck out of it.

And I'll reiterate that this music is a prefect amount of music for one LP. :):)

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