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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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Cecil Taylor in Berlin '88 (FMP) - Remembrance, CT & Louis Moholo

This is one of my favorite box sets, bought for 200 bucks in 1989, when it was issued. That was a huge sum for me at the time. It goes without saying that it was worth it.

Later: What a beautiful performance. You'd think a Taylor/Moholo duet would be unrelentingly aggressive, but there's so much variety of dynamics and texture here.

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Louis Armstrong and the Blues Singers 1924-1930 (Affinity). This is some of my favorite music; I sometimes think that I like these recordings more than the Hot Fives. Right now I'm listening to disc 3, with Trixie Smith, Clara Smith, Bessie Smith, and the great vaudeville team of Coot Grant and Kid Sox Wilson.

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Ornette Coleman - Beauty is a Rare Thing (Rhino/Atlantic); The Shape of Jazz to Come, programmed from disc one, plus the extra tunes from the same session. I bought this set the day it was released.

I wrote a saxophone quartet arrangement of "Peace" today. It might suck; I'll find out at rehearsal Friday, I guess.

Charlie Parker - The Complete Dial Recordings (Stash); the session with J.J. Johnson on disc four. The master take of "Crazeology" is one of my half-dozen favorite Bird recordings.

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