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The Latest Chris-Hardbop Bout

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Anybody catch hardbop's praise of Wynton for derailing a planned J@LC concert by George Russell because Russell planned on using electric bass?

I mean, I've defended hardbop in the past on the grounds that even though a lot of us view his tastes as narrow, he likes what he likes with a passion, and I respect that immensely, even though I personally think that a little less passion and a little more openmindedness might be good for the man, if you know what I mean. Besides, our disagreements have always been civil, if irreconcilable, and I can defintely live with that. But THIS was just ridiculous. I tweaked him a very little bit on it, and was seemingly ignored. But if I had the time these days to maintain full-time multi-board citizenship, I believe I might have shown him my dark side in a way he would have found impossible to ignore. As much as I enjoy the various "eccentrics" of cyberspace, especially the ones I have just enough in common with to agree with on a few things every once in a while, this matter nearly had me ready to lock and load.

Chris, otoh, stepped in and did what had to be done, and with a lot less of the "personal" stuff that goes on between him and hardbop (stuff that has "BAIT" written all over it, and stuff that hardbop goes ahead and bites into anyway. It's become an endearing part of the ongoing saga imo). Kudos, Chris!

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Egads - must we hear tell of this on the blessedly Heaney-free organissimo board? Don't you know a good thing when you see it? The other boards are welcome to him and his close-minded zealotry. And shame on CA for having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.


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This is from the Amazon site, in response to the paperback edition of my original book:

Needs Proofreader, July 31, 2001
* (one star)
Reviewer: A reader from New York,NY
The man cannot spell and has great trouble with the language. He should write in Danish, then employ a good tranlator.

Just thought I'd share the above with you--I immediately recognized Heaney's infantile touch, but didn't want to mention it until I had proof of authorship, as it were. Amazon has confirmed it and is removing it.

BTW Anyone know a good tranlator? :g

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Guest Mnytime

I believe I might have shown him my dark side in a way he would have found impossible to ignore.

LUKE, ummm I mean JIM you must avoid the dark side. Once it has it's hooks into you it's only a hop and a skip before they are fitting you with a Darth Vader suit. :P:P

LUKE, ummm sorry about that again. JIM, THE FORCE is strong in you but you have to figure even for you it would be hard as hell to play a Sax with that Mask on. :g:g

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It's been there since 2001, but I didn't see it until last week. My publisher has contacted Amazon, but it takes them a few days to make changes. What really amazes me is that Amazon didn't immediately peg this for what it is--I know that they screen all consumer reviews.

It's so obviously a childish bit of venom, that I would not have bothered bringing it to Yale U. Press' attention except that the single star brings the average down and, for some odd reason, Amazon does not differentiate between a 30-year-old, out-of-print paperback and the new edition.


Thought I'd add this from the Amazon site :g

Customers interested in Bessie may also be interested in:

Bessey Woodworking Clamps

Buy Bessey Clamps from Rockler Woodworking. Affiliate

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That's extremely lame. Does anyone know how old he is for real? I can't believe that he's out of his 20s yet pulling that sort of shit.

Hardbop posted this earlier today at AAJ, in a thread regarding "how you came to jazz":

"in 1971 when I was 12"

So that would put HB at 43 or 44.

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