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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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Much overlap with the Mosaic, but some crucial non-overlaps. Ultimately, both are needed if you're going to need it at all.

Desmond's playing here is of a piece, elegantly slacking (in a non-malicious way) except when it goes up a notch, and when it does that, you don't see it coming until he's already well there. And the date with Mulligan has long been a Fun Favorite.

The real ear-catcher this time around was Jim Hall as both soloist, but especially as comper. Between these dates and the ones with Sonny, there's a whole Jim Hall legacy on RCA, some truly outstanding music of substance. Hello, Jim Hall on RCA, ears the size of everything and everything bigger than that, with instincts to match and chops to let it flow.

And oh by the way, Bossa Antigua for some reason really, really zoned me for some reason. A cut above!

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MIles Davis/Gil Evans - Complete Columbia Studio Recordings. Disc one - the more-or-less original version of Miles Ahead this afternoon, and now, after the gig, the alternate version on the same disc. I'm really enjoying it - it's nearly as beautiful as the original.

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Ha - same here, at least as far as the music is concerned. Temperature is down to 25 degrees the day over and below 20 at night. But tomorrow it will be close to 30 again ...


BTW - JPC reduced the price of this seit from € 89,99 to € 46,99, in case anybody might be interested.

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Anthony Braxton - 9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006 (Firehouse 12). Disc 8: Composition 357. I've always wanted to "understand" this music, and I've listened to it kind of analytically - figuring out what's composed and what's improvised, what material is interpolated from other compositions, who's soloing or duetting, etc. Tonight I didn't even crack open the booklet to remind my self of who is in the ensemble - I just let the music wash over me. It was pretty amazing.

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The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve; disc 6.

It just occurred to me that I've been playing saxophone for a longer period than Bird's entire life. And he still scares me.

And has anyone talked about how wonderfully Miles Davis plays on the 1951 "Au Privave" session? I think that this is some of his best early work; he's much better here than on his own Prestige date later the same day.

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