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LPs that have never made it into CD


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Not sure if this has been done before...

We could list here all those wonderful vinyl discs that never have been reissued into CD. Maybe we can create a lobby to press labels to do their job! :)

I will start with a couple of Tete Montoliu dates:

Tete Montoliu - Jazzizz LP 12": JIR 4003 - Carmina (recorded on 1984, it´s a trio date with John Heard on bass and Sherman Fergusson on drums)

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The ECM's mentioned above are long overdue, so is the Land/Hutcherson Savoy stuff.

To me, my dream above all else is the reissue of the Max Roach and Billy Harper material done on the Baystate and Denon labels, the Roach stuff being the quartet fronted by Billy Harper (The Loadstar, Live In Tokyo, In Amsterdam) and the Billy Harper material being among his most essential material such as Love On The Sudan, The Believer, Knowledge of Self, and even the long missing MPS title Trying To Make Heaven My Home.

Second priority is the Ornette Impulse titles At 12 and Crisis, and I would even like to see some of John Klemmer's Impulse titles reissued - most are really excellent before he became a ridiculous middle aged Kenny G wannabe.

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Guest akanalog

how about like any mainstream album from the early 70s (such as the lamont johnson joint when he is on the wacked out organ or the harold land stuff or the buddy terry stuff or some hadley caliman or anything with two drummers and two keyboard players as they all seem to have)

mal waldron's "the call" on japo

well how about any japo!

and how about the early ECMs that still arent around like the wolfgang dauner one or the robin kenyatta one especially.

how about many early 70s milestone/fantasy albums like the jerry hahn and azar lawrence stuff or jack dejohnette not on CD stuff or some more gary bartz stuff.

how about just about any MPS album-especially the george duke stuff. and how about some more volker kreigels.

many impulse albums from the early 70s. how about some howard roberts or some more marion brown or some andrew white?

i would say MPS is pissing me off the most right now. they just release hans koller and oscar peterson stuff and ignore so much interesting music.

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Wow, where to begin. I could make a very long list. Here are a few to get me started.

Dizzy Gillespie - The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All - Verve

Brew Moore - Brew's Stockholm Dew - Sonet

Tiny Grimes - Profoundly Blue - Muse

Art Farmer (w. Jackie McLean) - Live In Tokyo - CTI (Japanese)

Hank Jones Trio - Have You Met This Jones - MPS

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - Spring Is Sprung - Philips

Harry Edison All-Stars (w. Zoot Sims) - 'S Wonderful - Pablo Live

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Right, Peter, Dizzy's "The Greatest Trumpet of Them All" is one of the great ones that's still missing in action on CD. I can't believe Universal Music has overlooked this one. Gigi Gryce, Benny Golson, Ray Bryant, great tunes, great arrangements...what more could one ask for?

Some others I've just burned to CDR are the Coleman Hawkins Documentary on Riverside, Ben Webster's "Webster's Dictionary" on Philips, Ray Nance's "Body and Soul" on Solid State, "Woody Herman '58" on Verve, and Woody's "My Kind of Broadway" on Columbia.

And what about the great Rod Levitt albums on RCA? Then there are the Lew Tabackin-Toshiko Akiyoshi RCA albums...on CD in Japan, I guess, but not here. And, of course, the Woody Herman Philips albums that Mosaic wanted to issue. Jazzmatazz shows this stuff coming out from Universal, but can we believe them?

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Some I have that as far as I know have never made it to CD:

Roswell Rudd/Giorgio Gaslini: Sharing (Dischi Della Quercia)

Zoot Sims in Paris (UA)

Ornette Coleman: Paris Concert (Trio/Japan)

Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham (Jezebel)

Rev. Robert Wilkins (Piedmont) - one of the greatest gospel albums ever.

If any of these have made it to CD, I've never come across them.

And one I'd love to hear:

The Emarcy release of Art Hodes and Truck Parham

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